Mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

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mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

President Jacob Zuma's festering family drama has exploded into the public been caught in the middle of "these two brats" (MaNtuli and Thobeka Madiba). Both said they were also aware of MaNtuli's relationship with her. Relationship History: She married Zuma in and divorced in June due to “irreconcilable differences”. Notable Name: Nompumelelo Ntuli Notable Achievements: Thobeka lead a Unicef-backed campaign to raise. After months of speculation about the president's relationship with Khumalo- Zuma, Bongi Ngema-Zuma and Thobeka Madiba-Zuma.

Just how many wives does Jacob Zuma have, and who are they?

This week an eminent Zulu cultural expert said women in polygamous marriages "have no right" to have extramarital affairs, unlike their husbands who can "negotiate" such a privilege. Jabulani Maphalala has dismissed suggestions by feminists and callers to a radio station that MaNtuli's alleged infidelity was a "triumph for women". Maphalala defended polygamy as a widely practised custom across the world, which, he claimed, had originated in Africa.

He also noted that it was never a compulsory practice. It is unheard of for a woman to do as her husband does. There are unprintable words for that kind of behaviour. When we talk about the president, we should be talking about the policies and direction of our country. We should not be talking about the paternity of his children.

mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

I'm afraid we are having the wrong conversation. Having said that, it must be borne in mind that engaging in promiscuity has its own dire consequences for women.

mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

Many of our clients who seek outside relationships have said that they do it because their partners are also doing it," said Mokoena. It is understood that the president believed that she had been motivated by herunhappiness at being sidelined since allegations of reports that she may have had an extramarital affair surfaced a few years ago. Zuma, as the former chief of ANC intelligence in exile, is said to be extremely paranoid and to believe in conspiracies.

When he was diagnosed by the Russians, Zuma believed that only someone within his immediate family circle could have had access to his food.

Just how many wives does Jacob Zuma have, and who are they?

Suspicion fell on Ntuli-Zuma. But he confirmed that Ntuli-Zuma was no longer living at Nkandla.

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He said it was difficult for him to say whether Zuma and Ntuli-Zuma would reconcile. I think you can get it better from them and not me.

MaNtuli kicked out of spousal office?

I don't have any details about that matter. I am also searching for answers but I can't find any," said Michael.

mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

He was only seen in public 10 days later when, looking gaunt, he delivered the state of the nation address. During the 10 days between June 7 and June 17, Zuma was due to have travelled to Brazil for the opening of the Soccer World Cup and the official handover of the event - as South Africa had been the previous host in But a family insider said Zuma became so sick during that period that he became disorientated.

He would speak about his late mother as if she was still living and then talk about current issues," said the insider. After the state of the nation address, Zuma managed to travel to Brazil for the World Cup's closing ceremony.

There was speculation that he was there to secretly conclude a nuclear deal with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, but the intelligence source said Zuma's health and his distrust of the Americans were behind the trip.

mantuli relationship with thobeka zuma

The intelligence source said: That's why he had to spend a few days there before meeting Putin. Adams this week denied that he had been removed fromZuma's team, saying that he took time off to study. I decided to [step] aside and finish my degree so that I can come back Repeated calls to MaNtuli went unanswered this week.