Koihime musou shion ending a relationship

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koihime musou shion ending a relationship

Season 1 - Koihime Musō episodes # Title Original airdate 01 "Kan'u Makes a Vow of sword the paper breaks, making her and Gien end their relationship as master and student. There he meets four girls: Mao, Megumi, Shion and Kirara. Original game: Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆. . Kazuto because of his tendency to tease, making her relationship with Kazuto start off awkwardly. . However something went wrong somewhere and they end up becoming the leaders of the Yellow Turbans. Aliases, Shion, 紫苑, Huang Zhong - Hansheng. A grown-up Riri makes a cameo in Sengoku†Koihime X in Kensuke's flashback, where she is Riri stands next to Shion and Kikyo at the end of Moe Shōden.

koihime musou shion ending a relationship

It's all thanks to Renfa's decision to propose an alliance with them during the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. I'm glad that the decision I made was the right one.

The eldest Son family's daughter smiled mischievously upon seeing the look on her sister's face. Maybe you really intend to marry Kusanagi someday when you proposed the alliance with Shoku. Y-Yamato…" Sonsaku giggled as her sister spluttering denials which made Renfa pout. You're picking on me! Sonsaku eventually calmed down and spoke again. Now I can rest easy with someone as strong and as compassionate as Kusanagi watching over you.

Didn't they manage to capture Nanping at the same time when Kusanagi defeated Enshou? Sou Gi is now launching campaign after campaign to expand their territory.

It seems that Sousou-dono is taking things quite seriously now after the Han Dynasty's collapse. At the rate of their territory expansion they will…" Here Yuki paused for a moment before she let out an audible sigh. They will launch an invasion on Shoku sometimes in the future. Sousou was never the shy one about her ambition to rule the land under her banner, so it was expected for her to expand her territory by launching military campaigns, something that Sonsaku was familiar with.

Renfa then noticed the troubled expression Yuki had. I…" the bespectacled girl seemed to hesitate for a moment before she sighed wearily. I'm worried about those two. Two best friends now are on two different factions and wielding the titles that are destined to fight each other. I was afraid that Yamato and Shun would end up like that too.

If they do become enemies in battle, I I really don't know what should I do. They dragged me out of my sadness and depression which I'm eternally grateful for. They have become an important part of my life and I can't imagine how it would be without them around," Yuki admitted with a fond smile. Her smile dropped as continued on, "Now they will become enemies and I I don't know what to do.

I don't want to lose any of them because they mean so much to me. Maybe, but the dreams I have been having lately They scare me so much…" "What kind of dreams have you been having? They both look serious, resolute in their path. It doesn't look peaceful at all. Then, they clash violently with each other, looking like they're trying to kill each other," Yuki told the Son sisters before a sob escaped her lips.

I just stand there and watch! I watch my best friends trying to kill each other and do nothing to stop them! They are the best of friends, are they not? Baron did take part in a vicious takeover under Sousou's command not too long ago. It earned him the title the Crimson Bloody Knight. I need to know what he did! Shun might be an idiot but he's not a cold-blooded killer! By the time it was over, even his yellow armor was stained in blood.

According to witnesses, he looked like some kind of demon," Sonsaku told her sadly. Shun is nothing like Kaito! He is not a power-hungry warmonger like him! Sonsaku told her, "Yuki, in this era, people can change. Even the kindest of us could hide the darkest of hearts. You may think you know him, but deep down, he must have a darkness which has only been brought out in this world.

She blamed the blonde loli Shun had sworn his allegiance to. She had corrupted him, somehow, the bespectacled Rider believed. Perhaps there is something that Baron wants so much that eventually changed him," Sonsaku reminded her. What could Shun want so badly that he could only get by following Sousou?

Her eyes went wide in realization.

