Quotes on mentor disciple relationship

quotes on mentor disciple relationship

Josei Toda revitalized the importance of the mentor-disciple relationship in the practice of Buddhism within the Soka Gakkai for the contemporary age. Jul 1, The mentor-disciple relationship is of crucial importance for practicing the In Buddhism, the relationship between mentor and disciple arises. In Buddhism, which is concerned with human happiness and development, the mentor-disciple relationship is fundamental. The foundation of the relationship.

Another reason for reluctance to create a bond with a mentor is unwillingness to take responsibility for advancing Buddhism in society. Without taking responsibility for action through mentor-disciple bond, Buddhist teachings could not have reached millions of practitioners world wide.

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Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol. In a further statement P Ikeda explains: The true spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple pulses vibrantly in the lives of mentors and disciples of the SGI committed to the cause of realising Kosen-Rufu just as Nichiren Daishonin teaches. The lifeblood of faith for attaining Buddhahood courses vigorously within them. The first three presidents of the Soka Gakkai - Mr.

For example, Tibetan Lama is referred to by the title: Whether in the field of mathematics, physics, cosmology, ethics, and other subjects of human activities, the basic concepts of Greek philosophy were recorded and expanded through a mentor-disciple bond, in particular that of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Would the enlightenment of lay believers be somehow different or diminished from the enlightenment of priests? If our enlightenment is not the equal of the priests, it is certainly much different from the enlightenment of the High Priest who is the Master who possesses the Bestowal of the Living Essence of the Law.

What is the need for Mentor-Disciple Bond

What does that mean? In what way are we different?

quotes on mentor disciple relationship

Therefore when the latter wake from their empty dreams of birth and death and return to their waking state of original enlightenment, they are said to attain Buddhahood in their present form, to gain the great wisdom of equality, the Law that is without distinctions, and to understand that all are able to achieve the Buddha way, for there is only this one doctrine.

Nikko Shonin, which Nichiren Shoshu professes to follow, was clear about this point. In sharp contrast, we should look at what Josei Toda experienced in prison after pondering a passage from the Lotus Sutra that confused him; and had confused Buddhist scholars for more than years.

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The Buddha, the Law and the ordinary person, Josei Toda, are in no way different or separate, but one and the same. This realization revitalized Buddhism in the modern world. Role of the Mentor A mentor in Buddhism embodies the Buddhist way of life in the way they live day to day. Their role is to teach Buddhist philosophy but also to demonstrate, through the way they live their own lives, how to live in the best way possible.

quotes on mentor disciple relationship

He encourages each person to live in the way that seems best to them. He also encourages each of us to follow our path and not let anyone talk us out of it. He knows that each of us have a unique mission that we will pursue according to our abilities. A mentor is not a super-hero, but a person just like you or me. The moment they are placed on a high pedestal and revered, is the moment the mentor-disciple relation is lost.

Role of the Disciple The role of the disciple is to choose the mentor.

quotes on mentor disciple relationship

The disciple then absorbs and applies the Buddhist teachings in their own life by learning from the example of their mentor. In turn, they come to embody them one day. Integrating the teachings is a subtle and profound process that develops over many years through one experience after another.

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Every time you grow, then plateau, you find something deeper to learn. The disciple must have a seeking spirit which compels him to learn from the mentor and apply the Buddhist teachings in his own life. How Does a Mentor Teach the Disciple?