First kiss japanese drama ending relationship

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first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

First Kiss (ファースト・キス, Faasuto Kisu) is a Japanese television drama series that aired on Fuji TV in Mao Inoue played the lead role for the first time in getsuku drama. The first episode received a viewership rating of %. Contents . 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 References; 4 External links. Drama: Love Relationship (working & literal title); Romaji: Koinaka; Japanese: 恋仲 One summer day, he meets his childhood friend and first love Akari Serizawa. . Shin Hye-Sun cast in KBS2 drama "Dan, Only Love" Amw-Japan- It was Mika's first kiss so she was furious especially since Hiroki is a The drama's ending is one of the saddest you'll ever see in the genre. . issues turn her into a jealous mess that wants to destroy the couple's relationship.

Both are full of despair and ended up meeting each other, before agreeing on a marriage of convenience. Unique Love Elements Nagareboshi is unique because the romance aspects play on much darker elements. Here we have a woman forced by circumstances to a life of prostitution, who meets a man harboring a secret he wants to protect.

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They marry, but not because they love each other but because it would be mutually beneficial. Contrary to her glamorous job, she is really disorganized and lazy and would rather slack around at home than fool around. Unique Love Elements Hotaru and Takano are complete opposites — while the former is a lazy slacker, the other is ambitious and exhibits a Type A personality.

Thanks to the wonderful performances from the actors Ayase Haruka and Fujiki Naohito, respectivelythe disconnect comes off funny and cute, yet still believable when they eventually end up falling for each other. The drama series was so popular that it led to many people taking an interest in Japanese Sign Language during its airing.

Unique Love Elements Aishiteru to Itte Kure shows that love can conquer language barriers, and you also have to admire the tenacity of the two lovers as they managed to persevere despite the difficulties that their situation brings.

Hiroko, in particular, studied sign language just to be able to converse with Koji. The story is set in the backdrop of Yokohama, Japan. The characters are also given life by exceptional actors Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka, both of whom provide performances that elevated somewhat generic romance stereotypes into living, breathing people with their own quirks and nuances.

What makes things worse is that the kid turns out to be a transferee student in her class, and is the son of a wealthy yet extremely protective businesswoman. Eventually, she becomes involved with Funetsu, although she keeps trying to get close to other guys. Rika is Naoki's and Yuuki's cousin. She moved to America five years ago. When she comes back, she tries to break Naoki and Kotoko apart but eventually fails.

She also turns out to be Naoki's first kiss, but it was against his wishes. She appeared in the Korean adaptation's special in YouTube. Saori Seto is a handicapped patient that Keita was assigned to take care of when he went on an internship.

During that time, the two of them fell for each other. Because she lost faith in herself, she stopped trying to walk. However, after an unexpected fright from Kotoko, she walks again. Grandma Yoshida is an year-old lady which is picky and gives nurses problems especially towards Kotoko. She was looked after by Kotoko, and eventually realises that Kotoko is a hard worker and gives her less of a hard time.

Male[ edit ] Shigeo Aihara Voiced by: Bin ShimadaPortrayed by: Takashi Naitou, Yoji Tanaka in the remake is Kotoko's widowed father. He is the chef and owner of a restaurant.

first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

When Shigeo and Kotoko's house collapses from an earthquake, his close friend Shigeki immediately invites them to live at his home. Shigeo later makes Kinosuke his apprentice.

Shigeki Irie Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako is the father of Naoki and Yuuki, and the close friend of Shigeo.

first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

He is the president of a gaming company, thus enabling his family to have a wealthy lifestyle. Shigeki originally pressured Naoki to become his successor, but relents after seeing Naoki's passion for medicine.

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Yuuki later offers to become his successor. Yuuki Irie Voiced by: Romi ParkPortrayed by: Ryotaro Akashi, Yuga Aizawa in the remake is the brother of Naoki.

He really looks up to his older especially because of his strong composure during situations and the fact that he can do anything. In the beginning he openly hated Kotoko, but as she spent more time with his family he grew used to her but openly insults.

At first he never believed his brother would ever fall for Kotoko until he saw his brother kiss Kotoko secretly while she was sleeping and promised not to tell anyone.

first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

But when Naoki almost got married to Sahoko in the anime adaptation Chris is engaged to Naoki insteadhe questioned him about whether he really wants to marry her and let Kotoko go. Shuuhei SakaguchiPortrayed by: Shinsuke AokiYuki Yamada in the remake, Shimon Okura is the guy who has liked Kotoko ever since high school and didn't give up until Naoki confessed that he was emotionally involved with her as well. After a year, he meets Christine and marries her, thus ending his devotion to Kotoko.

first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

However, he and Kotoko retain their friendship. Akio Ohtsuka is Kotoko and Naoki's senpai in college and the school's tennis captain.

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He has liked Reiko since meeting her, but hasn't been successful in winning her heart. In the anime, however, he is shown to have married her in Episode Kotoko describes him as someone who has a dual personality.

He is very kind when he's not holding the tennis racquet, but once he holds it, he becomes vicious and competitive most especially to Naoki, but he always loses to him. He met her in college and tried to date her, but eventually fell for Ayako, Reiko's little sister. Because he is a very obedient boy, he had a hard time defying his mother who was against his marriage with Satomi, but after a little support from Kotoko, decides to follow his heart.

He is very passionate about nursing and can therefore be very fierce if things don't go right. Naoki was jealous because of Keita's and Kotoko's relationship. Keita liked Kotoko once, but after he realized how much Kotoko and Naoki loved each other, he gave up. Finally, he met the handicapped Akiko during training and fell for her. He is born a boy, but prefers to be a girl.

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Of all the guys that Kotoko knows, he is the most girly one. He is the president of Naoki's fan club.

first kiss japanese drama ending relationship

He always tried to beat him, but never succeeded once as Naoki was always the smarter one. He claimed that he didn't like to date, but eventually fell in love with Kotoko's classmate, Marina.

This boy has a kidney problem and was unable to live with his parents. Years later, he reappears as a young and famous actor.