Rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

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rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

Enneagram Type Five (the Investigator) with. Enneagram Type Eight (the Challenger). What Each Type Brings to the Relationship. These two types bring to each. What Each Type Brings to the Relationship. Both types bring a certain richness and special qualities of aspects of human development: Fours bring an artistic. The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic 5 THE INVESTIGATOR.

For example, in a specific case, a subject scored 19 points—his highest score—in three types, and 18 points in two others.

rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

There are two explanations for this kind of close pattern. First, the subject may have been engaged in therapy or spiritual development for many years and may have resolved the problems and conflicts of his or her personality. As essence is developed, personality loses its grip; hence, the more work a person does on himself or herself, the more it eventually becomes difficult to test personality, and scores would be expected to equalize.

rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

It should be noted, however, that very few individuals seem to have attained this degree of integration and non-identification with their ego. This explanation should therefore be applied rarely and with great caution. Ironically, this explanation is a reverse of the first.

The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions

In this situation, the same pattern results from the subject identification with too many traits indiscriminately. If this should occur, the subject's personality type may be found by having someone who knows him or her well take the Enneagram test either with the person or in the person's place.

The personality type that most frequently encounters this difficulty is type Nine. Nines have problems seeing themselves because their sense of self is relatively undefined.

They have developed their capacity to be unselfconscious and receptive to others and therefore tend to see themselves in all of the types and in none very strongly.

Furthermore, since Nines also tend to identify strongly with others, they may mistakenly apply the personality traits of loved ones to themselves. For example, Nines married to Fours may register high scores in Four because of their identification with the Four spouse, not necessarily because they have actually developed the qualities of a Four themselves.

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Nines are not the only ones to misidentify their type, however. Because of a strongly held self-image, emotional needs, or social fears, individuals of other types may have extreme difficulty seeing themselves accurately and therefore may produce incorrect test results. A Three, for example, may test almost equally high or higher in another type because he or she invests a great deal in projecting a particular image, especially in his or her career. Threes who want to see themselves as entrepreneurs may test high in Eight, or as intellectuals may test high in Five, or as artists may test high in Four.

Nines appreciate the Five's intellectual sharpness, ability to ask the right questions, to remember things, to be objective, and their patience.

rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

Fives appreciate Nine's warmth—and when there is a real personal or sexual connection between them—their nurturing qualities. Fives usually feel dry and cut off from emotional sustenance; if they find this in someone, it is likely to be a Nine who can offer unquestioned acceptance, sensual comfort, and tenderness. Nines often make Fives relax-deeply and completely, something Fives very much need. Both types have an intellectual component and if they are more or less on an intellectual par with each other, they can be a powerful and stimulating couple: Both appreciate the irrational and the absurd, although Fives dig far deeper into the dark areas of life than Nines.

This pair can be a case of two people initiating the other into very different world views: Fives tend to be somewhat more frugal with money and resources, seldom spending much on themselves unlike Sevens. Fives also tend to be private and taciturn around strangers, although they can be very funny once they get to know you and feel secure. Fives ground and deepen Sevens, giving them permission to take themselves and their interests more seriously, to focus their energies, and to stay with things until they pay off.

rheti enneagram type 5 relationship

Sevens get Fives to try new experiences and to make more social contacts. They may also run interference for Fives in social settings. Both like conversation and ideas and they love to explore new realms together. In short, this is a mixture of opposites with different attitudes about how to enjoy themselves and how to be fulfilled in the world. Potential Trouble Spots or Issues Fives tend to minimize their needs and their expectations of life, particularly whenever they are under more stress.

They tend to see things in terms of scarcity and of being personally unprepared to meet the demands of the world.

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