Settling relationship definition business

How to be flexible in a relationship

settling relationship definition business

Read how you can be flexible in a relationship, and find happiness. refusal to change, because they equate being flexible with settling or weakness. And the need to win an argument means your partner has to lose. Career & Business. Settling for an unhappy relationship because you've already invested a lot in it is though you're sick, or continuing to invest in a company that is doomed to fail. Are you in an intimate relationship or marriage that's just not right but you're I can enjoy my own company and follow my passions. should have to settle for less than they deserve in a relationship but your emotions are conflicted. you must have healthy self-esteem – which means believing in yourself.

settling relationship definition business

Look for friends and partners who admire and respect you for who you are. Seek a partner you can be authentic and vulnerable with. Figure out your core beliefs and stand by them. Ask for what you need and speak up when something bothers you. Be more assertive not aggressive by stating your needs in a positive way.

settling relationship definition business

Extend trust to a partner who is interested in planning a future with you. When someone is interested in a relationship, they keep their agreements. I can enjoy my own company and follow my passions. Perhaps some of your friends have been single for a while and they complain about how hard it is to meet a good match. Underneath all of these rationalizations is a deep seated fear of being alone.

In fact, fear of being single can drive people to stay in dysfunctional relationships too long or settle for less-than-desirable ones, according to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Facing your fear of being alone is the first step in moving forward. We are all confronted with a contradiction in the 21st century because our culture values individualism and autonomy, yet we both fear and dread being alone, and denigrate those who embrace singlehood.

settling relationship definition business

Additionally, women are raised to put our needs on the back burner — risking our sense of authenticity in order to please others. People Pleasing is a Common Pattern that Can Be Changed Are you a people pleaser who feels that you have to be in a good mood or positive when you are with your friends, family, or an intimate partner? If you have this tendency, you may find setting limits hard and have trouble asking for what you need from your partner.

The good news is that this pattern, which often begins in childhood, can be reversed.

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Before you can begin to build successful relationships, you must have healthy self-esteem — which means believing in yourself. One of the key things to consider is: No one will treat you with respect if you devalue yourself. Kerry Song Ina programmer by the name of Kevin Systrom began working on a passion project that married his interests in photography and social sharing. He called the idea Burbn — a mobile app that allowed users to check in at particular locations, make plans for future check-ins, earn points for hanging out with friends, and post pictures of the meetups.

Burbn, however, was not exactly a hit with the users. The app was just too complicated. But Systrom was undaunted. And after months of tweaking and experimenting, Systrom and Krieger released a pared down version of Burbn that was essentially a simple photo-sharing app.

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They called it Instagram. You see, Kevin and Mike had a decision to make. Sure, they could have forged on with Burbn the way it was, neglecting to make any significant changes. But odds are, they would have failed. They also could have thrown in the towel and chosen to move on to another project and another idea altogether. But it was the decision they made to honor their commitment to the project and be flexible enough to use the information they had to find an innovative and productive solution that allowed them to prevail.

A lot of us have been conditioned to think that once we find the person who we believe is perfect for us, then the hard work is over. Everything should be smooth sailing from that point on. And any healthy relationship will require a certain amount of flexibility from each partner.

How to be flexible in a relationship

Because change is inevitable. And in order for a relationship to grow and prosper, it is critical that you and your partner be able to adapt to the changes, finding your way through the good and the bad together.

But how many times have you seen that being inflexible has led to even greater stress or created more conflict in your relationship? And how many times have you seen that being flexible can help bring more peace, comfort and love? Often, individuals choose the path of resistance and refusal to change, because they equate being flexible with settling or weakness.

But it is actually the opposite.