Oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

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oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

Still from the movie Óru Vadakkan Veeragadha The dispute ended with the moopan begging forgiveness, and Unniyarcha accepting the. The dissonance in the relationship between Chandu and Aromal . He makes the final sacrifice to end a life with which the fates had played dice. . Urumi was nowhere near Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha in terms of story; like. Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, one of the landmark movies of Malayalam cinema, is all set to re-release. P V Gangadharan, the producer of the.

He made a mind-boggling film Oru Vadakkan Veera Gatha, presenting the saga of Unniyarcha with a diabolic twist, and earning a national award for best script. Mammooty won the best actor award for playing Chandu. The portrait of a deceitful and adulterous Unniyarcha etched by the doe-eyed Madhavi was insidiously imprinted on the public mind.

His film conveyed an unambiguous message: It is not the man who is treacherous — the real betrayer is always a woman. Chandu was proclaimed innocent because Unniyarcha had enticed him!

oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

His brutal murder of Aromal was justified on the presumption that Unniyarcha would spurn his overtures once the duel with Aringodar was won by her brother. This reasoning was morally untenable as well as subversive. No one placed a price on his head. Bhaskaran was staying true to the original ballad which indicates that Kunhiraman was a kalari asan of no mean stature. Unmatched Valour The legend of Unniyarcha encompasses many anecdotes, the best known being her Nadapuram encounter.

Prompted by a dream, Unniyarcha announced her intention to attend the festival at Allimalarkavu Lokana-rkavu. Her husband and his mother tried to dissuade her, as she would have to pass through Nadapuram, a place notorious for hooligans. At Nadapuram they were surrounded by a hostile mob. Kunhiraman was fearful but Archa reproached him. In the history of Kerala, there is no example to match this.

oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

The moopan chief sent his wife with lavish gifts to placate Unniyarcha, but she refused. A messenger rushed to Aromal chekavar seeking his intervention. The dispute ended with the moopan begging forgiveness, and Unniyarcha accepting the offerings of gold coins and ornaments.

She extracted an assurance from the moopan that women would be treated with respect and allowed safe passage in his territory. Returning home, Archa handed over the booty to her mother-in-law and proudly announced that she had brought Kunhiraman back unharmed!

The full and complete story of Unniyarcha is yet to be filmed. Currently there are more rumours doing the rounds than facts. Will someone please take the hint? Bhansali was assaulted for the heinous crime of making the film.

Deepika Padukone played Rani Padmavati and received a barrage of dire threats. A rumour that the film has a romantic scene between Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji triggered this hysterical response. The release has been deferred. On the sets she is burnt alive and on the streets she is being roasted alive.

The story of Padmavati raises some intriguing questions. How did the conservative Rajput clan allow such a viewing ceremony?

oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

As Chandu placates an attacking Aringodar, seeking time to replace the weapon, Aringodar obliges. Then wily Aromal throws his broken sword and kills an unguarded Aringodar. Aromal is declared winner. As he retires to his resting place, Chandu follows him to tend to his injuries. Aromal blames Chandu of cheating, by treating the swords to make them brittle, and attacks him. Aromal kills himself in an accident by falling over a lamp.

As people gather, Aromal breathes out his last words: The ill-fated Chandu escapes the mob and finds the blacksmith, who informs that he was bribed by Kunji.

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha To Re-release

Fighting his way through the entire contingent of guards, Chandu storms into Aringodar's household seeking Kunji. To add to his list of regrets, he finds Kunji has committed suicide by hanging herself. Chandu explains to them the situation, hoping to avoid a duel. However, after being repeatedly challenge Chandu easily beats both, once again showing his mastery.

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Thinking they will leave before bloodshed is inevitable he attempts to retire his weapons. The two young warriors are in no mood to leave in defeat and insist on a duel to the death.

oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

Chandu plainly tells them about their mistakes in the duel and skillfully explains the possible strategies they have up their sleeve. Aromal Unni announces himself, "I, son of Unniyarcha, will die or go back with your head. But knowing that no one will ever be able to win against him, and reminded that Aromal is Kannappan Chekavar's grandson, he commits one final act of valour: Chandu stabs himself with his sword. He reaches out to the statue of his deity and dies. There ends life of a valiant but misunderstood man, the greatest warrior of his age.

oru vadakkan veeragatha ending relationship

A warrior belonging to a mercenary clan. The orphan boy, Chandu, a quick learner, earns the love and admiration of his uncle, while he is loathed by his cousin. Veteran actor Prem Nazir was originally considered for this role but since MT felt Mammootty's physique would better suit the character. Nair as Kannappan Chekavar: Chandu's uncle and a master of the southern style of Kalari martial arts.