Enjolras grantaire relationship poems

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enjolras grantaire relationship poems

This Pin was discovered by mm. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Victor Hugo — 'Be serious,” said Enjolras. “I am wild,” replied Grantaire.'. “Relegated as he was to a corner and as though sheltered behind the billiard table, the soldiers, their eyes fixed upon Enjolras, had not even noticed Grantaire, .

enjolras grantaire relationship poems

There are people saying he left home for more than just 'political differences' as you have previously stated. Is it true that your son is gay and that is why you and he have never reconciled? Enjolras left our family the day he left our household. And if these rumors of perversion are in fact true than that only clears my conscience further.

I would never knowingly house a faggot in my household. And that had been that.

“Be serious,” said Enjolras. “I am wild,” replied Grantaire.”

Except that it hadn't. It ate away at for the rest of the day, and when he left Courf's apartment he found reporters on his doorstep waiting for him. He could barely separate one question from another as he pushed past them all blindly to get inside- he picked apart a few words though.

When he finally got in Grantaire was waiting for him with a bottle of tequila and open arms. He cried for the first time since he was When he finally stopped he knew what he had to do. Which was what brought him here, waiting for a text from a hotel worker he had bribed to let him known when his parents arrived at the event, and where they would be. Security might be a challenge, but he was content to let the gin in his system to the worrying for him. Grantaire didn't know he was here, didn't know what he was planning to do.

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He was at an art convention in Long Island right now. He had even managed to talk him into leaving his favorite hoodie behind while he was away. Enjolras was wearing it right now. Grantaire's love was the strongest armor he had, and if he had to go to battle, he needed every reminder of it he could get. The text came, and Enjolras was in the building and up two flights of stairs before anyone seemed to notice.

A moment later he was bursting into the ballroom, eyes finding his father in an instant. He turned pale as a ghost, arm frozen mid-handshake.

enjolras grantaire relationship poems

For once the bastard was speechless. Silence fell over the crowd. Your son- you know, the one you spent four years beating senseless until he agreed to play nice at whatever dinner party or press conference you were having that week? That's what you called it right dad? Well here's another little secret you might not have known. Not only did you have a faggot staying under your roof for 18 miserable years, you had faggots fucking under it too!

The white was turning to red with alarming speed.

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That's exactly what I'm telling you. But security had arrived a few moments earlier to apprehend him now had to divert their focus to stopping the Mayor from strangling his son. We don't play by those rules anymore. You don't get to hit me whenever I do something you don't like. This is the man you voted for! This is the man you trust your city with! And I'm the man you forget about. The one who you so gleefully deny the right to marry the man he loves. The man I love!

He makes me happy and for once- for once! How did the subtext influence your performance? In particular, is there anything you can remember doing that was directly influenced by it? It influenced it hugely.

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Actors are always the most exciting to watch when there is a lot going on inside their heads. So I played a very simple game with myself. I would have a little game going on in my head that involved being constantly aware of wherever Aaron was on set at ALL times. Only during takes, during the filming. A simple little trick, but it meant that whenever the camera was rolling, I would always have part of my mind focused on that.

Even if I was doing something miles away from where he was and had my attention focused on doing something else, I would always try to work out where he was. Which I was hoping at the time would read on screen. And I hope it did. Similarly, did anyone notice the subtext during or after filming, in the brick or in your performance in the film, and bring it up with you?

Like I said, a lot of people have messaged me on Twitter or sent emails or letters confirming that they saw a lot of what I was trying to convey. Which is nice, because I guess it means that it worked! But no one on the film I think had the slightest inkling.

Might you be able to describe any of it? I think I answered this one in Q. You have and often continue to play a really active role in the Les Mis fandom, from sharing fanart on Twitter to posting videos like your cover of I Will Follow You Into The Dark with the lyrics rewritten to refer to ExR.

Could you talk a little bit about your participation, your thoughts behind your participation, and about the fandom in general? Well, I never knew it existed. Not even during the filming. And then, through people involving me or people spamming me! I would say that I really think my job is about connecting with people.

And I have been told the way I played Grantaire connected with a lot of people. So continuing that theme, I thought it was only fair to engage with the fandom in that way and yeah, I guess, like you say, participate.

Why do you think this is the case? I think it is because they represent something that is very real and very timeless. We engage with art because it affects us in some way. What do you think now, looking back on your role as Grantaire in light of the response it received?