Extreme feeder relationship

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extreme feeder relationship

For feeders and feedees, food and sex go hand in hand. For Tammy and her boyfriend Johan, there is no limit. "It's like an orgasm in my. Technically, Lisa displayed characteristics of both “feeder” (those who “Lisa had never been in a feedee/feeder relationship because she did not want the negative health consequences of becoming extremely overweight. Fat fetishism is sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. Encouragers and feeders enjoy the fantasy of helping someone else gain weight. Gainer and encourager are common labels among gay men.

Instead, she plans to gorge on fat and sugar-laden foods until she is so big she is bed-bound and totally dependent on her boyfriend Sid to care for her.

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Read More 50 stone woman wants to become largest woman in the world because 'it's a sexual fantasy' Monica being fed ice cream by her boyfriend, Sid Image: Barcroft Monica, 27, insists the pair get a sexual kick out of her size and still manage to have an active love life despite her inch stomach and round-the-clock snacking. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. Monica preparing to funnel feed after she's eaten so much she can't fit anything else in Image: Sid would have to do everything, even washing and changing me.

Monica cuddles her boyfriend, Sid Image: Barcroft "We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about. Two years ago at 28 stone she was preparing for bariatric surgery to help her lose weight but changed her mind at the last minute and decided to embrace her gigantic figure. When it comes to sexual expression, some will take an inch, others nab the mile. The social network and dating site Feabie was designed with feeders in mind.

Obese mum gains 76kg to please her ‘feedism’ food fetish fiance

Fantasy Feeder is another destination for those interested in the lifestyle. The website contains photos and videos of those indulging in feeding activities — often employing extreme techniques to maximize caloric intake. There are also forums up for people who want to share their stories and feeder fantasies. Alexis Conasona licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in eating issues, body image concerns and sexual issues.

extreme feeder relationship

An increasing number of webcam models are now selling videos of themselves eating, playing with their bloated bellies, or struggling to zip up their pants.

Others will participate in something called squashingwhere they sit on, stand on, or jump on guys who get off on the idea of being, well, squashed. The American gainer Donna Simpson has raised its profile by announcing her intention to reach just over 71st, which would make her the world's fattest woman in March she weighed in at 43st.

extreme feeder relationship

Far more typical are women like Lucy who dip in and out the scene and live perfectly ordinary lives — yet feel a secret thrill each time the scales register a rise or their clothes feel a bit too tight.

Or women like Jess, Married with a year-old daughter, she teaches at a university in the north-west of England.

Fat Women Wants To Gain More Weight.

Her flat overflows with books and periodicals, with few clues as to her other life, except perhaps the full-length mirror in her kitchen. How many women wish to see their body reflected back at them while eating? On Fantasy Feeder one member recalls obsessively stuffing pillows up her dresses and scouring her mother's magazines for pictures of pregnant or plus-sized women.

extreme feeder relationship

Despite these urges, Jess knew that to 'expand' was deemed unacceptable. Before I got married I spent four months on a liquid diet and lost 50lb.

extreme feeder relationship

While enjoying her rising weight, Jess sought out alternative views on size. I like the softness.

Fat fetishism

I like the fact that there's mass, there's stuff to hold. I'm the kind of person who keeps track of where the important chefs are working. Letting myself enjoy all that without limits felt naughty — not in a sexual way but in a "little kid" way.

extreme feeder relationship

I'm doing something fun that I'm not supposed to do — there was a rebellious thing about it. I was also delighted by the results. I know it sounds bizarre but I felt closer to the body I'd like to have and curious as to what would happen next.