Joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

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joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

I never got around to writing the thread on discipleship and gardening, chuck that to Posted by Joey Bonifacio at Monday, April 06, 1 comment. “Discipleship is Relationship” from Victory Mini-Messages by Joey Bonifacio. Released: Genre: Podcast. Share the Love. {total}. You Might Also Like. Discipleship is Relationship. February 3, discipleshipJoey Bonifaciomini- messagerelationship. Share the Love. Tweet; 0; {total}.

CBN TV - Joey Bonifacio: 'The Lego Principle'

They desire to go after God, but they never develop deep roots. When Joey ministered recently at Northland, A Church Distributed, the largest evangelical church in central Florida, the congregation responded positively. Joey was able to connect the dots for them regarding discipleship—or maybe I should say he connected the Legos. At Victory, the only true leader is Jesus; everyone else is a disciple charged with making other disciples.

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I met Joey in Korea a couple of years ago at a networking meeting of Christian leaders. He gave me a copy of his manuscript and I was sold.

joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

Though he expands on different facets of the toy and its manufacturer, his basic principle remains simple yet profound. I believe he has found a key the church needs—which is why we ended up publishing his book.

joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

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The One Lesson That Changed My Marriage - Joey Bonifacio

Click here to keep us strong! Anything that destroys the trust must be avoided or discarded.

joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

There is nothing uglier than a jealous wife or husband. Make every effort to build trust, whether through your words or actions, in all aspects of your marriage.

joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

Love While trust is the foundation, love is its motivation of a great marriage. It's about serving the other person and not waiting for them to serve you.

It's about dying to selfish desires and finding joy in bringing pleasure to your spouse. Marriage is a daily journey of continually growing in joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident spouse who knows she is the one who brings joy, warmth, and pleasure to your eyes. Forgiveness Forgiveness is the reset button of a marriage that has hung.

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It allows couples to reboot when the frictions of life affect them. It's the thing that Jesus says that makes the imperfect perfect.

joey bonifacio discipleship is relationship over

Forgiveness is what cleanses a relationship everyday and leaves no trace of rust that creates even more friction. There is nothing more peaceful than a marriage further overwhelmed by a constant and immediate atmosphere of forgiveness.

Communication Lastly, communication is the process to a successful marriage.

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