Stuart little soundtrack ending a relationship

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stuart little soundtrack ending a relationship

1. I Need To Know - R Angels 2. The Two Of Us - S Club 3. You're Where I Belong - Trisha Yearwood 4. If You Can't Rock Me - The Brian. That Thing You Do! is a American film starring, written and directed by Tom Hanks in his directorial debut. It tells the story of the rise and fall of a fictional s one-hit wonder pop band. The film also resulted in a musical hit with the song "That Thing You Do". . The Wonders are also seen playing the song "Little Wild One. Hi there, I dont have the stuart litle dvd either, but i used to work with kids, the song is performed by Trisha Yearwood, the songs name is ''You're Where I Belong.

Of the four, only Zahn and Embry had any prior experience of playing their assigned instruments. They eventually honed their performance to the point where extras on the set thought they were actually playing the songs, when in reality they were miming along to recordings by professional musicians.

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This is a joke based on the perception that bass players are often unknown and unappreciated. Embry would later provide his own take on the character's real name: And his last name actually was Player, because he was a player, dude! That carousel ride with the Chantrellines? The tour and TV appearance are done in the authentic style of rock bands of the mids, including Go-Go girlselaborate sharing of microphones, and formal clothing in various matching colors.

His actual last name was "Metrovich". The scene where The Wonders are miming the instrumental tune "Shrimp Shack" during the filming of a beach party film titled Weekend at Party Pier is an overt reference to the scene in Pajama Party wherein The Nooney Rickett 4 play the instrumental Beach Ball. During his appearance on Inside the Actors StudioHanks said he told the studio, "I'm a big honkin' star and you have to let me do what I want to do," to which the studio replied, "You're absolutely right.

Both bands lost their original bass player and replaced their original drummer in the Beatles' case, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Bestrespectively. The song "That Thing You Do" is portrayed as a ballad that was sped up and became a hit; the Beatles' "Please Please Me" started as a ballad, was sped up, and became the group's first No. According to Tom Hanks, the film grew out of the idea of the Beatles' breakthrough after Pete Best's firing.

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Faye is mistaken for a fan and is prevented by the police from following the band. A similar incident happened to Cynthia LennonJohn Lennon's first wife. When Guy and Tina meet after she arrives at Villapiano's for the group's paying gig, the owner of the restaurant mockingly refers to Guy as 'Ringo' and tells him that the group should have started their performing 'five minutes ago'.

Falcon traps Margalo in a paint can as punishment for befriending Stuart, but Snowbell manages to reach the top of the building while Falcon is absent and releases her. Regaining consciousness on a garbage barge and seemingly losing hope, Stuart sadly considers giving up until he finds George's broken yet still-functioning model airplane on the barge, repairs it with various pieces of junk, and uses it to return to Margalo.

stuart little soundtrack ending a relationship

Meanwhile, the Littles discover that George has been lying about Stuart's whereabouts and demand to know where he is. George tries not to break his promise, but when Frederick tells him that Stuart's safety matters more, George tells them that he is at the Pishkin Building but is still in big trouble for lying. Falcon attacks Snowbell, but Margalo declares her independence from him and attempts to flee with Eleanor's ring.

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Just as Falcon catches up, Stuart catches Margalo in his plane. Eventually, knowing they cannot outrun Falcon, Stuart decides to attack him directly. Using the glare of the Sun reflected in Eleanor's ring to temporarily blind Falcon, Stuart jumps out of the plane just before it crashes into Falcon.

Margalo catches Stuart, and they reunite with the Littles to return home.

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Falcon, crippled and no longer able to fly, falls out of the sky and lands in a trash can where Monty is searching for food. Sometime later, Margalo says goodbye to the Littles and leaves to migrate south for the winter.

Stuart Little [Original Soundtrack]

After this, Martha, George and Stuart's new sister, says her first words, "Bye-bye Birdie", much to the delight of the family albeit Snowbell who jokes about being impressed by jumping out of a tree and landing on her feetwho celebrate before heading into the comfort of their home. Cast[ edit ] Michael J. Fox as the voice of Stuart Little, an anthropomorphic teenage mouse adopted as the middle child of the Little family.

Melanie Griffith as the voice of Margalo, a canary who befriends Stuart.

stuart little soundtrack ending a relationship

Nathan Lane as the voice of Snowbell, the family cat who is Stuart's best friend. James Woods as the voice of The Falcon. Jonathan Lipnicki as George Little, Stuart's older brother. Steve Zahn as the voice of Monty the Mouth, an alley cat who is friends with Snowbell. Jim Doughan as Stuart and George's soccer coach.