How long should take a break from my relationship

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how long should take a break from my relationship

Bring up the reason you're having the break, how often (or if) you'll While on your break, you should take time getting to know yourself out of. Just because you don't fight, it doesn't mean your relationship is perfect. on to a strong feeling of powerlessness; it didn't take long before my. In this day and age, the traditional stigma that has long accompanied a couple's decision to take a break from their relationship is gradually.

Where do all the sadness, anger and fear come from? Why am I not happy in my relationship? Is it me, is it my partner, who is to blame? When we share an intimate relationship with someone, finding time to look for answers can be challenging.

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Sometimes, we just need a little bit of time for ourselves. How did I know this?

how long should take a break from my relationship

Well, I admit the main reason was a mix between confusion and intuition. It all began when I started to feel attracted to other people.

I started victimizing myself and I secretly blamed Michal for my challenging emotions — even if at a rational level I disliked the very concept of blaming. Whenever I was faced with the responsibility to take charge of my own life, I would explode in anger and then melt in sadness, and repeat and repeat and repeat again.

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Although my affection for him never waned, my sexual drive was decreasing everyday. So you see what I mean when I say I was confused; the only thing I knew was that I wanted time to figure it all out, and for that I had to be on my own. My 3 Month Journey: Therefore I decided to combine this opportunity with traveling, quitting my job, and leaving the city where I had been living for over 2 years. I was really scared of telling Michal that I wanted to take a break. We agreed that we would like to feel free to see other people during this time apart and for that matter, to do whatever else would suit our desires.

We left it completely open, and today I am am really grateful for this decision.

Taking a Break: 8 Reasons Why It's More Effective Than a Band-Aid

At first, being on my own felt incredibly challenging. I felt terribly lonely; I felt so lonely that I hated every happy couple I would see on the street, and I wondered why in the world I had made this decision. However, the more I explored, the more I enjoyed being on my own, and the more I could see how precious this time was for me and how much I could learn from it.

I connected with different people and I explored different places, flavurs, languages and emotions. I went on a 10 day silent meditation retreat, and after that I spent a month in Thailand. I journaled a lot, and I made exciting plans for the future. I danced, I talked and I walked. I made last minute decisions, I fell in love and I explored different activities and routines. However, the most important thing I did for myself was to take time to sit with my emotions, alone and focused, relearning who I am when I am on my own.

how long should take a break from my relationship

But there was something different this time… there was fear. Now that I had found how strong I could be when I was on my own, I was afraid to lose this and go back to being my old confused self.

However, I soon realized that this fear was unfounded.

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We have been rebuilding our relationship since we met again, and I know for sure this is the best relationship I have ever had in my life. Spending time away gave us both the chance to see our problems from a new perspective, and now we see each challenging moment as an opportunity to get closer to each other. We both needed this time to think about our individual goals and plans, and it feels amazing to share them and see how compatible they are.

Before I thought that being in love was enough, but now I know how important it is to me that my partner and I have common objectives and compatible dreams, and that we can work together to achieve them.

However, after this experience, I see it as a gift to offer ourselves whenever the time feels right, and I definitely want to do it again. There is an immense potential in spending time on our own: I see it as a beautiful supplement to the time we spend together — it gives us a chance to stay in touch with our individuality so that we can let it shine stronger in our relationship.

Why taking a break could save your struggling relationship

This is why I think it is really important to take some things into account when deciding to spend time apart from our lovers. I created a list of ideas — some of them I have implemented, some of them I wish I had — that I definitely want to try in the future, whenever my partner and I decide to spend some time separately. At times, it can be a healthy option -- that is, of course, depending on how it is that one or both of the partners plan to spend their individual time apart.

Based on my humble experience, I've come to discover eight simple advantages that go hand in hand with this difficult yet more often than not mutually beneficial decision for two people to step aside and regroup. If the good old AAA Apology, Affection and a promise of Action fails to work, and a quick fix a la "sorry" and "I love you" turns out to be nothing more but a momentary band-aid, you know taking a break may just be the answer.

Give yourself and your partner the opportunity to let your heart s grow fonder. Ever miss the feeling of actually missing your other half? An emotion well worth revisiting, that's for sure! Is the relationship becoming increasingly stormy? You no longer hear one another, you can hardly sustain a conversation without it erupting into a full blown fight within minutes Yes, it may be worth looking into calming down and getting yourselves together individually before you can do so collectively.

Both time and distance have been known to refuel love and longing for one another. Again, absence does make the heart grow fonder. On the other hand, if during this time apart, you realize that you hardly ever miss your partner, it might be a clear sign that you may, sadly, be approaching the end of the long and winding road.

Letting go may no longer be an option but instead, your only available solution. Learning more about your loved one is, of course, invaluable for a healthy partnership particularly as far as long-term relationships go. But somewhere along the way, much like a vessel, we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into our other half and their whole being, while inevitably losing touch with ourselves and our identity.

how long should take a break from my relationship

Take this opportunity to return to your partner with a fresh set of eyes and ears. After all, the more you know about yourself, your expectations, desires and dreams, the more you're capable of bringing to the table as far as your relationship goes.

Taking a break does not mean going your separate ways and seeing other people. No, let's not confuse the two, OK?