Whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

Whitney Houston talks about the men in her life -and the rumors, lies & insults

whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

Bobby Brown Not At All Bitter About Whitney Houston, Ahem | Hecklerspray .. probably Michael Jackson, Bobby, and Randall Cunningham all around the. Of all the telling moments in the new Whitney Houston documentary men such as Eddie Murphy, Brad Johnson, and Randall Cunningham. .. Right now, I've got a nice relationship with Draymond Green and Joel Embiid. On Whitney Houston's 50th Birthday, We Look Back At Her Love Life know all the details about her highbrow relationship with Bobby Brown. In the late 80s, Whitney dated Philadelphia Eagles QB Randall Cunningham.

That only confirmed my inhibitions about her.

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Then that doggone Bodyguard movie came out, where the most famous white actor in the world at the time, Dances With Wolves Kevin Costner, saves a fictional superstar black woman from the devious plots of her envious sister. This white man and super bodyguard even gets to sleep with her in the movie, inspiring her to sing the classic "I Will Always Love You," which was certainly a fantasy of a million or more white men at the time.

Meanwhile, in her real life, Whitney surprised everyone by marrying a super bad black man, Mr.

whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

I was like, "What? Get Out Of Here! We all thought it was a media trick for Whitney to go hardcore and young again after a failed romance with outwardly Christian football player, Randall Cunningham. But that's when insiders began to school me on who Whitney really was.

whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

She's not some darling little angel like the media makes her out to be. Whitney's always had that raw edge in her. And she really loves Bobby. She's from 'hood in Jersey and he's from the 'hood in Boston.

When Whitney Houston Dated Randall Cunningham

So she can really relate to him. But I still didn't believe them. Whitney got pregnant and started speaking up for her husband, who was constantly being berated by the media as a bad influence on her life and career.

That was a wrap for me. I was finally a true believer. I smiled and said, "Man, I guess she really does love him. Suddenly, she was too black, too raw, and wanted to be too down, like Brandy Norwood. As crazy as this may sound, that's when I started to like her. All of sudden, I could authentically feel what Whitney Houston was going through, like an Anita Baker "soul" song.

That just goes to show you how sick I was, or still am, as a child of the 'hood myself, from the same West Philadelphia stomping grounds that Will Smith raps about before packing up his bags and leaving to become The Fresh Prince of Bel Air out in the dream world of sunny California. The truth is, many African Americans, whether we want to admit it or not, still have a hard time relating to the dream world where everything goes as planned.

whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

We relate more to the sadistic turbulence of life, or what we call "real," which are all of the things that hurt us, or embarrass us, or threaten us, or beats us down and makes us moan out in pain, that "hurts so bad" that "feels so good" that Lauryn Hill sang about on her classic album, The Miseducation. I was raised in a Black community with Black people, so that has never been a thing with me. Yet, I've gotten flak about being a pop success, but that doesn't mean that I'm White Pop music has never been all-White.

It was felt that I was making myself more accessible to Whites, but I wasn't. No, it does not make you feel good," she adds. So I figured that since people didn't know who I was sleeping with, they just assumed I was sleeping with Robyn. They [other girls] always wanted to whip me for no reason. So once Robyn became my big sister, all that ended.

But I've never been one to have five relationships at the same time. I get no enjoyment out of that. You know, I was raised as a Christian, and my mother was very strict with me as far as boys were concerned. She told me that the way to a man's heart is not by opening your legs. You let him get to know you first. To the media she declares: So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

Among the many celebrity guests was Eddie Murphy, long rumored to be her heartthrob. When asked if the rather large diamond ring 5. The baguette diamonds sparkle in the sunlight. Because of my career and his career - I'm here and he's there; I'm there and he's here - it's hard to establish a relationship.

Even when you have two people who have the money, the fame and the same kind of status. It's the time factor - having the time to establish a relationship and to try to keep it. We have a different kind of closeness than Eddie and I.

He's still just a man! You put Eddie Murphy aside, you'll find a man. You put Arsenio aside, you'll find a man. All that other stuff is just the gravy' we have become.

whitney houston relationship with randall cunningham

But before we were this, we were humans. That's the bottom line. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's very hard to get out there and bang heads, and get banged. He's somebody I can talk to. He's a good person. I don't want to get hurt; nobody does.