Should stay go relationship quiz

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should stay go relationship quiz

Dec 3, Is your relationship worth the tears or is it time to end it? Stay or go?​ Knowing if a I feel like my partner should be proud to be with me. C. Perhaps you're wondering whether your relationship has a future or concerned things aren't as they should be. Take this quiz to see if things are going. Feb 15, Is your relationship falling together or falling apart? Take this quiz to find to proceed. Get his or her number and contact him or her soon after.

It's important to be able to see things from your partner's point of view. Keep the love alive. You don't want your whole relationship to turn negative—it's still in a salvageable place. Continue to make an effort to show how much you love them. Give your partner compliments and little gifts, take them out on a romantic date, text them sweet messages, or do something special for them. Consider speaking to a relationship counselor.

Quiz: Should I stay or should I go? | Relate

If you and your partner cannot talk about your problems without getting angry and heated, it might be time to bring in a mediator to help you sort out your problems. Couples therapy can help you two understand each others' point of view and work together towards solving your problems.

Should I Leave the Relationship? You have picked a partner who creates stressful and chaotic situations for you. If you feel that to be true, make an appointment with a relationship counselor or psychologist and take this list with you. Use this chance to learn more about yourself and to enhance the meaning of your own life. If you are married and have children, remember to think about them first before you make any big changes.

You cannot change it and make it exciting and meaningful without your partner onboard. You can just leave and move on. When ending a relationship—whether it went on for many years or was for just a few months—you should be respectful of your soon-to-be-ex and be honest with them.

Set aside a time to talk in person and let them know of your decision in a direct manner.

should stay go relationship quiz

Try not to insult, blame or belittle them—instead, use "I" statements and explain how you are feeling. Afterward, they will surely have something to say. Listen to them respectfully, but don't take back your decision. You decided to break up with them for a reason, so don't get caught up in the heat of the moment and take them back. Domestic violence and abuse is a serious issue that can affect anyone regardless of race, gender, or economic status.

It is not restricted to acts of physical violence—partners can be emotionally and economically abusive as well. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotlinedomestic abuse is "a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.

Your partner punches, slaps, or otherwise physically harms you. Your partner performs sexual acts with you without your consent.

should stay go relationship quiz

Verbal or Emotional Abuse: Your partner yells and curses at you, or threatens and intimidates you. The latter can be either verbal or written. Your partner shows up unannounced when you go to events alone or tracks you with a GPS. Your partner prevents you from leaving the house or from communicating with other people. Your partner doesn't let you work or doesn't give you access to funds. You might be a victim of one of these forms of abuse, or you might be a victim of all of them.

should stay go relationship quiz

It could even be that, at certain times, your relationship seems perfect—you go on dates, you compliment each other, and you have fun with each other. These positive moments, however, don't cancel out the physical and emotional toll abuse has on you over the longterm, and it's important that you recognize the signs and get out of the relationship as soon as you can.

Whatever your score and however you are feeling, please keep searching for ways to simplify, dignify, and enhance your romantic relationship. We all have ways in which we can improve and there's help everywhere, so don't stop now.

Whatever you do, remember that we are born to love and have relationships. However, sometimes people who were mistreated while growing up take bad habits with them into their love lives.

Should I Go or Should I Stay? The Ultimate Relationship Checklist

Through passion and love, a couple can overcome any obstacle. Believe in your relationship and perceive through tough times if you have strong feelings. Do you love your ex? Yes No You may need to find a new mate if you can stay in a relationship with your ex. Have you and your ex separated more than once? Yes No You shouldn't put your happiness before anything else.

Happiness reduces stress and can even prevent illness. You'll want to surround yourself with people who make you happy, and especially in a relationship. Were you happier when you were dating your ex?

Yes No I don't know You are your own person and are free to exercise judgment. Pursuing an ex-lover could result in shattered emotions if they don't share the same feelings as you. If you are not sure, take a guess!

should stay go relationship quiz

Does your ex love you? Yes No An ex who has your met your parents was likely a major part of your life at some point. You probably thought highly of them at some point if you introduced them to your parents. Has your ex met your parents? Less than a week Between a week and a month One month to one year Over a year It is not healthy to make spontaneous decisions when dealing with something as meaningful as mending a broken relationship.

Take some time to decide if you want to rekindle a past fling. How much time has passed since it happened?

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Yes No Every relationship has problems, but not all can be solved easily. Sometimes it takes hard work, but also there are problems which will remain forever. Attempt to judge whether your problems can be fixed. Can you solve the issues that arose during your past romance? Yes No Both parties in a relationship have to be willing to make meaningful changes for healing to occur. If both people in a relationship want to ignore previous issues, there is a significant chance those issues will resurface at a later time.

Perhaps see a marriage or dating counselor. Yes No Even though you may feel as if it is the right time to get back together with your ex, you may want to hold off on that.

By having a few different relationships, you'll gain a better understanding of what is out there in the dating world. It is recommended to date a few people before getting back with your ex. Yes No You'll want to prevent yourself from hurting your ex if you get back in a relationship. Although you may feel it is right for you to re-enter into a relationship, it would be wise to consider the feelings of your ex.