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gimme toro some more meaningful relationship

Results 20 - 30 Home; /; Health Topics; /; < Back To Integrated Guidelines for Cardiovascular Health and Risk Reduction in Children and Adolescents. See more ideas about Thoughts, Words and Proverbs quotes. Soulmates love love quotes life quotes quotes relationships quote life life .. 9 Types of Dreams You Have and The Actual Dream Meaning. Sometimes it's as simple as a stolen glance and eyes that linger just a little "Kiss me bae, gimme sum sugar ;". Deep fried, gimme some more. Space flunky, four on the floor. Fortified with the liquor store. This one's down, gimme some more. Gimme toro, gimme some more.

In children, relationships between this risk factor and future atherosclerosis have been demonstrated, but the magnitude of the relationship is smaller than that shown in studies in adults. Cross-sectional research in children has shown differences by race and ethnicity and by geography for the prevalence of CV risk factors; these differences are often partially explained by differences in socioeconomic status SES.

Clinically important differences in the prevalence of risk factors exist by race and gender, particularly with regard to tobacco use rates, obesity prevalence, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

In adults, the influence of obesity on CV risk may vary by ethnicity. Evidence is not adequate for the recommendations provided in these Guidelines to be specific to racial or ethnic groups or to SES. The two most prevalent multiple risk combinations are tobacco use with one other risk factor [74] or the development of obesity, which often is associated with insulin resistance as opposed to elevated blood sugar in adultselevated triglycerides, reduced HDL—C, and elevated blood pressure.

This latter combination, known as the metabolic syndrome in adults, has become increasingly prevalent in childhood. This was identified in Obesity tracks more strongly than any other risk factor. Among the many studies demonstrating this tracking, [72][92][93][94] one of the most recent is a report from the Bogalusa study, which followed more than 2, children from 5 to 14 years of age at initial evaluation to adult followup at a mean age of 27 years.

Based on BMI percentiles derived from the study population, 84 percent of those with a BMI in the 95th to 99th percentiles as children were obese as adults. For cholesterol and blood pressure, tracking correlation coefficients in the range of 0.

Individuals who develop obesity have been shown to be more likely to develop hypertension or dyslipidemia as adults. Physical activity levels do track but not as strongly as the other risk factors. The insulin resistance of T2DM can be reduced by exercise, weight loss, and bariatric surgery, but the long-term outcome of T2DM diagnosed in childhood is not known.

Atherosclerosis, the precursor of CV morbidity in later life, originates in childhood. Risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis can be identified in childhood. To a greater or lesser extent, risk factors track from childhood to adulthood. Safe and effective interventions exist to manage identified risk factors.

It is important to distinguish between the goals of prevention at young ages and such goals at older ages when atherosclerosis is well-established, morbidity already may exist, and the process is only minimally reversible Figure 2—2.

At middle age and older, the goals are to prevent clinical events from occurring and to minimize the risk of future events in those with existing morbidity. At a young age, historically there have been two goals of prevention: With the development of measures of subclinical atherosclerosis, left ventricular hypertrophy, and endothelial function, the potential to assess a third goal has emerged: It is well-established that a population that enters adulthood with lower risk will have less atherosclerosis and will collectively have lower CVD rates.

These Guidelines focus on the clinical practice setting. That does not diminish the critical importance of public health measures to CVD prevention. For risk factors such as tobacco use and physical inactivity, public health measures are critical for risk reduction.

For risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and dyslipidemia, public health measures will affect prevalence, but without medical recognition and treatment, effective risk reduction cannot occur. The Pathway to Recommending Clinical Practice-Based Prevention The most direct means of establishing evidence for active CVD prevention beginning at a young age would be to randomize young individuals with defined risks to treatment of CV risk factors or to no treatment and then to follow both groups over sufficient time to determine whether CV events are prevented without undue increase in morbidity arising from treatment.

This direct approach is attractive because atherosclerosis prevention would begin at the earliest stage of the disease process, thereby maximizing benefit. Of course, this approach is as unachievable as it is attractive.

Such a study would be extremely expensive and would require a high level of adherence and participant retention over several decades, during which time changes in environment and medical practice would diminish the relevance of the results.

Many scenarios could arise in which the ethics of such a trial could be questioned, including undue exposure to risk in one of the trial arms, the discovery of novel treatments of improved efficacy during the conduct of the trial, environmental changes or shifts in priorities of the funding entity that complicate its completion, and the potential withholding of effective therapy to a generation of youths with identified risk who do not receive treatment.

The recognition that evidence from this direct pathway is unlikely to be obtained requires an alternate stepwise approach, linking segments of an evidence chain in a manner that serves as a sufficiently rigorous proxy for the causal inference of a clinical trial. Figure 2—2 demonstrates the components of this evidence chain, with links comprising a series of critical studies leading from risk beginning before birth, to risk acquisition during childhood, to risk modification by reduction strategies, and finally to clinical disease in adulthood.

