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In , Dutch explorer Abel Tasman became the first European to sight .. the first English university to establish relationship with overseas institutions. . Last. fm also teamed with EMI on Tuneglue-Audiomap, in January. In , Dutch explorer Abel Tasman became the first European to sight New . For the most part, relations between the settlers and local Māori were friendly, but in . Last. fm also teamed with EMI on Tuneglue-Audiomap, in January it. misjon.info For those that love to find new music but can't or won't pay for misjon.info (i still suggest paying for misjon.info, it.

Christs Hospital was established as a school in November at the instigation of King Edward VI, the kings patronage of the school was confirmed by a Royal Charter granted on 26 Juneeleven days before his death.

The school was founded at Newgate Street, London, on the site of a Grey Friars monastery, with a school in Hertford, Hertfordshire which had supplementary schools at Ware. In the Newgate Street and Hertford schools relocated to its present location south of Horsham in West Sussex, a new railway station adjacent to the new site was partially sponsored by the school and also opened in A girls school was founded in Hertford after the school moved to Horsham.

The girls school was incorporated into the Horsham site in when the Hertford site was closed, in Christs Hospital was separated into two related registered charities, Christs Hospital Foundation and Christs Hospital School. The schools Tudor uniform consists of belted, long coats with knee-breeches, yellow socks.

The uniform has been in place sincethe nickname Blue-coat School comes from the blue coats worn by the students — however, the nickname used within the school community itself is Housey and the long coat is called a housey coat.

By students and alumni stated that they see the uniform as an important way of giving the school a unique identity, around that time the administrators had discussed the idea of updating the uniform. Admission of pupils is either by open competitive examination or by show of skills — in either case the suitability of candidates is judged according to criteria of need and parental income. Some of the means of entry are denoted on the uniform by a metal plate sewn on the breast of the housey coat.

In late NovemberChrists Hospital underwent a school inspection carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The school was rated excellent in the released in January The optional term Exceptional was not used, the report also noted, The school is advised to make the following improvement.

Ensure, through consistent monitoring by its leaders, the highest standards of teaching in all subject areas. The town is 31 miles south south-west of London, It is the centre of the Horsham district. The first historical record of Horsham is from AD, the name may mean either horse home or Horsas home. The town has historically been known for trading in early medieval times, iron and brick making up until the 20th century. Horsham is the largest town in the Horsham District Council area, the second, higher, tier of local government is West Sussex County Council, based in Chichester.

It was once part of the county of Surrey in until a change in boundaries through the parliament act inin addition there are various Parish Councils. The town is the centre of the constituency of Horsham.

Horsham is 50 metres above sea level, the River Arun rising from ghylls in the St Leonards Forest area, to the east of Horsham, cuts through the south of the town then makes its way through Broadbridge Heath. The Arun is joined by a number of streams flowing down from the north which rise around Rusper, Horsham has grown up around the Carfax.

To the south of the Carfax is the Causeway and this street consists of houses erected in the 17th, 18th and early 19th century and is lined with ancient London Plane trees.

The Horsham Museum is at the end opposite to the recently developed former headquarters of the R. At the south end of the Causeway is the Church of England parish church of St. Mary, Norman in origin, rebuilt in the 13th century, the area immediately to the south of the parish church is known as Normandy. It was formerly an area of cottages and an ancient well. Fifty metres south is the River Arun, on the northern bank is Prewetts Mill and on the south side is the towns cricket field.

A short walk along the banks of the Arun in a easterly direction is Chesworth Farm 8. Westminster Abbey — It is one of the United Kingdoms most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs. Between andthe abbey had the status of a cathedral, sincehowever, the building is no longer an abbey nor a cathedral, having instead the status of a Church of England Royal Peculiar—a church responsible directly to the sovereign.

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The building itself is the abbey church. According to a tradition first reported by Sulcard in abouta church was founded at the site in the 7th century, at the time of Mellitus, construction of the present church began inon the orders of King Henry III. Since the coronation of William the Conqueror inall coronations of English and British monarchs have held in Westminster Abbey.

There have been at least 16 royal weddings at the abbey sincetwo were of reigning monarchs, although, beforethere had been none for some years. The first reports of the abbey are based on a tradition claiming that a young fisherman called Aldrich on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter near the site.

