Playing waiting game relationship

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playing waiting game relationship

Now it seems as though 'the waiting game' has infiltrated the mating and dating world. "The best relationship is the one you don't have to wait for, and you to warm the bench when you have full ability to play on the field.". Are you playing the waiting game in your dating life? In your relationship? Do you ever just wonder what are you really waiting for? Read this. We've all been put in the position of the dating waiting game. You know the game . We're not kids playing games, we're grown adults. If I like someone I Can Your Booty Call Turn Into A Relationship? Short answer? No.

Her reasoning being that since those three dates are usually spread out to one a week, it gives you time to get to know someone before jumping into bed with them. She feels that having this timeline will naturally slow down the progression and the hormones of a relationship, thus resulting in the man becoming more emotionally invested before he gets the goodies.

I actually think she maybe had one too many mimosas to think that she is that good to be able to lock down a man emotionally by a third date, and if she is, then why the hell isn't she writing the dating blog?

Both Dave and Jodie disagreed with Kristin's rigid outlook. It doesn't lend to spontaneity and chemistry, and in the beginning, those are two essential ingredients.

playing waiting game relationship

Furthermore, Jodie thinks that if it's meant to be it will, and the "three date rule" went out with our parent's generation. Then there is my friend Eric, who thinks that by the third date you should absolutely be having sex, because men have the attention span of a fruit fly. Men relate intimacy to sex and really could care less about the exclusivity talk or any talk about feelings, emotions and the future.

In his words, "All guys really want to know is if the merchandise is being returned to the original supplier and if it is going to be kept around for additional test runs. Eeshand men won't actually become emotionally invested until they are physically invested. On my walk home from brunch that afternoon, I started to think back on my own previous relationships to see if there was any pattern I had followed and if it directly resulted in a successful relationship. You go out on a great date and then wait for them to call you back, or you send them a message and wait for a response for what seems like forever, or you reach out one way or another and are stuck waiting for something, ANYTHING.

You wait by the phone, you check it often, you have your friends call or text to make sure it still works.

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Not only does it give you anxiety, it can ruin your day or week. So what do you do?

playing waiting game relationship

How do you deal? Time and again I meet men who I get along with but it never really ends up in anything but anxiety.

Sometimes I get the call back but most often times I do not. My question is how long do I wait for someone to call back? Does the 3 day rule still apply to call back after a date?

playing waiting game relationship

Should I just text them without waiting for them? Am I doing something wrong?

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What do I do? Waiting for him to call There is something about flipping your phone upside down on silent to be met with a surprise little mailbox flashing, which sends adrenalin-charged shocks all over the body.

However, one must wait for that moment. In a traditional world, a man will chase a woman, reeling her in with his persistence, charm and wit. He will text her sweet nothings, take her out for dinner, put food in her plate, wine in her glass and kiss her with passion and just enough tongue on their first date.

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Intentions seem apparent, but they are skewed due to hormones and the predetermined attachment to an idea. Do women get it wrong? She may thank him for a great date, send a cute text the next day asking how he held up or change her Facebook status to a line of 'smileys' just so that he knows how happy she is while he is busy attending meetings, organising weekend sport or drinks after work.

Men have this natural ability to take independence by the horns and hold on tight. They have these busy schedules which work for them, and regardless of how challenging your conversation may have been or how tight he may have held your hand, a male's freedom is key to his lifestyle - and the smallest thing you do may cause him to swap the loafers for Nike Airs and run for the hills, leaving you sitting in a wine bar booth with your girlfriends questioning where you went wrong.