Female led relationship pdf to word

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female led relationship pdf to word

A female-led relationship, also known as wife-led marriage or loving She might ask her husband for his opinion, but she has the last word. When Jerry finally brought the idea of a female led relationship up to Leanne, her response In other words, the quickest, easiest, & most natural way to turn . receive your own digital manual in PDF format of The FLR Conversion System. Whether you are looking to book Femdom Games: 60 Games For The Female Led Relationship PDF Download? Well, this time we offer the book Femdom.

I love her, I adore her, she loves, and adores me.

female led relationship pdf to word

Neither of us lives for this, it is simply a part of our relationship. I know this, you people who sit in judgment definately do not have as happy a relationship as my wife and I do, I know this for a fact. How many of you nay-sayers are in great relationships? When was the last time you actually communicated openly with your partner? We do it on a continual basis, so go get jealous, you should. Do not speak about what is natural and what is not, do not be so certain that what you believe to be the truth actually is.

female led relationship pdf to word

Please check my name, yes, my wife named me this. Do I make fun of people for their plain, ordinary, boring vanilla lives? Does your husband treat you like the Queen you deserve to be? Does your submissive, bambi wife, with her Twenty word vocabulary please you? Call me a wimp, ok. So, you like to dream? A dream come true. There is nothing more that needs to be said. Giles will avoid over-sharing with Xena, but may blog about his adventures. This could be you!

female led relationship pdf to word

Domestic Matters Giles will housekeep to as high a standard as possible, consistent with professional commitments. In particular, he will finish those jobs he starts, maintain the bathrooms to a visitor-ready standard and keep the refrigerator etc stocked. Intimate Matters The chastity device never comes off during erotic and sensual couple activity.

Giles may not initiate erotic intimacy neither directly or by implication but may remind Xena to set aside intimate time. He must wear a chastity device when on his own and at night. The chastity device never comes off during erotic and sensual couple activity.

Then my birthday came. At the end of the day, Missy had still not given me a present. When I went to get into bed, I found a brightly wrapped box sitting on my pillow. I opened it to find a photo album. Inside was a picture of Missy in a lacy white dress. The lighting was such that her silhouette was visible through her dress. I was confused though since this was the only picture in the album although there were several empty pages. Just then Missy came into the bedroom wearing a very sexy teddy.

female led relationship pdf to word

The kiss led to a leisurely session of foreplay. Some time later Missy climbed astride me and began to slowly ride my cock. She asked me if I had enjoyed my present.

I told her that I had, but that I was wondering about the empty pages. Missy then informed me that there was a second part of the gift. She advised me that she was now willing to indulge in my female domination and sadism fantasy for one year. Missy told me that for the next year, I was to act as her sexual slave. She would decide when, where and how we had sex.

She would determine when I could come. I was never to turn down any sexual demand of hers — no matter how outrageous. And finally, one night a month, I was to pick-up and take care of the kids while she went out on the town. I was not to ask her any questions about her evenings out and on those nights I would find a package containing additional photos for my album.

Missy then said that if I broke any of her rules at any time, that the fantasy would immediately end and she would never indulge my fantasy again.

She then asked if I was willing to accept the rest of my present. She had shaved her pussy a few days before and her slick cunt was wet and sticky from our combined juices.

She rode my tongue and made me lap up my come until she had had two powerful orgasms. I spent the next month learning my role as a sex slave. I learned how to eat pussy for hours on end and I became an expert at massage. Then one Friday afternoon I received a call from Missy. She told me that I was to take care of the kids and that she would be home later. She also told me that I would find an envelope of pictures under my pillow. My cock swelled in anticipation. I got the kids fed, bathed and asleep in record time.

I crawled into bed and opened the envelope. Inside was a picture of Missy in the same white dress that she had on in the first picture.

However, in this one she was kissing a tall black man. His back was to the camera, but I could clearly see that his hand was inside the top of the dress and cupping her left breast. At about 2 a. She came into the bedroom and when I told her I was awake she turned on the light so I could watch her undress.

