So ji sub relationship history quiz

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so ji sub relationship history quiz

A little journalistic accident is shedding light on So Ji Sub and Jooyeon's dating rumors. A reporter wrote in his exclusive report on Song Seung. Jung In Sun, the star behind drama My Secret Terrius, graced an interview and talked about her idea of marriage, her co- star So Ji Sub and her. I had a lot of fun doing the stalker's guide to Ikuta Toma, so I'm back with anothe. So Ji Sub (So Ji Seop) was born on November 4, in look for So Ji Sub Road. ჻ღཾཿ༉ ༘჻ღཾཿ༉ ༘჻ღཾཿ༉ ༘჻ღཾཿ. Trivia. Ji Sub is an Atheist.

The older teammates make you drink in order to discipline you.

so ji sub relationship history quiz

So I learned to drink during my senior year in High School. I really drank a lot back then. I think I drank almost every day. On my worst days, I drank more than 5 bottles of soju.

Even when I drank, my facial color would not change, and since I always paid attention while drinking, I could remember everything.

so ji sub relationship history quiz

Besides, I grew a rare habit: However, there was one time I got into a big mess. As expected, during my Senior year in High School.

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Before then, I could never make friends outside my swimming circle. But somehow, we started arguing with another gang, comprised of around 30 members.

Suddenly, we all started fighting. Since we were so disadvantaged in number, we were losing at first. Around onlookers surrounded us. One or two of the other team ran away. Really, those were blooded rebel days! After remaining by his friend's side for two days during the wake, a heartbroken Ji Sub led the procession to bury his ashes.

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Also inhe published his first photo essay book about his visits to the DMZ Demilitarized Zone - the heavily armed and guarded border between North and South Korea and Gangwon Province. The book - The Way, or Journey - covered stories and photos during 13 years of trips and provided some insight into what makes him tick.

so ji sub relationship history quiz

Ten days after it was printed, it became a bestseller. Because he focused on Gangwon Province, he was named the province's Good will Ambassador. They even named a road after him in He openly says he has no friends, except actor Song Seung-hun and comedian Jeong Jun-ha, in the local entertainment scene. Song and So have been friends for more than 14 years, since they together broke into the industry as models.

Ji Sub started his own agency, 51K, in He hired all of the staff personally and often cooks for his employees.

so ji sub relationship history quiz

That ink is real. He describes getting tattoos as the "baddest thing" he has ever done in his life. On his co-star Son, So said it was the first time for the two to reunite through a creative work in 17 years.

But also, I do not like to go for repeated takes, just one rehearsal and then the take. My thinking is that too many takes can feel contrived," So said. He took the same line of thought in particular for the swimming scenes.

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So's character is a former swimmer who suffered an injury; coincidentally the actor was a professional swimmer for 11 years before he turned to modeling and acting. There is indeed a speedy pace in his swimming scenes the audience will appreciate. Asked what roles fit him best, So said he did not want to typecast himself.

He returns to the small screen in the second half of the year in a drama tentatively titled "Terius Behind Me.