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fairy tale relationship tumblr

Fairy Tail first kisses Fairy Tail Couples. amysunhee. It's been ages since I've been able to submit a Fairy Tail piece! . Most relationships seem so transitory. Some of my recent pieces from my gothic “Beauty and the Beast” retelling 🥀 Marya Morevna, the warrior princess from a Russian fairy tale The Death of. here are the drawings i made for @fahye​'s super wonderful fairytale otayuri AU, hood . MAYBE SOME INFIDELITY OR ARRANGED MARRIAGE, PERHAPS.

fairy tale relationship tumblr

I'd been teaching high school English for a few years, and I hadn't taken many art classes in college. So, for a few months, I'd wake up every day and draw for 16 hours straight. You mentioned that Cinderella is your favorite fairy tale character. What is it about her that you identify with?

I don't know if I identify with her, but I admire her. She is hopeful despite many reasons not to be. Arthur's unrequited feelings for Lancelot is something we've all experienced. Did the story come from a personal place? It did, but everything worked out in the end.

Sometimes you care about someone and they care about you, but they don't want you to touch their junk. There's a lack of queer fairy tale characters in pop culture.

Was that something you thought about when writing the book? The characters' queerness came naturally. Mulan's transition to male is only logical. My version of Rapunzel cuts her hair short, and it felt true that she'd then be hit on by a girl.

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And that she'd say, "Why not? Arthur has a legendary love triangle with Lancelot and Guinevere. It's not so strange to me to imagine that he'd fall for Lancelot instead. It's inevitable that a certain number of my characters would be queer, because that's what I see as true in life. Little Chick is obsessed with googling her problems, Peter Pan has a Twitter addiction, Cinderella is desperate for her photo blog to go viral. Do you have an Internet vice?

My Internet vice is pretty traditional: My mom still sends me chain emails of baby animal photos, and I will look at every one of those guys and then forward that thing on. Have you ever tried OkCupid or another dating platform? I have been on OkCupid. My "You should message me if" was: Are you finding people are recognizing you on it or other dating platforms because of the book?

Peter's brows raise, and then he grins wickedly. He flies over to Wendy, but Wendy clutches the book tight to her chest.

fairy tail couples on Tumblr

You're not being any fun keeping it from me. Peter flies around her, trying to grab the book as she moves it in the opposite direction of where he reaches. Wait, what's that over there? Wendy's so surprised by Peter's about face that he plucks the book from her hands with ease. And considering Tinkerbell's laughing in a far corner of the room, out of where she can sprinkle Wendy with pixiedust, Wendy can't fly after him as he floats in the air above her.

Wendy goes to grab the book from him, but Tinkerbell yanks her back by one of her curls. I just want to see what's in this, that's all. What's all the fuss about it anyway? Tinkerbell pulls back from Wendy, but doesn't look happy for getting scolded. Peter floats in the air on his back above Wendy.

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Wendy sighs, folding her arms across her chest while looking up at him, helplessly. Peter holds the book above him, reading and flipping through several pages. At least it looks like a regular storybook, but the pictures are weird. Is that supposed to be me? Why does it say that I wanna grow up and get a job? That's not me at all. And I'd never neglect the Lost Boys for something called Or a blog, whatever that is. Peter flips through more of the pages. It keeps saying that I have weird relationship with Tigerlily, sending her weird pictures of myself in something called email, but it ends up posted everywhere.

And like I'd abandon Tink.

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And then having me work with Captain Hook? Like I would work for that codfish! At least the pictures make him look like one! That's why I said it was odd. At least they mentioned you too, but it was about having kids after coming from Neverland and then you were "too tired to do anything else". Wendy doesn't look happy about that, at least from Peter's perspective. Is this supposed to be funny? For grownups, I suppose it is. Peter grins, closing the book casually and allowing it to fall safely into Wendy's outstretched hands.

All the more reason I never wanna grow up. It's no fun at all.

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Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth paces frantically in the halls of the East Wing, looking distressed. Oh, of all the dark days to be having, this is one of the worst. That book should've never been brought from the village, and now everything is ruined. I told them it wouldn't do, that it didn't seem like a book she would love, but does anyone ever listen to me?

And what iz wrong with you, my friend? Your pendulum's swinging a little more than usual. I don't have time for you making odd assertions about me, whatever that's supposed to mean.

We have a problem. I see no problem. Actually, it's been fairly quiet today. Lumiere flinches as a roar echoes through the hall from a distance. Cogsworth gives him a side-eye glance. Seems I missed something. And for good reason. The master's angry because the lady's angry. Long story short, she read a bad book that was brought in from the village.

fairy tale relationship tumblr

And she threw it at the wall in the library. Ah, ze trials of ze bookworm. Romantic when it works, terrible when it doesn't. Was it an unfortunate tale of love unrequited?

A murder gone unresolved? No, if only it were that. It seems it was some dreadful sensationalist piece about the master and lady's "relationship," if you will. And about the lady's person as well - about her weight, things that she was teased about as a girl, and even further suggesting that she was inspired to stop eating carbs because of something called "Thinspiration".

I told the courier who brought it that it was a bad idea, but he insisted on the delivery. I take it he will never set foot on the castle grounds again.

That is, IF he values his life. Was it really that bad?