Kehlani party next door relationship quiz

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kehlani party next door relationship quiz

PARTYNEXTDOOR Sings About Kehlani's Suicide Attempt In Sad 'P3' Could it be Kylie Jenner, 19, who he's apparently had relations with in. While Kyrie Irving's relationship with Kehlani came to an end years ago The cheating allegations emerged after PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a. PARTY initially sparked rumours of a relationship with Kehlani back in when 19 Facts You Need To Know About 'Not Nice' Singer PARTYNEXTDOOR .

I'm assuming the scandal had something to do with it, but I'm not Kehlani, nor am I close with her, so I'm not going to pretend that I know all the things that were happening in her life that could have affected her mental wellbeing, and neither should you. Most of us understand that one can never truly know what another person is thinking or feeling without being that person.

It's easy for us as an audience to watch people live their lives and pass judgement. It's hard to try to really understand what they are going through. And most of us like to take the easy way out.

Some people have said that Kehlani looked happy and was posing for pictures hours later, so that must prove that this was all a stunt, and that she wasn't really suicidal. People with mental illness suffer in silence every day. They can post photos on Instagram, be part of a sports team, get great grades in school, and still be depressed, suicidal, or anything else.

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I have been dealing with depression for years now, with this past year being the worst. I go to a great school, I get good grades, I'm very active in social justice movements on campus, yet I have thought about hurting myself many, many times.

I finally started seeing a counselor, taking anti-depressants, and making other lifestyle changes.

Kehlani Attempts Suicide after she leaves Kyrie Irving and gets back with PartyNextDoor.

It's gotten better, but it's still a struggle sometimes. But no one could tell just by looking at me. And you can't tell just by looking at your friend, your sibling, your coworker, your colleague, or your favorite celebrity.

This kind of mentality can cause people to look the other way or to disregard it when someone tries to, or says they will, kill or harm themselves. It can also cause people to be scared to go get help or to tell others about what they are feeling or going through.

I have personally experienced this.

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I was scared for a long time to tell my boyfriend of over a year at the time about my concern for my mental health. I still haven't really told my family. Not only can this idea cause someone to be afraid of getting help, it can also cause people to think they don't even really have a problem; that they're just being over-dramatic, or that their feelings and experiences aren't valid. This is also something that I have experienced. No one probably understands this more than 20 year old singer, Kehlani, whose recent public shaming resulted in a very scary suicide attempt.

kehlani party next door relationship quiz

Kehlani is the up and coming musician who has scored collaborations with everyone from Justin Bieber, to Pusha T, and Zayn. This weekend was supposed to be a time of celebration for Kehlani.

PARTYNEXTDOOR On Regrets & His Relationship With Kehlani

Instead, Kehlani found herself mercilessly bullied to the point of wanting to die. Without delving too much into Kehlani's private life, here is what happened.

Kehlani got into a relationship with basketball player Kyrie Irving. Partynextdoor posted a picture of himself and Kehlani in bed together.

kehlani party next door relationship quiz

The internet started bullying her. The situation turned into a real scandal when the photograph led to hours of her trending on twitter and hundreds of thousands of mentions on the site. People called Kehlani every terrible thing you can imagine. They sex shamed her while saying very little about Partynextdoor who posted the picture in the first place. Until eventually it led to this Since then, it seems that Twitter is unsure of how to react.