Kōchū Kanshō

He wants to prove that he is stronger than Yamato," said Yuki weakly. We are all glad to be his friends, but sometimes even I was overwhelmed by it. Though, I have learned how to deal with that as time marches on. At some point, it just festers and boils until it explodes. Tears of frustration and helplessness welled in her eyes. I have to stop them! Yamato and Shun can't end like Kouta and Kaito!

I need to snap him out of it! I have to talk to him! Maybe I can convince him to defect and join Go! He doesn't have to be with Sousou to prove anything!

Shin Koihime Musou Shion/Kikyo - 01

She was desperate to see her friends to not end fighting against each other and logic seemed to have left her for the moment. Even if you somehow convinced Baron to join us, what makes you sure that he wouldn't challenge Kusanagi in the future? What guarantees do you have that his battle with Kusanagi wouldn't be even more violent if he challenged Kusanagi sooner?

What should I do? What Baron wants to do is to prove his worth and pride as a man to Kusanagi. There is nothing that you can do about that. Is there really nothing I can do? Sonsaku released the hug and looked at the junior strategist kindly. Remind them of who they really are and the bond they share with each other. Can I really do it? You are much stronger than this," Sonsaku told her a little sternly.

She then smiled her as she continued, "If your friends do something stupid, you can always set them straight. It's a woman's job to keep a man in line after all. Yuki giggled to herself as she wiped off her tears.

koihime musou shion ending a relationship

Just get a hold of yourself together when the time comes, okay? Especially Shun since he has a one-track mind.

koihime musou shion ending a relationship

I'm sure it will help her to take her mind off of any burdening thoughts," Sonsaku requested before she grinned like a cheshire cat that instantly set Renfa on the edge. We have his childhood friend so you can ask her anything you want. Although…" here Yuki paused as she seemed to think about something. Also, I have heard about some rumors about him and Kan'u-dono becoming a couple.

Not only did she have to show that she was genuinely interested in Yamato as a man and look past through his reputations, she had to contend with the girl who was probably the closest to him since he became a ruler. Kan'u-dono might have become his first girlfriend, but you will become his first wife," Sonsaku added with a teasing grin.

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She could hardly imagine Yamato as a king with a harem of women sitting around him and his throne. Then she blinked as she realized that his officers completely consisted of women. On second thought, maybe things have changed a lot…" she mumbled under her breath. All you have to do is to marry him and make it official! You did say that once I returned to the throne you have to marry him to keep the alliance going, right?

Sonsaku Hakufu was a great ruler, but this woman here was also playful and whimsical. Sometimes, it was hard to deal with her, but Yuki couldn't see herself serving anyone else. At least she wasn't serving a warmongering tyrant like Sousou, unlike her friend Shun. God help him if he ended up turning into a warmonger too because she wouldn't hold back on beating some sense back into that overly thick skull of his.

Shun sneezed out of a sudden. He blinked and looked around as if he was looking for something. I guess some dust got in my nose," Shun replied as he rubbed his nose. She was a young woman dressed in a sleeveless purple blouse with an upturned collar and shorts.

Her silver hair seemed spiky and unruly, but was also tied in a meticulous braid. Her tanned skin was covered in battle scars. All she said was, "Breaking through the toughest protection with a single blow! You'll get hell of a headache or get your mind blown away to pieces," Shun nodded firmly, causing his lieutenant to sweatdrop. We're here already," said Shun as they arrived in front of a workshop. Inside was a haphazard mess. Various metal pieces and bits were strewn around carelessly along with various pieces of hardwood and all.

Chains were hung from the ceiling with various unidentified metal parts on it. In the middle of them room was a young woman with messy purple hair done into twin tails and blue eyes.

She appeared to only wear a tiger-striped bikini and shorts with two large brown belts crisscrossed against each other with several pockets containing her working tools which hid nothing of her voluptuous figure. A pair of blue flowing detached sleeves, a cape, and a pair of goggles hanging from her neck also complemented her appearance.

