How to get out of a relationship in islam

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how to get out of a relationship in islam

It is such a growing issue in our Muslim communities that amongst Ending a haram relationship and staying out of it takes commitment and action. why you felt the need to get involved with this relationship in the first place. I knew a brother who left Islam for a girl, because when all else fails, this is If something starts off wrong it doesn't just become right with time. Now that he broke up with you, you have a chance to actually reflect on what wrong you did by having this haram relationship with him and repent to Allah (swt ).

how to get out of a relationship in islam

This happens to people whether it is their best friend, someone they are in love with, or just someone in their life who they care deeply for. They stop being productive and allow hours, days, months even to pass by wastefully.

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If a person you cared about no longer wants you in their life, how do you let go and move on? They spend their time dwelling on the past, thinking about what went wrong, what could have been done differently, the arguments, the emotions etc.

However, all of this can be used as a catalyst for change. It can be used as an opportunity to cut off anything that is no longer benefiting you, thereby getting closer to Allah and fully detaching your heart from dunya.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips on how to achieve this, in sha Allah. Remember death Abu Hurairah narrated that: Death puts into perspective how much time you are wasting. As morbid as it sounds, whenever a situation becomes very dramatic or intense, I remind myself that one day we are all going to die.

How to Let Go of Emotional Attachments -

All that time that you spent doing nothing thinking about someone else, you will have to answer Allah for. Imagine yourself on the Day of Judgement, with your whole life before you; how will you explain to Allah all the precious time that you wasted? When people are sad, they feel that music or movies relate perfectly to their life. Cut the Connection Completely You may be tempted to remain in contact with them under the false belief that it will somehow lessen the initial pain of separation.

It only makes it harder and keeps the temptation in front of you. Imagine if you put drugs in front of a drug addict, it makes the recovery that much harder.

how to get out of a relationship in islam

You need to distance yourself from this person, delete all their contact information and block all social media profiles. Do not engage them in anyway; you are detoxing them from your system. Choose Your Friends Wisely The social circles you choose to be involved with impact you more than you realize. If your friends are supportive of haram relationships and frequently engage in activities which are in opposition to the commands of Allah swt then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Righteous friends will help you during the healing process after you make the initial step to cut the connection with your haram relationship. Be Honest With Yourself Ask yourself why you felt the need to get involved with this relationship in the first place. Were you seeking validation to help your self-esteem? Are you a sister who is having difficulty with your Father-Daughter relationship and sought out another male role model in your life?

Do you struggle with self-control? Once you identify why you engaged in these relationships, you are more able to prevent it in the future and grow a deeper understanding of your own self. As Muslims, we know that haram relationships are a grave sintherefor to enter into this usually has a reason behind it more than just fun and attraction.

Rekindle Your Relationship with Allah There is a fulfillment that you will never get from people that only the Most Merciful can fulfill. Know that He has always taken care of you when you had nowhere else to turn to.

Get Over It: 21 Ways to Say Goodbye to that Haram Relationship and Move on With Your Life

Ask for His forgiveness and put your trust in Him. He will not neglect you.

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship

So know that Allah is the best of planners. And ask that He grant you someone who will bring you closer to Him and make you happy. Just live your life so that you deserve it. After the Prophet died, Ibn Abbas [ra] was said to increase in fasting and prayer. Follow up with something good. Pray at night while others are sleeping.

Fast some extra days. Just be thankful that Allah saved you from something that could have gotten worse. He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. Stop Dreaming about Marriage People spend way too much of their youth thinking about marriage.

Your whole life, and especially your youth, is not about you being attached to someone else. As the Prophet said: Take Time to Evaluate Evaluate what really makes sense in your life with regards to marriage. Is it really the right time for you? If not, is that time soon? Get the advice of good, righteous, and knowledgeable people to help evaluate. Use this time to develop your relationship with your parents.

Get their take on things as well and talk to them about how you feel. Know that This Too Shall Pass One of my teachers once told me that all things in life start small and grow, except for the calamity, which starts big and only becomes smaller. And know that leaving what is haram will only make your marriage stronger when you do find the right one by the grace of Allah. Be a Better You Rediscover Yourself Discover your talents.

Develop your skills in something you enjoy.