Stuff to post on facebook about a relationship

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stuff to post on facebook about a relationship

The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook. Facebook relationships — you either hate them or you love them, and if you love them, then this post is most definitely for you. Does anyone. Sickening couples' Facebook posts are a sign of true relationship What might be, is that their study shows certain behaviours the rest of the.

stuff to post on facebook about a relationship

Keep the accusations of two-timing -- or any other questionable behavior -- to yourself, advised Brenda Della Casaa relationship expert and author of Cinderella Was a Liar: Photo posts with captions about how hot your spouse is.

It's great that you think you have the hottesthubbyever -- or that your wife deserves to be your WCW every week -- but your spouse might not be as fond of the posts as you are, Anderson said. Subtle digs at your partner's ex. If it drives you nuts that your girlfriend is still Facebook friends with her ex, take it up with her. Shooting off passive aggressive comments about him on Facebook is just going to make you look bad, said dating coach and relationship expert Neely Steinberg.

7 Reasons Not to Make Your Relationship ‘Facebook Official’

The details of your fights and arguments. Save your relationship rants for your therapist or trusted friends, said marriage therapist Christine Wilke. When you come around to making up with your partner, there's no putting that cat back in the bag. TMI-filled posts directed toward your spouse.

14 Things To Never Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

That "Can't wait for you to get home tonight Others probably find it icky. Passive aggressive comments about your in-laws You see an article about meddling in-laws and you can't stop yourself from tagging your friends and writing, "Sounds like someone I know If you need backup from a friend, do so privately," she said.

The thing is, genuinely happy couples don't have to boast about it. In fact, they hardly discuss their relationship on social media. Here are eight reasons why over-posting couples may not be doing as well as they make it seem. They're convincing others to convince themselves. When two people constantly post inside jokes, confess their love for each other, or share pictures of themselves doing fun and romantic activities, it's a ploy to convince everyone else they're in a happy and healthy relationship, which is really just a way to trick themselves into thinking they're in a happy and healthy relationship.

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein told Mail Online: People who post more often are more likely to be psychopathic and narcissistic. A survey of men ages 18 to 40 found that "narcissism and psychopathy predicted the number of selfies posted, whereas narcissism and self-objectification predicted editing photographs of oneself posted" on social-media networks.

The Less Facebook Posts, The Better Your Relationship?

Another study discovered that posting, tagging, and commenting on Facebook is often associated with narcissism in both men and women. In short, the more often you post or engage on social media, the more likely you are to be either narcissistic or, even worse, psychopathic.

stuff to post on facebook about a relationship

And in case you're wondering, "Narcissists are very bad relationship partners," says professor Brad Bushman of Ohio State University. When you're happy, you don't get distracted by social media. There will be plenty of times where you'll share a status or a couple of pictures of you and your significant other.

stuff to post on facebook about a relationship

Happy couples, though, are busy enjoying each other's company in the present. This means that they're not going to stop enjoying each other's company just to post a status or snap a selfie.

That's why you'll see this couple post a collage of their recent trip after they get home. They were too preoccupied with having fun to keep posting pictures. Couples who post a lot tend to be insecure. After surveying more than couples, researchers from Northwestern University found those who posted more frequently on social media about their partner actually feel insecure in their relationship.

Couples are better off when they keep arguments offline. Have you ever been in the presence of couple that's fighting?

7 Reasons Not to Make Your Relationship 'Facebook Official'

It's awkward, to say the least. Now imagine that fight playing out for the whole world to see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube? Instead of filming and uploading an anger and profanity-filled video, for example, the argument should be discussed in private between the couple.

There's no need to air your dirty laundry to all of your friends, family, co-workers, or even clients.