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Apr 4, The team Mukhortova – Trankov has broken up. . We had a very difficult relationship with the president of the federation. This is . However, if Maxim was completely horrible, he and Maria wouldn't be so upset that Maxim is leaving. Quote Originally Posted by pksandy View Post. Oleg Vasiliev talk with. ”We as a unit - emphasizes Maxim Trankov. - I myself it In the early s, Maxim started skating with the St. Petersburg skater Maria Mukhortova. Under the . Quote Originally Posted by ricochet4 View Post. Jerome K Jerome? Nu am auzit .. Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov parted ways immediately after the Olympic season. This had to do with relationships in our team.

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What were you working on? What were the problems? There are always problems. The biggest - finances and the specialists. Talking about the team - there are a lot of mental problems which we are learning to overcome. It's not their preparation or their skating ability that bothers them.

At some point they lost the motivation, but now they are skating for their coach, because they chose me and they wanted me to coach them. They do their best not to let me down and skate for me. For me it's a motivation to prove their choice was right and it was for a reason they wanted to work with me this season. There are also problems with me as a coach. Am not just unexperienced - I have 0 coaching background. Hence there are problems.

Do you like coaching? What works the best for you and what do you need to work on?

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I can't really tell coaching is something I like or interested doing. The technical and organizational part is something I hate. Most importantly, we live in a world of too many papers and when it comes to signing them all it shakes me.

Hence I can't really tell I am fond of the coaching work or interested in it.

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But you must like something I like creating something new. Learning new things, digging in myself, in the athletes, in their mind. Besides, my education is in psychology. It's interesting for me to see how people change their working attitude. Can you believe it — Oleg Kimovich called my father a loser! How long was I supposed to put up with it? Volosozhar and I teamed up because we were both done. We met after World championships.

Perhaps, we will just perform together in shows. I guess God decided it was too early for me to quit, and sent me Tanya. Have you started to skate with Tatiana. We just have an agreement. I hope to begin and try out some elements before the summer.

If you compete, which country will you represent?

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Did Piseev take part in your negotiations? Will there be problems with the Ukrainian federation? I think Morozov will be a part of the team. Is Volosozhar a better partner than Mukhortova? Professionally, I think Masha is better in some things and Tanya in others.

Masha wanted to continue skating with me through the Sochi Olympics. Unfortunately, though, people sometimes have to make tough decisions. Many times they occupied the most insulting 4th place at the European Championships. And before them, as a rule, Mukhortova and Trankov finished. Mary and Max is constantly searching.

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Inwhen the first issue of the place of team Russia was free Trankov and Muhortova even tried to train with great Tamara Moskvina. But long union was unsuccessful. Maxim has not become less violent.

But now his categorical, primarily directed at himself already. I love that Max is the case for which is taken, follow through. At the Olympics in Vancouver Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov have not skated in a pair, were with their former partners. At that moment, on all pressed responsibility. Aloud, of course, no one spoke, but it was clear: For the same model, he worked with a couple Muhortova - Trankov. In Vancouver, apparently all still looked over safely, but behind the scenes relationship is not glued.

But Trankov at this time was in his thoughts far away. Meanwhile, Tatiana Volosozhar and Stanislav Morozov finished joint performances. Stanislav already saw himself only coach. He even went to Vancouver to Moscow, talked with Nina Moser. And they agreed on future cooperation. There was only one open question, and the most important: