Long distance relationship drawings tumblr cute

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long distance relationship drawings tumblr cute

Realm of The Mad God - Pretty fast, jump-right-in kind of game! iScrrible - Like rate my drawings, though I do believe (if I remember correctly) the group drawing is available immedietly. Tumblr - Great for blogging. .. My boyfriend and I watch the Metropolitan Opera Player that shows us performances. 36 Digital Tools for Long-Distance Relationships Add or draw graphics and edit photos, then save to Evernote or share Sickeningly sweet!. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Check out I love those drawings. 31points . Yup, this was us, pretty much every weekend for 4 years.

Finally, Skitch lets you have some silly fun with photos. Add or draw graphics and edit photos, then save to Evernote or share with your loves. Send Ecards Some of the graphics are a little corny, but on the whole, Jeego provides a comprehensive and fun selection of ecards across every major platform.

Or try iOS-only Red Stamp for sophisticated, personalized greeting cards and invitations. Pay a little extra for the app's postcard feature as well. For something equally as fun for you as for your recipient, MyRealFont allows you to create a font in your own handwriting and pass personalized notes, just like high school all over again.

Both accept PayPal and encourage delivery customization.

A Comic About A Long Distance Relationship Is Going Viral, And You’ll Cry When You See The Ending

You can even send a monthly or weekly subscription of flowers with H. BLOOM to remind your belle how much you miss her on a regular basis. For a quick and informal bouquet, try emailing a virtual bouquet using Flowers2Mail.

  • Artist Illustrates Her Long Distance Relationship Struggles And Joys
  • Artist Illustrates Her Long Distance Relationship Struggles And Joys
  • See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Video Games Sync up your virtual worlds by playing some online games together. Share Your Location I'm not sure I necessarily advise keeping minute-by-minute tabs on your significant other, but if you must, try these location-based apps.

Other than standby Foursquaretry apps like Glympsewhich allows you to share where you plan to be in a specific period of time - perfect for letting your honey track your road trip on the way to visit. Or use newcomer app Oink to photograph, locate and rank food, art and experiences in your everyday life. Watch Movies Together You could try pulling up Netflix or Hulu and pressing "play" at the same time on video chat, or you can enter a Google Hangout and watch YouTube Live content together on the screen.

Move In Together When you and your long-distance love finally decide to make the real estate jump, you'll want to stay as organized as possible. Collaborate on Pinterest Want to create a digital scrapbook for relationship memories? Create a Pinterest board and add your partner as a contributor so you both can post photos and sweet nothings.

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Also check out the top tips and tricks for Pinterest users. Need to know how to break up over IM? We didn't think so. They were just a document, really, for us to watch back. I think I uploaded the April video, and I thought, you know what, people could enjoy this. People started commenting on it, out of the blue. It was literally overnight, people started watching it, and I thought, we could make something out of this. We could help other people. We made our Tumblr before the YouTube channel, and it was just because we had separate Tumblrs but we kept posting about our relationship so much that we just decided to make our own Tumblr, to reblog and document our relationship.

And then people started following it. It was initially a way for us to connect in a long-distance relationship.

long distance relationship drawings tumblr cute

And then more people got involved as it began. We get quite a lot of parents of gay children, which is surprising. They YouTube it, and then they find one of our coming-out stories, and then they email us and watch the rest of our videos.

They watch the progression. But I think our main demographic on YouTube is to year-old girls. Our montage videos have definitely stayed the same. With the videos, no one ever wants to see the negative aspects of your relationship. No one wants to put that on the Internet.

long distance relationship drawings tumblr cute

We fight a lot. In the back of our minds we know there is a slight chance that we could break up one day — - L: So that is a little overwhelming. We try to make a point of putting most of what we can into our videos. We were thinking about making a video about fighting and realism in a relationship. Is there anything else that can get challenging about having all these people following your relationship? We feel bad, because we want to help every single person.

Every single person deserves a personal, well thought-out response. The most challenging aspect of it is the time it takes to get back to people. And I love that.

long distance relationship drawings tumblr cute