This seems to be quoted to justify the gifts of salmon from Thames fishermen that the abbey received in later years, in the present was, the Fishmongers Company still gives a salmon every year. The proven origins are that in the s or early s, Saint Dunstan, assisted by King Edgar, between andKing Edward the Confessor began rebuilding St Peters Abbey to provide himself with a royal burial church.

It was the first church in England built in the Romanesque style, the building was completed around and was consecrated on 28 Decemberonly a week before Edwards death on 5 January A week later, he was buried in the church, and, nine years later and his successor, Harold II, was probably crowned in the abbey, although the first documented coronation is that of William the Conqueror later the same year.

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The only extant depiction of Edwards abbey, together with the adjacent Palace of Westminster, is in the Bayeux Tapestry, construction of the present church was begun in by Henry III who selected the site for his burial. The abbot and monks, in proximity to the royal Palace of Westminster, the abbot often was employed on royal service and in due course took his place in the House of Lords as of right. The abbey built shops and dwellings on the west side, encroaching upon the sanctuary, the abbey became the coronation site of Norman kings.

The Confessors shrine subsequently played a part in his canonisation. The work continued between and and was finished by the architect Henry Yevele in the reign of Richard II.

Much of the came from Caen, in France, the Isle of Portland 9. George Frideric Handel — George Frideric Handel was a German, later British baroque composer who spent the bulk of his career in London, becoming well known for his operas, oratorios, anthems, and organ concertos. Handel received important training in Halle and worked as a composer in Hamburg and Italy before settling in London in and he was strongly influenced both by the great composers of the Italian Baroque and by the middle-German polyphonic choral tradition.

Within fifteen years, Handel had started three commercial opera companies to supply the English nobility with Italian opera, musicologist Winton Dean writes that his operas show that Handel was not only a great composer, he was a dramatic genius of the first order.

As Alexanders Feast was well received, Handel made a transition to English choral works, after his success with Messiah he never composed an Italian opera again. Almost blind, and having lived in England for nearly fifty years, he died in and his funeral was given full state honours, and he was buried in Westminster Abbey in London.

Halle was a prosperous city, home of a salt-mining industry. Even the smaller churches all had able organists and fair choirs, and humanities, the Thirty Years War brought extensive destruction to Halle, and by the s it was impoverished. Despite an overall decline, in Myspace still had In Augustseveral employees with Friendster accounts saw potential in its social networking features.

The group decided to mimic the popular features of the website. Within 10 days, the first version of Myspace was ready for launch, a complete infrastructure of finance, human resources, technical expertise, bandwidth, and server capacity was available for the site.

The company held contests to see who could sign up the most users, eUniverse used its 20 million users and e-mail subscribers to breathe life into Myspace, and move it to the head of the pack of social networking websites. A key architect was tech expert Toan Nguyen who helped stabilize the Myspace platform when Brad Greenspan asked him to join the team.

Despite over ten times the number of developers, Friendster, which was developed in JavaServer Pages, could not keep up with the speed of development of Myspace and cfm. Byit was transitioned from a storage service to a social networking site. A friend, who worked in the data storage business. DeWolfe suggested they charge a fee for the basic Myspace service, Brad Greenspan nixed the idea, believing that keeping Myspace free was necessary to make it a successful community.

Dark wave — The label began to appear in the late s in German music media, coinciding with the popularity of new wave and post-punk. Building on those principles, dark wave is used to describe dark, introspective lyrics.

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In the s, a subculture developed primarily in Europe alongside dark wave music, the movement spread internationally, spawning such developments as French coldwave. Subsequently, different dark wave genres merged and influenced each other, e. This style took cues from s bands like Cocteau Twins, the label has also had a long association with Attrition, who appeared on the labels earliest compilations.

Another American label in this vein was Tess Records, which featured This Ascension and Faith, Clan of Xymox, who had returned to their s sound, following almost a decade as the more dance-pop Xymox, also signed to Tess in Others, such as Seeming, represent an evolution and continuation of earlier trends in darkwave music.

Additionally, the decade saw a revival of an early, post-punk infused dark wave sound embodied by artists such as Light Asylum, She Past Away, Lebanon Hanover, Ash Code. Releases by the band have been successful in terms of sales and charted in top positions for dance.

