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I want to offer an analytical perspective on Layfon's romantic options. I am not an expert in relationships but from what I observed and read, I would . Try rewatching the anime and see if you can pick up on all the hints. Layfon Wolfstein Alseif Fanclu > anyways, reasons are that i think they are both similar and would really last long in an relationship. Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif is the main protagonist of the Chrome Shelled Regios In Volume 16, Layfon starts trying to develop new ways to use his Kei in order.

Speaking of these girls, Layfon is lucky guy surrounded by pretty females, all of whom he is in good friendship terms with. The choice is therefore is not necessarily in the interest of the protagonist but of the chooser. The best girl for Layfon would be the girl that would have the most successful romantic relationship with him.

That is, should that girl be paired with Layfon, their romantic relationship would last the longest, be the most rewarding, the most stable, and the most passionate. I am not an expert in relationships but from what I observed and read, I would suggest communication, understanding, shared interests, and of course, love, are all hallmarks of a successful romantic relationship.

These will be the criteria I will use to assess the girls surrounding Layfon.

Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif

Communication Felli is an obvious winner here. However, in terms of history, Leerin has been in contact with Layfon before any of the above mentioned girls, perhaps since Leerin and Layfon meet as children.

Despite being separated by drastic lengths, Leerin and Layfon still keeps in touch with each other through letters.

Although Leerin has not directly displayed her superior knowledge and understanding of Layfon, being the girl that knew him the longest, it would be reasonable to assume Leerin would be the one that understands him the most.

He states that humans may find a way to overcome the pollutant if they studied his body. Fellmouse wanted to meet Layfon for a while but gave up on the idea because he was not planning on returning to Glendan. Fellmouse notes that Haia is unable to defeat Layfon even if Layfon is exhausted or injured. Citizens of Glendan[ edit ] Voiced by: Both she and Layfon grew up together at the same orphanage.

She supported Layfon even after his gambling incident was found out and distanced herself from the orphanage as a result. Recently, she was given a box with what appears to be a DITE, which represents the fact that all the Saiharden techniques have been passed down, in it by her foster father from the orphanage.

As per her father's request, Leerin travelled with Savaris, who is secretly guarding her, to Zuellni to give the item to Layfon. She admitted never having try to understand Layfon's burden, that if someone had to be angry after him for what he had done, he must be angry at them the orphansbecause he did it for them.

Her right eye seems to be a link with Saya as she appeared in it. Her eye is called Vine Eye and is said to be Ailen's eye, someone Saya wants to be reunited with and so care for Leerin. Both her and Layfon wish to be reunited again on the soils of Glendan.

Queen Alsheyra Voiced by: Despite being a queen, she is also one of the 12 Heaven's Blade successors. It is implied that her strength may be the result of possessing a Haikizoku. Bored of her life as Queen Alsheyra, she left the castle to live a different kind life under the disguise of a senior laboratory student, Synola Leiser.

The Heaven's Blade Receiver Kanaris Earifon Rivin was forced to cover for her, due to the latter's ability to impersonate others. She met Leerin in a meadow one day, and they have been friends since. Although very laid-back and compassionate as Synola Leiser, Queen Alsheyra is shown to be extremely strict with the Heaven's Blade wielders.

She doesn't hesitate to kill them if necessary, and her word is absolute to them. She also stated that Layfon's exile was due to immaturity and his lack of world's perception and bears no grudge against him. Regardless, she is still protective of Leerin.

In response to Leerin's question, Alsheyra has said that it is not impossible for Layfon to return, but whether he wants to or not is not an issue for her to deal with, especially since he is a Saiharden. She wanted Leerin to have a normal life but remarked about how she had chosen her way, like Layfon had.

In the novel, It's revealed that there are three branches to Glendan's royal family and that they intermarry each three generations, she was born to the Ronsmier and Almonise families and she was to marry a Euthenol man. It is revealed her next suitor husband may be chosen among the Heaven's Blade wielders.

She states her life is meaningless without twelve Heaven's Blade and hinted Layfon and all people related had been forgiven by the Royal family so only left the public. Lintens calls her "Your Crappiness". Derk Saiharden Voiced by: He taught Layfon the Saiharden techniques throughout Layfon's childhood.

He and Leerin left the orphanage after taking Layfon's side during the gambling incident in Glendan. He and Haia's master were brother apprentices.

Leerin revealed that he had forgiven Layfon a long time ago. In the novel, he stated Layfon needed forgiveness especially toward himself because he was sober and dull. He also revealed he had a katana ready for Layfon but he finished to teach him the Saiharden skills when he was very young and he lost his chance to give it to him afterward since he used a sword. He knew Layfon refused to inherit of them because he felt guilty about his wrongdoing and betraying. Gahard Barehn Voiced by: He was Gorneo's senior which the later admired him due to his constant years of training to become a member of the Heaven's Blade.