She was Riten Mansei, the chief engineer and inventor of Sou Gi. She was working on the last adjustment to her invention on a work table which was as haphazard as the rest of the room. Riten perked up upon hearing Shun's voice and replied quickly. I just hope this one won't blow on us again…" Shun muttered, remembering the time when Riten tried to duplicate his Rose Attacker, or at least an ancient version of a motorcycle. The fuel she used had combusted and destroyed her invention.

Koihime Musou

Worst part, he was the guinea pig for that experiment. Thankfully, he was in his armor, so his wounds weren't too bad. Though, perhaps it would be a good idea to bring a medic just in case things went awry whenever Riten was testing her invention on someone.

She was one of Riten's favorite guinea pigs and she still remember the horrors she had experienced when it came to Riten's gadgets. Five minutes later, Riten approached Shun and Gakushin carrying something covered by a tarp.

I'm sure my new invention will blow your mind away! I sure hope so," Shun laughed nervously in return while Gakushin instinctively inched closer to him. She was trying her damndest not to whimper. She had an image to keep after all. Are you ready to see my new invention? Without waiting for her captain and friend's response, she revealed her invention by pulling the tarp, "Tadaa! It used rapid compression to drive the spike into an object, like a jackhammer.

The spike actually drove quickly into the target before retracting to be ready for another strike. She never really came up with a name just yet. An honest to God working Drill Spear. Shun's head was hurting just by trying to make sense how the heck that could happen. I'll add in some extra stuff just for you, Shun-sama! Ever since working under his command, Riten was bent on figuring how his Sengoku Driver worked. She even wasn't shy to offer herself to him just to learn the secrets of the Sengoku Driver.

He was flattered and weirded out with how obsessed she was with his gear. Guess this era didn't care too much about modesty. Still, the only girl in his mind and heart was Yuki.

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No one else had the same position as she did in his life. He knew harem was more trouble than its worth. All I know is that these Drivers are able to convert Lockseeds and use them as a power source to create the armor and weapons," Shun explained to his lieutenant.

Riten pouted at her friend. I was wondering that you should test it out, Shun-sama," Riten suggested. Don't you remember about what happened with the last invention you showed me? Resignedly he strapped on his Driver and activated the Lockseed without saying his usual phrase. He then locked it to his Driver and sliced it open.

koihime musou shion ending a relationship

He was glad his armor enhanced his strength, otherwise he wouldn't be able to mount the heavy weapon on his limb. Then you push the button on the handle to shot the stake forward and…" Riten then punched her open palm with a grin.

You pierce through any armor with ease! I'm the one who made this and I can guarantee its safety! You said that too before everything went wrong," Gakushin deadpanned, her eyebrow twitching violently. The silver-haired warrior was too familiar with that sentence before she ended receiving the wrong result of her experiment. Have more confidence in me! Baron looked at the pile bunker mounted on his arm for a moment before he turned to Riten.

Baron then gave the pile bunker another lookover before he pushed the button, causing the iron stake to shot out. Baron grunted when he felt the recoil from the earlier shot as he returned the stake to its normal position.

It was really strong and he was sure that if he wasn't transformed, he would've broken his arm in the process. Gakushin and Riten returned soon with a thick iron slab, about two inches thick and a little taller than Baron was.

They put it standing on the ground as the purple haired girl patted the iron slab with a grin. It's pretty thick and tough, but I'm sure my newest invention can pierce through! He cocked his fist ready before he punched toward the iron slab as he activated the pile bunker.

Baron pulled out his hand and whistled at his handiwork while Riten cheered. I even felt it in my armor, so you may want to revise it so our soldiers can use it in battle. Oh, and figure out how to automatically set the stake for use and reset it afterward. The brunette could see that her mind was already devising a revision plan for the pile bunker. He then closed his Lockseed and reverted to his civilian persona. So clean up here and head back to the castle in an hour, okay?

