Touma misaka relationship test

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touma misaka relationship test

This is a test to see which level you would be if you lived in Misaka-san! What do you think about Mikoto and Touma's relationship?. Touma is confessed to and he is left contemplating his relationship with a certain nun. Test story/ up for adoption/ Work in Progress/ with flicks of snow still falling on it, Misaka Mikoto confessed her love to Kamijou Touma. Hello everyone I posted 2 polls till now regarding shipping with Touma, Misaka won the first one with Othinus and Misaki on the 2nd spot.

Ollerus said that if either Touma or Othinus died in front of one another, many changes could happen, with Touma changing his nature and Othinus becoming a monster far more cruel than what she was before. Edit Touma met Misaka when she was being harassed by delinquents and, unaware of her Level Five nature, tried to save her, only to accidentally make her angry which led to her frying all of the delinquents herself.

However, he genuinely cares for her as shown during the Sister's Arc, when he stopped her from trying to get herself killed, as well as consoled her when she cried.

Misaka was the first person to discover Touma's memory loss albeit by accident. It's hinted that she has feelings for him. He was also more defending for Touma, as Kanou Shinka had blamed Touma for not being able to save Frenda Seivelun in time before she died, which Shiage found such a thing to be both unreasonable and impossible as Touma didn't even know Frenda, much less knew that she was in danger.

He is also his neighbor. He is superior to Touma in fighting [30] and Touma respects him for that. Likewise, Tsuchimikado respects Touma as good person and even told Kanzaki that she can trust him. Tsuchimikado even went as far as to warn Aleister Crowley that if he continues toying with people lives, Touma would break his illusion.

touma misaka relationship test

As a spy from the Anglican Church and othershe drags Touma under orders from the church to different missions like the English Civil War. Even if Touma does not want to go, Tsuchimikado uses some extreme ways to carry out the order.

For example in the aforementioned arc he calls Touma telling him that Index is needed in England and being her caretaker Touma has to go with her.

When Touma flat out refuses after what happened in the previous excursions; Motoharu simply throws a canister of knockout gas into his apartment and leaves them both stranded at the airport with no choice but forward. Edit Tsukuyomi Komoe is Touma's homeroom teacher in a certain high school.

She describes him as a naughty boy when he enrolled and says that "a lot of things have happened". During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal. Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma. While generally amicable and humble, Misaka is highly individualistic.

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She often prefers to be solitary and dislikes the idea of being restricted by rules and duties such as those of Judgement and Anti-Skill. She wishes to avoid endangering other people and relies on her powers to try to solve problems on her own, frequently despite her better judgment. She has a keen sense of justice, demonstrated by her frequent involvement in the crime-fighting body, Judgmentand her resolve is unshakable.

This is shown when she was willing to lose in a fight against Accelerator on the first move, just to prove the Sisters Project was wrong and save the remaining sisters Tree Diagram predicted that she would die in the th move. She secretly likes cute things, especially Gekota a popular frog mascotand is easily embarrassed. She often goes to Green Mart to read manga for free in her spare time on Mondays and Wednesdays and goes to the bookstore on the 10th of each month [7]. She's also good at playing the violin and teaches Uiharu Kazari how to play in Volume 12 of the Light Novel.

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Furthermore, according to Shirai KurokoMikoto naturally acts as a leader and becomes the center of attention by everyone, yet she cannot mingle with those people regardless of being the center. She states that Mikoto is at the top and defeats her enemies, but she cannot avoid making more enemies at the same time. Moreover, she states that the most important to Onee-sama is someone she can feel on the same level as her. Does she feel the same now?

Index definitely said that toward the past me, the dead me, the one who didn't lose his memories. But… Did her feelings ever change? He remembered a different memory. As long as the usual you returns from this, nothing else matters.

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Touma sighed and resigned to think more about it later that day after he got some sleep. He repositioned himself and started to fall asleep into dream land. Touma drowsily looked at his alarm to find that it was already time to get up. Stepping out of bathroom he found two very asleep freeloaders and a kind of destroyed apartment. Index on the bed and Othinus in her dollhouse with both of the accessories managing to still be in 'okay' condition after the Egyptian mages.

Seeing this only reminded Touma of his homework being one of the few causalities. Internally sighing Touma began his daily routine of making a cheap yet hopefully fulfilling meal that will satisfy the diets of both Othinus and Index.

The microwave was still working and he began fixing up a ton of grilled cheese sandwiches. Othinus and Index started to stir and wake up either due to the comment or the smell of breakfast.

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While Index wiped the sleep from her eyes and started heading towards the table for her food. The television was destroyed, but at least the table was fine.

Despite being focused on the duty of cooking for a black hole, Touma was still distracted by his thoughts. What on earth should he do? Wasn't the reason why he was glad he was misfortunate because of the fact that he got caught up in the pain of others without being oblivious to their pain?

Shokuhou Misaki

Is he unknowingly causing the pain of others by being dense to their feelings? Is Index secretly saddened by him ignoring her confession? The presence of Index there continuously devouring the sandwiches that he quickly made, wasn't helping. Suddenly, he had a strange idea while he was fixing his sandwich. It was one of those sudden thoughts that make you want to suddenly commit an action.

He didn't put much thought into it so he just said that very strange thought that entered his head. Maybe it was his lack of sleep that contributed to his impulsive action.

touma misaka relationship test