Pininfarina ferrari relationship quotes

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pininfarina ferrari relationship quotes

Like the original concept - which was crafted to celebrate a year relationship between Pininfarina and Ferrari - the Sergio is based on a. They become beautiful when they win" - Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari #quotes # Battista Pininfarina, Enzo Ferrari and Sergio Pininfarina: la buona cucina. . communication and consistency are needed in all relationships, not just romantic . Sergio was responsible for designing all Ferrari bodies but also for managing the relationship between the two.

Most of our readers will know of Mr.

pininfarina ferrari relationship quotes

Just five years later, Pinin was given the opportunity to submit a design for the new Fiat Zero. Bythe auto industry in America was growing at an incredible rate, both in production and technology.

His curiosity took him Stateside where he met Henry Ford who offered him a job on the spot, but Farina declined, choosing to return to Italy, but with the dream and enthusiasm for starting his own business.

Pinin was married soon after his return; having two children, Gianna, born inand his son Sergio, born in He also took up racing, driving his own car to victory in the Aosta-Gran San Bernardo race inand in the process beating prepared race cars and setting a course record that stood for eleven years!

pininfarina ferrari relationship quotes

It was during his racing days that he met a number of influential contacts, among the most important, Mr. His plan was to construct custom bodies to order, as well as to produce small runs of special models that would be sold directly to the public.

The earliest work from the company was on based on Italian chassis, most from those of his friend Lancia, as well as Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Isotta Fraschini.

Audaciously, Pinin and his son, Sergio, drove two new cars, an Alfa Romeo Sport and a Lancia Aprilia cabriolet to Paris, parking the cars outside the entrance to the motor show.

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The French press disapproved, but the crowds loved the cars. Ferrari Testarossa It has had its detractors, but to some people, the Testarossa is the archetypal Ferrari of the s.

But what if you cannot stretch to a priceless concept or a Ferrari supercar? Here are 10 worthy alternatives. Sure, the saloon is a handsome thing, but in creating the Coupe, Turin pulled off a minor miracle.

As an overall package, the Coupe is simply elegant and elegantly simple, but small details include the rear buttresses, slightly widened haunches and creases in the bonnet. Alfa Romeo When it had finished designing the Ferrari Testarossa, Pininfarina paused for a while, before creating this: The Alfa was one of the Type Four project cars — the others being the Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema and Saab — and was by far the prettiest of the quadruplets.

It was the first BMC car to benefit from Italian styling, and while it might seem a world away from Italian supercars and French coupes, the A40 was a revelation.

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The design gave it van-like load-carrying capabilities in a car the size of a small family saloon. Both stylistically and aerodynamically, the MGB GT was a compelling alternative to the roadster, while having the benefit of some added practicality. Peugeot Saloon, coupe, estate, van and convertible — there was a Peugeot for just about every occasion. Peugeot Cabriolet Peugeot certainly knew how to get the best out of Pininfarina. The Cabriolet could mount a serious case for being the best looking real-world drop-tops in the world, particularly in pre-facelift guise.

When the Spider needed updating for the 90s, Alfa turned once again to Pininfarina.

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For a while, these four-seat drop-tops with their folding hard-tops were in fashion, but the star shines less bright today, and the coupe cabriolet is spiralling into banger territory. Avoid early Focus CCs, unless you enjoy a leaky roof. Honda Beat The brilliant Honda Beat was designed by Pininfarina and built to comply with Japanese kei car regulations.

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