Now everyone in Karin's court were hooked with his cooking which made him really proud of himself. Whistling a jaunty tune, Shun headed directly to the kitchen. When Shun arrived in the kitchen, someone else was there busily bustling around the kitchen and preparing the ingredients for lunch. The person was a young girl, almost as young as Rinrin if not a little older. She had short, chin-length green hair with an ahoge and a blue bow tied on it and amber eyes.

She was wearing a short, sleeveless yellow shirt and black shorts with a pair of fingerless gloves covering her hands. As she was preparing lunch for everyone, she was wearing a white cooking apron over her shirt and shorts.

The girl noticed Shun and happily greeted him, "Ah, Nii-san! Her name was Ten'i Shiman, one of Karin's general and her personal cook along with Shun. Oh, and some chicken too. Looking at the ingredients, he mentally browsed through his mental cookbook for a recipe. Once he found the appropriate recipe, he turned to Ten'i with a grin. You're going to learn how to cook a dish from my world. Sexuality Edit Her relationship with Kazuto is more mature compared to his relationships with the other girls, as she actually views him as a husband with the intention of starting a new family with him Kazuto's fatherly affection towards Riri has a lot to do with this.

Being a mother as well as one of the oldest members in the group, she has extensive knowledge when it comes to pleasing Kazuto. Generally very composed and well-mannered, she loves sex and when alone with Kazuto she lets her lust take over and becomes quite raunchy and flirtatious. Despite this, she has no problem with Kazuto being "shared" by the other members of the harem and won't hesitate to offer them love advices.

As mentioned in one sub-plot, she can often lose herself in fantasies of forbidden love and sexual fantasies, so much so that she becomes nearly oblivious to the world around her until her daughter, Riri, knocks her back into reality. Skills and Abilities Edit Bowmanship: Despite the crow seemingly having flown out of sight, she was able to control her shot so that the arrow barely misses the bird, startling it just enough to drop the hairpin, something that Kan'u counted as a superhuman feat if it was intentional.

As an archer, her eyesight, concentration, and body control surpass those of ordinary people. She often questions how she could lose to Kazuto and in turn, Kazuto often questions how he could defeat her. In Koihime, she gives herself up after the war due to her duty, pride and sense of obligation with the understanding that Kazuto swore not to make her people suffer more. She starts to like him for his gentleness towards her and her subordinates when she surrendered instead of publicly beheading, and possibly raping, them.

This is especially true as she realizes he does have keen insight and intelligence within his clumsy manner.

As such, she includes him in her selective teasing of her subordinates. Such as not letting them know Kazuto not only had no intention of beheading them, but had promised and even given reasons not to do so.

She later falls in love with Kazuto, but is too proud to admit it. In fact, a famous scene in the first season's closing credits shows her "kidnapping" a dining Kan'u and then kissing her while inside a private bedchamber. Kan'u was later returned to the dining table with the rest of her friends, albeit covered in kiss marks and quite shaken. A brilliant ruler and military genius, she also isn't afraid to speak her mind in any situation if she doesn't like it.

Despite being seen as a little cruel and calculating, she is in reality an honorable person. She is strong on the battlefield, but is extremely straight forward in her thinking, shown by her lack of understanding the meanings of proverbs. In the first game after becoming a captive of Shoku, she is greatly annoyed by Kazuto, especially when Sousou doesn't deny showing interest in him. Like most of his captives, she becomes less hostile later on and starts to show feelings for him in a more obvious manner.

However, she was already showing signs of liking him in ways that only someone who knew her well could see. Such as telling Kazuto over and over she was going to kill him, after hearing him use Sousou's true name and that he had slept with her again, yet did no more than make a small cut on his neck.

Under normal circumstances she'd have killed him on the spot rather than commenting over and over about it. She is the first member of Gi's head leadership to call him My Lord although secondary to her allegiance to Sousou. Then to tease Kazuto they all called him My Lord in front of Kan'u who knew there was a lot more not being said.

Unlike her sister, she is calm and very intelligent. In the first game she shows no signs of resent for Kazuto after being captured and even go as far as placing him as her 5th favorite later on.