Female Led Marriages

She took off her high heels. With her back to me, she slipped out of her dress to reveal that she was only wearing a garter belt and stockings! She came over to the side of the bed and placed a foot on the rail of the waterbed and slowly rolled off her stockings. First one leg and then the other. This put her pussy only inches away from me. She had begun to let her pubic hair grow back and it was now a nice downy patch around her pussy lips. Her pubic hair was wet and matted and the musky smell of sex permeated the air.

There was no doubt that she had been freshly fucked. As she undressed she asked how I had enjoyed the picture. I told her that it was great and then asked who the man was. She whirled around and slapped me hard across the face. When she had had an orgasm my wife rolled off my face and pointed to the wet spot on the sheet. She, however, had a very active month with nightly bouts with one of her vibrators or my nimble tongue.

Again, I received a call at work with my wife advising me that she was again going out on the town. Once the kids were in bed I found my promised envelope and quickly opened it. Inside was a another picture of Missy and Hooter.

This time she was facing the camera with Hooter standing behind her. Her dress was gone and she was wearing a matching white bra, garter belt and panties with white stockings. Her bra was half off and Hooter was cupping her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers and nuzzling her neck. From the expression on her face she was clearly enjoying his attention. I awoke when Missy kissed me at 3 a. She had already stripped and crawled into bed.

The moment I saw her, my cock sprang to attention. She reached under the covers and felt my rigid cock. Missy said that she would suck me, but I was not to come in her mouth and was to give her plenty of warning before I came. Given my month of forced celibacy, I was ready to shoot in no time. I yelled that I was near and she rolled off me and pushed my legs up over my head. She then grabbed my cock and began pumping it. I shot what seemed like gallons of come all over my face.

Laughing, Missy crawled to her side of the bed and went to sleep. During the next month, I did something that caused her displeasure which resulted in her shaving my pubic hair and being refused any sexual release until it had grown back to her satisfaction.

Thus, when it came time for her evening out, I had not enjoyed an orgasm for almost two weeks. This time my envelope seemed thicker and when I opened it four photos tumbled out. In all of the pictures, Missy was wearing nothing but the garter belt, hose and panties — her bra was now gone.

Her arms were a blur and some of the buttons were caught in mid-flight. Missy was pulling the remnants of his shirt off of his arms while sucking one of his nipples. She stood over the bed with a pair of shiny handcuffs dangling from her finger. She ordered me out of bed to kneel at her feet. I immediately obeyed and she sat in a chair and removed her shoes.

With her stockinged foot she tickled my balls and cock saying how pitiful I looked with my stubble of pubic hair. With that she proceeded to lock my hands behind my back with the handcuffs. She then piled all of the pillows into a mound on the bed. Stepping out of her dress she climbed on the bed and knelt over the mound of pillows. In this position her butt was raised up high and beautifully framed by her garters. She ordered me to climb on the bed and kneel behind her.

Thinking that I was to be allowed to fuck her ass, I quickly complied. However, as I climbed on the bed, she reached up on the headboard and grabbed her six inch vibrator.

How do I get my wife to dominate me?: Our Female Led Relationship Contract

She flicked it on and pushed it into my mouth. I lowered my head and pushed the phallus into her ass. Her rear passage was already wet and slick and she showed no pain or discomfort from the penetration. Clearly someone had recently plowed this passage! As I worked her ass with the vibrator, she reached for my photo album and began to flip through the pages. Missy felt some of my come hit her leg and she laughed. She then began pushing her ass back against the vibrator and after a few minutes she had a satisfying orgasm.

Mistress Judy’s Rules for Her Slave Husband

She pulled away from the vibrator and took it from my mouth. Then she pushed my face into the pool of sperm and made me lick it up. I spent the night in the handcuffs and she refused to remove them until the next morning — after she had reshaved my pubic hair! This time the envelope only contained two photos. In the first picture his cock was only semi-erect, but still impressive. The second photo showed his cock fully erect at about eight inches with my wife on her knees licking it.

After going another month without coming, it took a supreme effort of will and a fast cold shower to keep from spurting my load. The first thing she did was to check how hard my cock was to see if I had come from looking at her latest photos.

When she was satisfied that I had been good she instructed me to kneel at the foot of her chair.