Meaning of close knit relationship

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meaning of close knit relationship

Communication is at the service of action and gives it meaning: learning to take action and taking action to learn. A close-knit learning environment focused on a close teacher/student relationship, and a comprehensive and personalised. I-ddiction and the Decline of the Close-Knit Family Therefore, I don't necessarily blame well-meaning parents for the failure of the family bonds and the cultivation of family relationships for both children and parents alike. Close-knit things are intimate, like a close-knit community where everyone knows each close. close in relevance or relationship. Word Family. close-knit.

If I imagine the Enspiral network as a live organism, I would liken healthy relationships to be the blood pumping through it all.

meaning of close knit relationship

But how do we get there, transforming Stewardship theory to good habits and everyday practice? Some background reflections The push for independent and free individualism over the last hundred years has been an understandable and essential change, to slowly shift out of the paradigm of power, inequality and suppression. This swing needs to now find a new balance.

Life needed to be explained, measured and categorised. Trust was replaced with doubt and dualism right or wrong, yes or no, in or out. Kumar sees this dualistic world-view as the root of the crisis of our time. We are inherently social beings and this explains why a sense of belonging appears to be essential for our wellbeing. We may be rightly proud of our biographical story as a unique individual but it needs to be seen in the context of our ancestors, family, community, environment, tradition and culture.

How to deeply respect and celebrate the quirky uniqueness of each individual? How the context of family, community, environment, tradition and culture can be strengthening and not stifling, leaving plenty of space for innovation and creativity? How to remain a fruit salad and not become a smoothie? Can we blend and keep all the pieces at the same time? A smoothie with lumps? The vision for Enspiral as a relational network The wish and commitment for collaboration and partnership in the Enspiral network is wonderful.

I strongly experienced this in my first real contact with Enspiral members during the Summerfest in Castlepoint this year. I am assuming this translates into job descriptions and advertisements, relationship and team working skills being a sought after key attribute. And still, there is a limit of what wishes and statements and documents can achieve to change habits in everyday life. Relationships are not a thing which can be built in retreats and then it is done and ticked off. The building and maintaining of relationships takes time!

Patience is another necessary ingredient for maintaining closeness. Not everyone has the same talents or abilities, or the same degree of understanding.

Action-oriented learning in an innovative and close-knit environment

Longsuffering and forbearing are synonyms of patience. However, differences should always come to a peaceful conclusion. We must desire a peaceful relationship in our brotherhood.

meaning of close knit relationship

Also from I Thessalonians 5: They may not have developed strong convictions yet. Do we take them into consideration? The brotherhood should rally around them to lift them up, and give them encouragement.

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Those who are cast down need all the help we can give them. We must have time to listen to them, to share with them.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Tight?

Sometimes they need a helping hand. Or do we hope someone else will volunteer first, so we no longer have an obligation to do so?

Openness is necessary for close-knit relationships. We must share our struggles openly with others. It takes humility to admit that we have imperfections in our lives.

For in doing so we admit that we need the help of others. This in turn will draw us closer. The other side of openness is being open when someone comes to us with a concern. A wrong response is becoming defensive.

meaning of close knit relationship

Or we make excuses for what we did or thought. This is our natural response.

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Warm hospitality will keep a congregation close. Hospitality accepts others and makes others feel acceptance. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: Hospitality is a friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment to guests or strangers. Our fellow brethren need to be our friends. Friends share their hearts.

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They don't hide from others inside a shell. They will be real with each other. It will be a mutual feeling to be free with each other. There is a high level of confidentiality with each other. There is a trust that will not be betrayed. Time spent with our brotherhood should be relaxing and up building. We will have a time of refreshing together. Being knit together in love.

meaning of close knit relationship