Kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

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kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

He was dating Somy Ali after his break-up with Sangeeta Bijlani. has created a ruckus on the set of Aishwarya's movie Kuch Naa Kaho. Kuch Naa Kaho is a Bollywood romantic drama film, directed by Rohan Sippy, starring Raj is confused, but forms a strong fatherly relationship with Namrata and her son (Adi) anyway. His uncle informs him that Namrata's husband. While Aishwarya was shooting for Kuch Naa Kaho at Film City, Salman with Shah Rukh Khan, that the relationship deteriorated.. and ended.

With any other couple, I would either find her too much of a buzz kill or him too much of a flibbertigibbet, but somehow the two of them together just work. Maybe because the set-up is so great?

Abhishek and Aish are working together to try to get a fighting couple back together. All along, Abhishek has been teasing and teasing and being horrible and Aish has been just putting up with it.

But this time, the girl he is meeting turns out to have her own issues, and Aish and Abhi are able to be good people and try to help her, and in so doing, to also work together for the first time. Plus, I think it is really cool when silver jacket guy picks Pony up and carries her off at the end. But they way he looks at her, and the way they vibe together in conversations, just feels nice and normal and pleasant.

She has a child! Although, it takes Aish a little longer to believe it.

kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

And then they fall in love because they fall down a mud slide together? This bit is a little harder to make sense of. But whatever, the song that comes after is really nice and pretty soundtrack by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, my favorite music directors.

kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

Including the one from All of this is nice, and their chemistry lifts it from an okay rom-com to a really fun rom-com, but the final twist is where the chemistry is actually vital from a story perspective. And it is all in silent glances and little moments, that only land if this couple really does feel like a married couple.

Wrote it specifically for his lifelong friend Abhishek Bachchanthat was supposed to be the big meaning of the film. That you have this woman who is married, according to society. Faraz decided to stay in Karachi now along with Sajal and Aina staying at Mohsin's place.

kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

Nadia died and gave birth to a daughter and a son. This left Mohsin with great sorrow who regret over his cruel and selfish behavior towards his late wife. Aina started taking care of mohsin's daughter but mohsin was the same man with great rage and ego towards everyone espacially aina.

Noman aina's ex-fiance met aina and desired of marrying her, aina avoided noman since she was not able to start a normal life with anyone.

Kuch Naa Kaho

Noman requested mohsin and sajal andboth of them wanted to get rid of aina convinced aina to marry noman. Aina in order to get rid of situation told about her affair to noman after knowing about aina's affair noman rejected aina. This filled mohsin and sajal with huge anger and both of them taunted and teased aina. Faraz on the other side decided to leave for America with sajal and maaz but kept this seceret. Aina on the other side was constantly taunted by mohsin and sajal.

Faraz's unending care for aina as a younger sister raised sajal with doubting of affair between them which hurted both faraz and aina who eventually bumped onto tears and anger and became highly furious in the rain where she yelled at mohsin as well and claimed everyone as cruel people. The next morning Sajal apologized Faraz for doubting him while faraz told everyone that he is leaving for America along with family.

This made Aina worried as she thought that her son maaz is going so far and how will she live with mohsin. On the other side mohsin became worried as well and requested faraz not to go and asked about aina over this faraz offered mohsin to marry aina for the sake of his children.

This shocked mohsin and he rejected stating that this is quite impossible for him as he never considered aina in his life. Faraz and Sajal tried to convince aina who reluctantly agreed over an agreement that faraz would not leave for America. This left mohsin with shock as he wondered about aina's agreement over his proposal but mohsin disagreed over proposal.

Meanwhile, imran and annie lived in devastating relationship which made realize imran that he couldn't forget Aina. Incidentally annie met aina in a mall and told her that imran has totally forgotten her and that he is happily married.

Aina reacted firmly over this by stating she is living a happy life as well without imran and that she is going to marry soon, and that she will spit on Imran's face next time she'll meet him.

Annie was shocked over it and told imran sarcastically who fiercely asked annie to leave his home. On other side aina intensively asked mohsin to marry her and that she will take good care of his children but mohsin disagreed and stated that he can't start a life with her as this is quite awkward for him, but deep inside mohsin still thought that his children wants a mother's affections.

