Electronic customer relationship management ppt

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electronic customer relationship management ppt

Electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM) is the application of Internet-based technologies such as emails, websites, chat rooms, forums and other. Dyche, J., The CRM Guide to Customer Relationship Management, . Goal: Incremental implementation of system-wide electronic health information (EHI). Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) E-CRM This concept is derived from E-commerce. It also uses net environment.

Typical personalized Web pages include those for bank accounts, stock portfolio accounts, credit card accounts, and so on. On such sites, users can see their balances, records of all current and historical transactions, and more.

Web Self-Service The Web environment provides an opportunity for customers to serve themselves. Known as Web self-service, this strategy provides tools for users to execute activities previously done by corporate customer service personnel.

electronic customer relationship management ppt

Probably the best known and most frequently used Web self-service systems are the package tracking systems provided by FedEx and UPS.

In the past, if FedEx, USPS, or UPS customers wanted to know the whereabouts of a package, they had to call a representative, give the information about their shipment, and wait for an answer. Today, customers go to fedex. Self-service applications can be used with customers and with employees, suppliers, and any other business partners.

electronic customer relationship management ppt

Customer self-service through FAQs. An FAQ page lists questions that are frequently asked by customers along with the answers to those questions. By making an FAQ page available, customers can quickly and easily find answers to their questions, saving time and effort for both the website owner and the customer.

An effective FAQ page: Is easy to find. Makes it simple to locate the questions which are usually summarized at the top. Does not repeat information provided elsewhere. Provides an opportunity to easily ask a question not in the FAQ. Is frequently updated with new questions. One of the best ways to satisfy customers is to provide them with the ability to customize products and services. This is especially true for complex products with many options.

This is why many build-to-order vendors, from Dell to Mattel, provide customers with tools to self-configure products or services. Usually, the configured order is linked directly to production so that production decisions are based on real customer demand.

In addition, customers are often linked interactively to the company and, if necessary, to product designers at the company. CRM analytics refer to the use of business analytic techniques and business intelligence such as data mining and online analytic processing to CRM applications. On the left side, we see the many sources of customer data from customer contacts with service and support centers, purchases from online and offline stores, and activities and interactions with webstores and Web 2.

The large amount of data is processed and stored in a data warehouse or data mart or just in a database.

electronic customer relationship management ppt

Several types of analytical tools can then be applied to the data in order to provide insights into customer behaviors and propensities. For details see searchcrm. Microsoft is one of a number of companies that provide data mining capabilities with their SQL Server database.

electronic customer relationship management ppt

It has identified a number of areas where data mining and other sophisticated analytical procedures are applied to customer data microsoft. CRM analytics lead not only to better and more productive customer relations in terms of sales and service but also to improvement in advertisement planning and analysis, marketing strategies, and supply chain management lower inventory and speedier delivery and, thus, lower costs and more competitive pricing.

For more on data analysis and data mining, see autonlab. Based on the use of these tools, BA-CA routinely undertakes new marketing campaigns every couple of weeks. The overall result has been an increase in take-up rates from 1 percent to 3—5 percent. The use of data mining was part of a larger sales and marketing improvement program. While BA-CA had tried various data mining tools in the past, its existing systems were too time-consuming and complex to meet the day requirement.

One of the difficulties in employing data mining is that it usually requires sophisticated skills and knowledge to deploy the systems and interpret the results. The system is touted for its ease of use as well as its easy integration with existing systems. More specifically, information on previous and prospective bank customers is stored across six servers each with an SQL server data mart. There are over 6 terabytes of data held in the data marts.

BA-CA uses the results from this process to predict propensity to buy, customer segmentation cluster analysisand retention analysis. This can be achieved through e-commerce sites, or in a B2B context by supporting sales representatives by recording the sales process SFA.

T1: Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)

Managing ad, direct mail, and other campaigns. Through technologies such as data warehouses and approaches such as data mining, which are explained further later in the chapter, customers characteristics, their purchase behaviour and campaigns can be analysed in order to optimize the marketing mix. From push to pull.

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From monologue to dialogue. From one-to-many to one-to-some and one-to-one. From one-to-many to many-to-many communications 5. Form of tools changes. Increase in communications intermediaries. What are the response rates, costs and returns? CPM 18 1 Search engine registration What is it? Are you registered on the main search engines? Do you check continuously? Plan ahead and make use of paid inclusion services to ensure that campaign-specific URLs can be found when your campaign goes live.

Search engines change in popularity — are you listed with the latest ones? Creating special pages optimised for different product-related keywords and search engines is a key technique for high listings. Search engine algorithms, popularity and competitor activity all change, so to stay competitive, SEO demands continuous attention Use an agency.

SEO is not enough. Increasingly, SEO alone does not give sufficient visibility in many search engines. Paid placements are necessary to ensure visibility. Is your PPC effective? As with any campaign, there are more and less effective approaches.

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Case study shows that by rationalising PPC, sales per day were doubled, while the cost per click was halved. Reciprocal links are free, but are mainly practical for intermediaries. Online PR is another form of link building. Used for financial services and travel as well as retailers. Higher response rates Shorter campaign creation Faster response Shorter overall cycle time Lower costs More precise targeting Multiple messages to convert More detailed testing and measurement The many benefits to marketing in comparison with traditional direct marketing have been analysed by Gartner G2 According to these analysts, marketing offers: A shorter duration for campaign creation.