Studies evaluated for these Guidelines may examine single links in this evidence train, connect several links simultaneously, or evaluate the consequences of specific interventions to allow risk-benefit analysis.

Some studies encompass the entire lifespan, whereas others examine the impact of interventions on intermediate states. Many of these evidence links come from the epidemiologic studies described in this entire section and provide answers to the first nine critical questions of the evidence review: The remaining evidence links pertain to the determination of whether interventions that aim to reduce risk factors will have a health benefit and whether the risk and cost of interventions to reduce risk are outweighed by the reduction in CVD morbidity and mortality.

These issues are captured in the critical questions related to intervention see I. Introduction, Table 1—1, questions 9—14which are addressed subsequently in the evidence review of each risk factor.

The best evidence for answering these questions derives from randomized trials showing event reduction in adults, randomized trials in children showing risk reduction with change in subclinical measures of atherosclerosis or target organ damage and patient safety, genetic studies that provide a model for the adverse effects of sustained exposure to risk, and long-term observational studies demonstrating the benefit of maintenance of low risk on health and all-cause mortality.

Recommendations to intervene must consider not only the relationship of the risk factor to future disease but also whether reduction of that risk factor will result in an appreciable decline in subclinical disease or in adverse clinical events with an acceptable safety profile.

The presence of a risk factor may confer a high relative risk of a future CV event, but intervention may not be warranted if actual event rates in the next several decades are low; conversely, a lower relative risk may be acceptable for intervention if the likelihood of an adverse event related to that risk factor is high.

The timing and safety profile of pharmacologic interventions are important considerations for CVD prevention. The lifetime risk of disease associated with high risk in childhood may identify candidates for more aggressive intervention.

Intervention planning must consider that each risk factor exists within an individual's unique combination of environmental, behavioral, physiologic, and genetic characteristics. This context determines the timing and type of intervention under consideration. A family history showing multiple members affected by clinical CVD at a young age suggests the need to investigate both genetic risk and toxic environmental exposure and to consider early risk reduction.

For example, tobacco use is a behavior with significant environmental predictors. That this behavior is highly addictive means that the use of tobacco alone is an indication for smoking cessation counseling. In contrast, recommendations to treat elevated blood pressure are based on multiple elevated measures over time because of the intrinsic variability of blood pressure and the possibility of significant modification through diet and exercise.

However, the presence of elevated blood pressure and evidence of target organ damage i. The presence of multiple risk factors represents a powerful stimulus for accelerated atherosclerosis, and knowledge of this situation affects treatment decisions. As described throughout these Guidelines, recommended strategies for intervention should consider environmental, behavioral, physiologic, and genetic attributes, as well as the efficacy and safety of potential treatment modalities, in selecting the type and timing of any intervention and in measuring outcomes.

For certain behavioral risk factors, limitations in measurement and data collection make the establishment of a causal pathway between the risk factor and disease impossible. There is unlikely to be a study comparing the effect of a lifetime of whole-milk consumption with fat-free milk consumption, or a study comparing daily physical training for decades with a lifetime of inactive television watching on the amount of atherosclerosis or rates of myocardial infarction.

What is important about diet and exercise in childhood is the relationship of healthful behaviors to the development of future risk factors, including obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Consequently, recommendations must include studies that examine the impact of interventions on risk factor development and reduction rather than studies that only examine the effects on subclinical disease measures or clinical events.

Since risk levels in the preadolescent pediatric population with normal weight for height are generally below levels associated with CV events, [] a critical component of pediatric CVD prevention is understanding those factors associated with the evolution from the low-risk state of childhood to the presence of risk in adulthood.

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The well-established factors on this environmental-behavioral axis are initiating tobacco use and becoming obese. Although the evidence for a heart healthy diet and physical activity in the treatment of established risk factors is strong, less strong but emerging evidence suggests that an energy-balanced, nutrient-dense diet and consistent routine levels of physical activity that promote physical fitness prevent risk factor acquisition over the course of decades.

Given that at least 40 percent of the U. These include measurements of vascular functioning and arterial stiffness like FMD; noninvasive measures of atherosclerosis, such as cIMT and coronary artery calcium; and measures of cardiac characteristics, such as LVM by echocardiography. For adults, the primary use of these technologies has been in event prediction; that is, whether the presence of one of these markers increases the likelihood of a future CV event beyond that expected from conventional risk factor assessment.

There remains considerable controversy over the clinical roles of these tests in adults. For children and adolescents, the role of these measurements may be different.

gimme toro some more meaningful relationship

Rather than predicting clinical events, future research may show that a positive test signals the transition to more advanced atherosclerosis or the presence of CV target organ damage.

Studies of subclinical atherosclerosis and LVM have been important in establishing the relationship of risk in childhood to evidence of CV injury. Monitoring of LVM has been incorporated into treatment algorithms for hypertension in childhood. I met her very close after my ex and I were separated. I was just going to be single and that was just going to be it.

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gimme toro some more meaningful relationship

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gimme toro some more meaningful relationship

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