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Later on the nanny nafeesa whom Mohsin hired to look after his children was kidnapping his daughter and Aina saved her so Mohsin agreed to get married to her.

Imran managed to meet aina and asked for apology aina slapped imran claiming that he is coward. After their marriage Mohsin started thinking of her dead wife Nadia and thinks that he is doing wrong with her faraz tried to convince Mohsin that he should live a happy life with Aaina but Mohsin behaviour is rude with Aaina and he often humiliate aina for being a lazy wife and compares her to nadia.

Aina tries hard to become a hardworking housewife and mother but mohsin is always unsatisfied and often loses his temper over her. He knows that not only the children need the support of Aina but he also needs as well as Aina also needs Mohsin. He doesn't want to scold her but he cannot control himself and scolds her everytime.

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Meanwhile, Faraz and Sajal decide to go to America knowing that Aina told them not to go and that is why she married Mohsin but Faraz tries to explain Aina that Sajal wants to live in America and he doesn't want to upset her. After so much of pressure she agrees to let them go but she is not happy about it.

kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

Since they left Aina is always thinking about Maaz and couldn't concentrate on anything and also she doesn't talks to Mohsin. Faraz calls Mohsin and asks if everything is okay he says that he doesn't know what happened to Aina Faraz then says Mohsin to take care of her and don't repeat the same mistake of the behaviour he kept with Nadia and says that if something happens to Aina he won't forgive himself.

Mohsin couldn't take the behaviour of Aina anymore so he told Aina that why is she running away from him and why doesn't she accept this marriage then Aina hugs him and tells him she couldn't live like this, her loneliness will kill her.

After saying that she faints and then Zubaida comes and scolds Mohsin for not taking care of Aina she tells him to call the doctor and the doctor says her blood pressure is low. After that he was remembering the old Aina that how joyful she used to be and now whatever he says to her she doesn't says a word.

The next day Mohsin prepared breakfast for Aina and took her very nicely.

Kuch Naa Kaho - Wikipedia

Mohsin brought his twin children and told Aina that he don't want a child right now from her maybe later but not that time because he doesn't want Aina to take care of her child more than his children. Aina has now too many responsibilities so she asked Mohsin that she wants a maid. At first he didn't agree because of all that Nafeesa drama he didn't wants to take anymore risks but later on he accepts. The next day Aina was happy because she got support of maid and told Mohsin that she works really nicely and told that she cooks also very well and then Mohsin told that the maid prepared the food and she told yes I was checking that if she can cook or not because if there is any emergency so she will cook.

Then he got angry and started shouting at her and told her this is his house and whatever he says only that will happen and he doesn't wants to eat the food if it is made by the maid and said her what does she even do everyday. After that Ayna said that yeah I am not doing anything everyday angels are coming and taking care of the house and I am doing nothing and just sleeping she said that in anger and ran furiously down the stairs and then her foot slipped and then she fell down.

Aishwarya became an indispensable part of all the family celebrations. The intimacy between the two was growing with each passing day. But their relationship was still far away from marriage. It was not long before news started appearing that Aishwarya's family was against the relationship.

Biswadeep Ghosh has claimed that Aishwarya rebelled against her parents and started living in a separate apartment in Lokhandwala's Gorakh Hill Tower. Eyewitnesses say he kept banging the door of her 17th-floor apartment for hours.

Some say he even threatened to jump off the roof of Gorakh Hill Tower if Aishwarya did not let him in. Such was the rage of Salman that none of the neighbours dared to intervene or call the cops.

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The drama continued until 3 o'clock in the morning; Salman's hands were bleeding by then from beating on the door. Eventually, Aishwarya had to open the door and let him in. There are numerous rumours as to why Salman was forced to create such a spectacle.

According to some sources, he wanted to extract a promise of marriage from Aishwarya. However, Aishwarya, who was rapidly climbing the ladder of success, was not ready for such a commitment just yet… Some reports claimed that it was Aishwarya's father Krishnaraj Rai who reported the incident to the police.

Salman confessed during the interview that Aishwarya was not returning his expression of love in kind, and that was what had caused him to grow violent. This spat is said to have been the turning point in the Salman-Aishwarya relationship.

kuch naa kaho ending a relationship

The rift in their relationship was now out in the open. The fissure between the two was deepened further by a phone call from Somy Ali.