The first material that LaPlegua wrote for the project was a crossover track Thanx to my Buddies under the moniker D. E for the Advanced Electronics Vol. The projects name was changed to Hudlager and then finally to Combichrist before the debut album The Joy of Gunz was released on the German record label Out of Line.

The band name came from a fanzine of LaPleguas in the s, the character would go on drug and alcohol fueled rampages, later healing those whom he had beaten. Combichrists first LP The Joy of Gunz was released insporting a fresh, original and aggressive new sound that felt like the sonic equivalent to an energy surge, the brainchild of Andy LaPlegua naturally took the crowds by storm.

On Halloween of the year, the limited edition EP Kiss The Blade was released with pressings which sold out in less than a week.

The band released a song called This is TBM on the Out-of-Line compilation Techno Body Music volume 1 and they played this song live during their shows, adding vocals to it.

No vocal version of the track was ever released. After this release, LaPlegua stopped referring to their music as TBM, shortly after the release of the album, Army On The Dance Floor producer Kourtney Klein was added as alternating keyboardist and drummer to the band.

The music video for the single was included on the DVD release of the biopunk film The Gene Generation with the song also being used in the movie, the band embarked on a North American tour with KMFDM soon after the release of the single. Using a music recommender system called Audioscrobbler, Last and this information is transferred to Last. The data is displayed on the users profile page and compiled to create reference pages for individual artists. The ability to access the large catalogue of music stored on the site was removed entirely, replaced by links to YouTube.

Audioscrobbler began as a science project of Richard Jones when he attended the University of Southampton School of Electronics. Jones developed the first plugins, and then opened an API to the community, Audioscrobbler was limited to recording music its users played on a registered computer, which allowed for charting and collaborative filtering.

The site name takes advantage of a domain hack using. The sites also shared many community forums, although a few were unique to each site, the old Audioscrobbler site at the audioscrobbler. Based on well-known sayings or advertisements, these appeared at the top of the Audioscrobbler website pages and were all created and contributed by the original site members.

An update to the site was made on 14 Julythe site began expanding its language base on 15 Julywith a Japanese version.

In May it was announced that Channel 4 Radio was to broadcast a show called Worldwide Chart reflecting what Last. To understand the emergence of one has to go back to the s. Some of the sounds and experimentation of industrial have directly influenced hardcore since the beginning of the movement. In the mids, under the influence of the Belgian group Frontelectronic body music, a new genre more accessible and more dancing inspired by industrial and new wave, appeared.

This style is characterized by minimalism, cold sounds unlike disco, funk or house, with beats, generally combined with aggressive vocals. When EBM has met new beat, another Belgian genre, and acid house, all the elements were here for the arrival of hardcore. Aroundthe style became clearly defined and was simply named hardcore, acardipane founded the label Planet Core Productions in and has produced more than tracks, including by himself till Among other things, the group PCP has popularized a slow, heavy, minimal, just during the single yearfour compilations were released with increasing success.

Early European maps labelled the islands North, Middle and South, inmaps began to use North and South to distinguish the two largest islands and bythis was the accepted norm. Rugby football — Rugby is a type of football developed at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, one of many versions of football played at English public schools in the 19th century. The two main types of rugby are rugby league and rugby union, although rugby league initially used rugby union rules, they are now wholly separate sports.

Following the split in rugby football, the two rugby league and rugby union differed in administration only. Soon the rules of rugby league were modified, resulting in two different forms of rugby. After years, in rugby union joined rugby league, the Greeks and Romans are known to have played many ball games, some of which involved the use of the feet.

These games appear to have resembled rugby football, the Roman politician Cicero describes the case of a man who was killed whilst having a shave when a ball was kicked into a barbers shop. Roman ball games already knew the air-filled ball, the follis, episkyros is recognised as an early form of football by FIFA. InEnglish clubs met to form the Rugby Football Union, inafter charges of professionalism were made against some clubs for paying players for missing work, the Northern Rugby Football Union, usually called the Northern Union, was formed.

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The existing rugby union authorities responded by issuing sanctions against the clubs, players, after the schism, the separate clubs were named rugby league and rugby union. Rugby Union is administered by World Rugby, whose headquarters are located in Dublin and it is the national sport in New Zealand, Wales, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Madagascar, and is the most popular form of rugby globally. The Olympic Games have admitted the seven-a-side version of the game, known as Rugby sevens, there was a possibility sevens would be a demonstration sport at the London Olympics but many sports including sevens were dropped.

