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Restaurants with a view of Sydney Harbour for New Year's Eve ; Choosing a on NYE, lots of roads are closed, and most people travel by public transport. My personal preference is to be able to see the front of the Harbour Bridge if .. If you have a long-lost relative now is a good time to rekindle that relationship. Sydney Harbour Bridge will be closed in both directions between Local roads into New Year's Eve hotspots north and south of the city will. Sydney New Year's Eve: Road closures, public transport and weather From 11pm to am: Sydney Harbour Bridge closed in both.

This is an outdoor event that will proceed in all weather. Fireworks are presented by the City of Sydney.

Attendees are subject to security screening, including identity verification, metal detections wand search, and bag search prior to entry into, and inside, the ticketed area. Attendees must NOT bring the following items into the ticketed area: No pegging or other penetration to the turf or ground is permitted; fireworks, sparklers, open flames including candles, party poppers, balloons; BBQs and cooking equipment; balls, frisbees, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bicycles, kites and drones; pets other than Assistance Dogs; and, any item which is illegal or which the Event Organiser or Site Manager considers dangerous or capable of causing nuisance or offence.

NYE18 is a smoke free event.

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Attendees must not smoke except within designated smoking areas. These areas will be signposted. Attendees must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and must act responsibly and follow requests made by Police, Event organisers, security staff and their agents. Attendees breaching these requirements or participating in anti-social behaviour may be refused entry or be required to leave the ticketed area.

Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, parent or guardian at all times. By acquiring tickets attendees agree to waive, release and discharge PMNSW from any suit, demand or claim, whether present, future, or contingent arising as a cause of acquiring tickets for or attending the ticketed area.

Passouts will not be issued in East Circular Quay. Note that any passout or reentry to the ticketed area issued is at the discretion of the Event Organiser or Site Manager. Refunds will not be issued for a change of mind or incorrect purchase, and refunds will only be offered in line with Australian Consumer Law. View More Can I purchase tickets on the night? Booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.

How many tickets are going on sale? Yes, there is a limit of 6 tickets per transaction. The purchase of tickets at multiple venues in any transaction is not permitted. When people leave, will they be able to claim back any items surrendered at entry? Can I put a shade tent up? Umbrellas over 50cm in length, tarps, tents, shade structures, tables, milk crates or chairs other than low line beach chairs are not allowed.

There shall be no pegging or other penetration to the turfed areas. How do I get there? Due to extensive road closures and high pedestrian traffic in the city, public transport is the easiest option to get to the event. There are additional trains, bus and ferry services available and transport hubs are within easy reach of this site. The closest train stations are: Wynyard Station Circular Quay Station It is recommended that you check your transport details at transportnsw or by calling before travelling.

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Are there smoking areas? No Are there ATMs on site? There are no ATM facilities on site.

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We recommend you bring cash to all three venues. What are the conditions of entry? Please consider the safety of other patrons. All patrons entering the site will be subject to a security bag check and must show valid identification and tickets. Restricted items will be confiscated and entry refused to any persons not complying with conditions of entry. On NYEa fifteen-second countdown was accompanied with the striking of a gong at midnight.

For the first time, fireworks were launched off the vertical hangers of the bridge in a one-off display. From NYEthe first 3D bridge effect was used.


Also in that year, the fireworks display was viewed as a disco with pop music and a disco ball suspended from the bridge. On NYEa beating heart was the icon on the bridge that appeared after the 9 pm fireworks display. The fireworks themselves during the show exploded in Heart shapes. Former Sydney Theatre Company head Wayne Harrison joined Katrina Marton in taking over leadership of the event as Creative Director and Producer respectively for the events from to NYE saw the six barges feature with the city buildings return in the Midnight Fireworks and in addition, it had a ten-second countdown projected on the pylons starting with the logo for Network Ten.

A question mark was shown in the nights leading up to the celebrations, which also doubled up as the curved end of the coat hanger. Sydney New Year's Eve —09 In NYEthe bridge acted as a seventh barge for the first time shooting fireworks throughout the show instead of just during the beginning and finale.

Brenton Kewley, who had worked on the event since in various roles, including Art Director and Associate Producer took over as Producer for the and events while Journalist and broadcaster Rhoda Roberts, took over from Harrison in During NYEthe countdown started with messages projected on the pylons.

The pyrotechnic countdown was started by launching an exploding mine on a barge in front of the bridge. For the first time, microchip fireworks were used in the show which lasted longer in the sky and were more accurate when synchronised with music.

A Yin Yang symbol appeared on the bridge during the finale. Once again, more fireworks exploded on the bridge throughout the entire show when compared with previous NYE displays. For the very first time the bridge effect was multi-layered, which included more than ten signs and symbols.

The display, for the very first time, was choreographed to an all-Australian soundtrack created by music production house s: This marks the only year, a second countdown was featured on the bridge effect.

On NYEthe logo featured a swirl of coloured sails in magenta, yellow, purple and red, and marked with Kylie Minogue 's signature "K". The show included new effects such as bees, koalas and octopus shells. A ten-second countdown accompanied by comets launched from jet skis before midnight.

Kylie Minogue was appointed as creative ambassador for the celebrations. Kylie worked alongside samplify to create the soundtrack including an exclusive remix created for the finale. On NYEfireworks launched from the Opera House celebrating its 40th anniversary in the midnight fireworks and once again, city buildings were removed from the 9 pm and midnight fireworks. The bridge effect was also twice as big than previous years and used new LED technology.

The Sydney Opera House was again used as a launching platform for the third time since the millennium. Taken during the 9pm display from Mosman north of Sydney Harbour. The usual emblem or symbol on the bridge supporting the fireworks theme would now be absent, however light displays illuminating the whole bridge would be used for future New Year shows. The Sydney Opera House was again used as a launching platform for the fourth time since the millennium.

Sequential moments on the harbour bridge itself occurred almost non-stop throughout the entire show, utilising the whole bridge. The display proved to be the most biggest and complex yet, featuring more sequences on the hangers of the harbour bridge, and the city's name "SYDNEY" being ignited from the bridge's upper arch, as the clock struck midnight. The bridge effect was a multi-coloured light show, choreographed to music. As a nod to Australia's legalisation of same-sex marriage and tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras, a rainbow waterfall cascaded from the harbour bridge during the midnight display.