Expat money issues in a relationship

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expat money issues in a relationship

Follow our hints and tips for making sure your expat relationships remain on track . Always talk through all of your problems and encourage the rest of your. "If you find your anxiety level around future finances is too high, then the 3: I am single, and the expat lifestyle makes having a relationship. Hop on board and buckle up for the expat relationship roller coaster. Hard-and- fast expat dating rules may never be written but there are some truths about . Discover how to save time and money, by managing your finances and overseas .

Spend meaningful time together. Expatriate relationships are vulnerable, be aware of this and schedule regular and meaningful time for each other. Scheduling time for each other is my urgent advice for anybody who wants to take control of not feeling connected to their romantic partner.

expat money issues in a relationship

Higher risk of stress symptoms comes with demanding lifestyles and jobs. Learn to manage stress before you or your relationship burns out.

I find that mindfulness is a great way to quiet your mind and reconnect with yourself. Once you feel balanced, it is easier to connect with your partner. Discuss and manage expectations. Sometimes things can turn out completely different than expected when living abroad.

Talk about expectations, wishes and concerns with your partner, keep your communication channels open. Check in with one another to see if you can handle the unexpected as a team.

expat money issues in a relationship

Release those endorphins and find your humorous side by scheduling time, to get out of your head and into your life. Find your mutual hobbies or create playfulness in your relationship. Research shows that some light-heartedness does wonders for relationships when the usual focus is on what could be better.

Everyone can benefit from these relationship tips, but some people need more intensive and personalized support. As an expat psychologist and couples therapist, I intimately understand the high stakes of an international assignment and am familiar with the potential sources of stress facing an expatriate moving beyond his or her borders. A friend recently asked a Chinese girl out and told me he was planning on asking her to split the check.

While splitting the check may be acceptable for a group of friends out for dinner or drinks, if you're out on a date, nothing will signal a lack of romantic interest at the very least — at worst, a stingy character to a Chinese woman more quickly than asking her to pay for her part of the meal.

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Many foreign men are also dismayed at what they see as outrageous demands from their girlfriends. One difference is that a Western woman will be acutely aware of the need not to come off as too greedy to her boyfriend.

She'll ask for something modest, signaling to him that all she really cares about is having him there.

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From a Chinese woman's point of view, however, making big purchases and extravagant gifts are ways that a man can signal he is ready to step into the role of provider.

If he can't buy an iPad now, how can he be expected to provide a house and a car in the future? Many Chinese women are perfectly capable of buying their own fancy gadgets, but expensive gifts from a prospective husband are seen as an indicator that he can prove his love and devotion, prove that he's not "all talk" and that he's willing to make personal sacrifices for her.

Compromises are possible Luckily for men and for women, there are people on both sides who are willing to compromise a bit in order to make their relationship work.

expat money issues in a relationship

A Western man might agree to pick up the tabs for dinner, but draw the line at expensive gifts, saying instead that they should put their money into a savings account for the future. Western women who do not need their boyfriend to fall into the provider category should nevertheless be careful how they frame the relationship to outsiders.

Chinese partners too should be aware of the way that Westerners approach the financial aspect of relationships, especially equality. A Western man who does not pick up the tab for dinner is not being stingy—in fact he is according you respect and signaling to you that he thinks you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

A Western woman who says she is happy even if you can't buy her a fancy cell-phone really is happy even if you can't buy her a fancy cell phone. Have they worked with someone from that location? Identify industry events and groups and start attending early after you move.

I have trouble making new friends Dhyan: The expat bubble is such that people cycle through, usually for two- or three-year stints. The language barrier is a problem for me Yelena: Consider getting a language tutor who is open to work with you on Skype to save time.

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Making mistakes is better than not trying at all. Consider exchange-tutoring someone in your language in exchange for them helping you with theirs. I have had trouble with culture shock Dhyan: Sooner or later the culture shock phase morphs into your new normal. During this period, try to keep an open mind. Your partner has to start building his or her own support network.

This will take time.