In Canada and the United States, rugby union evolved into gridiron football, during the late s, the two forms of the game were very similar, but numerous rule changes have differentiated the gridiron-based game from its rugby counterpart. Rugby league is also both a professional and amateur game, administered on a level by the Rugby League International Federation. Other nations from the South Pacific and Europe also play in the Pacific Cup, distinctive features common to both rugby codes include the oval ball and throwing the ball forward is not allowed, so that players can gain ground only by running with the ball or by kicking it.

As the sport of rugby league moved further away from its counterpart, rule changes were implemented with the aim of making a faster-paced. League players may not contest possession after making a tackle, play is continued with a play-the-ball, in league, if the team in possession fails to score before a set of six tackles, it surrenders possession 7.

Whangarei — Whangarei is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region. It is part of the Whangarei District, a body created in to administer both the city proper and its hinterland from the former Whangarei City, Whangarei County and Hikurangi Town councils.

The city population was estimated to be 56, at the Junethe wider Whangarei area had an estimated population of 85, in The first European settler was William Carruth, a Scotsman and trader who arrived in and was joined, six years later, by Gilbert Mair and his family. In Aprilduring the Flagstaff War, all settlers fled from Whangarei, most of the original settlers never returned, but by the mids there were a number of farmers and orchardists in the area.

Froma town developed, driven by the kauri gum trade. Coal from the Kiripaka field was exported via the Ngunguru River, bythe nucleus of the present city was established. Fire bricks made from clay deposits near the Kamo mines supported a brick works over several decades. Local limestone is used in cement manufacture but the coal is now imported from the West Coast of the South Island. Whangarei was the most urbanised area in Northland towards the end of the 19th century, the district slowly exhausted most of its natural resources but was sustained by agriculture, especially dairying.

Shipping was the transport link until the North Auckland railway line reached the town in These terrestrial travel routes forced a decline in coastal shipping. The population was 14, inbut grew rapidly in the s, incorporating Kamo, inWhangarei was declared a city 8. Lautoka — Lautoka is the second largest city of Fiji. It is in the west of the island of Viti Levu,24 kilometres north of Nadi, lying in the heart of Fijis sugar cane growing region, it is known as the Sugar City.

Covering an area of 16 square kilometres, it had a population of 52, at the census, Lautoka is known as the Sugar City because of its sugar cane belt areas. The main Lautoka Sugar Mill was founded inand is the citys biggest employer by far, built for the Colonial Sugar Refining Company by workers from India and the Solomon Islands between andit hires some 1, employees today.

Other industries include timber milling, garment manufacturing, distillery, brewery, jewellery, blending, steelworks, fishing, hatchery, domestic items, paints, in Lautoka was announced as the administration capital of the western division. The name of the city is derived from two Fijian words meaning spear hit, according to an oral tradition, the name arose following a duel between two chiefs.

As one speared the other, he was reported to have cried Lau-toka, the first known European sighting of the Lautoka area took place on 7 May Incorporated as a town inLautoka was proclaimed a city on 25 February and it is governed by a member city council, who elect from among themselves a Mayor.

Lautoka currently does not have a Mayor but has a government-appointed Administrator like all urban centres in Fiji since the coup of The former administrator was Parveen Bala, who was mayor of Ba. A well-known past Mayor is Ratilal Patel, who was elected Mayor inLautoka is the only city in Fijis Western Division, and is the industrial hub of Fiji which contains more than 50 percent of the nations population.

With National coverage, MixFM is the only English station in Fiji to be based outside of Suva, sincethe population of Lautoka has grown rapidly, and in the last twenty years it has also changed dramatically in structure. Almost all of the present Indian inhabitants are descendants of the early girmityas, in the population was 39, and in almost 43, but it is not clear exactly how the boundaries of the urban area were defined at either of these censuses.

In the population including the suburban zones was probably about 50, the population of Lautoka including the rural districts is around 80, Port of Lautoka is the maritime gateway for western Viti Levu and is the second largest port in Fiji. The port is used for bulk sugar, molasses, woodchips, petroleum 9. Using a music recommender system called Audioscrobbler, Last and this information is transferred to Last.