During a tournament held to select the newest Heaven's Blade wielder, Gahard's dreams were crushed with him humiliated after losing to a year-old Layfon who became the winner of the tournament. Since that incident, he held a grudge against Layfon.

A few years after this, Gahard got evidence of Layfon's participation in illegal underground matches. He blackmailed Layfon with this evidence to get Layfon to have an official match with him and have him purposely lose, so he would gain the Heaven's Blade, along with the title; however, Layfon instead tried to kill him, but only managing to dismember him. Though Gahard lost, he still managed to expose the scandal.

Although those who are possessed by a Pollutant Beast are no longer mentally conscious, Gahard retained his consciousness somewhat, but he became insane; he killed the referee from his match with Layfon, and targeted both Leerin and her father, believing they were responsible for the loss of his "title".

Gahard was tied down by Lintens and ultimately taken down by Savaris as punishment for trying to kill Leerin and her father and revenge for destroying Layfon's reputation. The Heaven's Blade Receivers are apthetic toward anything else other than fighting or strength; they usually fight alone or with other Heaven's Blade only. They showed little interest in the fact that Layfon has betrayed the trust of ophans, Savaris claimed that he should have finish the job by killing Gahard.

In the anime, all of Heaven's Blades have been revealed. Those who have a Heaven's Blade are referred to as Heaven's Blade wielders and receive a middle name as a title. Her Heaven's Blade is a staff. Her power is a result of the three royal families of Glendan merging and condensing generations after generations and fusing the blood of Heaven's Blades Wielders.

Savaris Qaulafin Lueckens Voiced by: Gauntlets Became a Heaven's Blade Receiver at the age of 13, his weapon of choice is a pair of gauntlets. He has long, silvery hair.

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Described as a "battle maniac" by Layfon, Savaris' only desire in life is to become ever stronger, and he holds little interest for anything else. He has a younger brother named Gorneo, who is the leader of the 5th Platoon on Zuellni. He appears to have some ulterior motives concerning Haikizoku in general, most likely due to his desire to experience a greater power, though he didn't hide it from the queen.

He later steals the Haikizoku power from Nina and in a fit of rage attacks Layfon, nearly killing him until his Heaven's Blade is returned to him and defeats Savaris in one strike.

Lintens reveals that Savaris had left but stated about how he will return soon. In the novels, Savaris is depicted as slightly less sinister than his anime self. After escorting Leerin safely to Zuellni, he approved of his brother Gorneo as the inheritor of the Lueckens school of Military Arts and helped him train during his stay. Later, he appeared to help Layfon in a battle against a matured phase filth monster. However, after that battle he fought Layfon because he was after the Haikizoku which was in Nina.

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In the end, he sustained a fatal blow to the throat and would have died if Lintens didn't sew him up. Additionally, after Layfon is hospitalized, Felli comes with flowers. She ends up keeping them because she spots flowers already delivered by Nina Antalkmaking Felli react in a childish and jealous manner. Felli is described as one of the most talented Nen-I operators. Her DITE is a wand which holds many petal shaped pieces that are grey when inactive and are pink when active. These petals are utilized to send out telepathic messages to others.

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They can also transform into offensive daggers, if necessary. Felli is also capable of synchronizing with other people's pins to make up for distances she cannot cover. She, like Layfon, dislikes fighting and almost never tries when it comes to combat.

However, when the order was given to retrieve Nina before the Kei-Ra Cannon fired again, her brother wanted her to stay. In contrast to her past actions, Felli nearly attacked her brother to force him to let her go.

With the display of her newly-found will to protect the city, Felli showed that she had grown after meeting Layfon. At one time, Felli cooperated with Sharnid's father, Elrad, in the dealing with a filth monster. Layfon is also one of the few that has seen Felli smile, though she did drive her heel into his shin for seeing it. As the series progresses, Felli develops a rather obvious crush on Layfon, to the point of making excuses during swimming lesson simply so she can continue to hold his hand.

Layfon himself shows Felli the utmost respect, both as his senior at the academy and as his friend. Despite the rather significant amount of time the two spend together, Layfon remains oblivious to her feelings for him. However, these feelings never seem to stop her from punching or kicking him when he does or says something stupid. Karian Loss Kalian is Felli's older brother and president of the student council.

Felli holds great disdain towards her brother because he forced her into the military arts rather than allowing her to find her own path in life. As such, Kalian is one of the most frequent victims of Felli's abuse, once kicking him with such force that she snapped his leg bone.