Dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

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dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

Rachel Renée Russell's wildly popular Dork Diaries series follows Nikki's schedule becomes grueling and her budding relationship with. Buy Dork Diaries: TV Star by Rachel Renee Russell (ISBN: ) from Start reading Dork Diaries: TV Star (Dork Diaries Series Book 7) on your . Just a little twist at the end about Brandon and Nikis Relationship but what is it?. Dork Diaries Book 7 has ratings and reviews. [Shai] Bibliophage But I like how Brandon and Nikki kiss at the end of the book. If people like love.

Who invented this, and why? I don't even know. I counted the cray-crays. There were about three. That's approximately one per every hundred pages. That is three too many. Oh, and I spotted a hashtag-something-or-other in there too. I mentally and probably physically cringed. Less noticeable was what accompanied the similes.

dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

It would say, "Brianna was blowing kisses and posing like she was a pageant princess from Toddlers and Tiaras", but then it would add "or something". It would have flowed much smoother without that, especially for all the creative similes throughout the book.

I didn't expect to not like this installment as much as the others. I think it might have been all the added exclamation marks and such, because as I looked through my other books from this series those seemed to be much less prominent. I was a little harsh on this review, but these books are always cute for when you want a light read with nice illustrations, and I like this series enough that I will probably still buy the next book. I definitely wish I hadn't done anything to mess up our friendship.

You said something about how you don't even know me. So what if we meet at the CupCakery after school today and grab some red velvet cupcakes- my treat!

Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star Book Review

I'll tell you anything you want to know about me and not worry that you'll think I'm weird I've learned that honesty and trust are vital in a true friendship. If you decide NOT to hang out today, I totally understand. I guess that will mean I don't really deserve your friendship. But it would me happy if you please give me another chance. Unbeknownst to her, it was written to her three days ago and MacKenzie had taken it.

So, Brandon didn't show up to the CupCakery to talk to her this time. Meanwhile, MacKenzie talks to her parents about transferring to North Hampton Hills, but they turn it down because the video is just going by on everyone's phones and not being shown on the internet. MacKenzie really wants them to do it anyway, but they insist on waiting it out to see if it doesn't blow over. For that, she straight up says she hates them and decides to take matters into her own hand.

She uploads the video online under the guise of being cyberbullied. This is certain to get her to North Hampton Hills. Blue in Braces states that she was upset when she found out she needed braces. She is insecure and feels her friends will not like her once she sees them. She needs Miss Know-It-All for advice. MacKenzie starts off by purposefully typing in the wrong name in the form of insults and lists several "pros" and cons of having braces.

She ends it by bragging that her teeth was always perfect. Her parents are placing the transfer as she gathers her things to get out of her locker and pack up. She believes she'll get along so well with the students there. She also states that she plans on keeping her diary since she had gotten addicted to it, and there will be a little surprise for Nikki on Monday that will get her expelled for cyberbullying. She is off to NHH and leaves a farewell note on her old locker to Nikki. Since this was her final day, there are no more new mean letters from her Miss Know-It-All ploy.

She "resigns" and awaits the responses from "Nikki's" advice. Thursday, April 24 Nikki is elated to finally have her diary back after the near two weeks she went through without it.

Zoey thought she was responsible after looking through her backpack for some gum, but Nikki assured her it wasn't. Nikki saw the cover that MacKenzie gave it and accused her of stealing it, even though she had no proof. She reads every entry she put in it and is shocked to think that she would want to ruin her life.

She also finds out about how she hacked into her Miss Know-It-All account and wrote those harsh and cruel responses to the people asking her and plans to get her expelled on Monday for cyberbullying.

The column doesn't auto-publish until then, so she can still undo the damage she inflicted before it's permanent. At the very least, she is jubilant to hear that MacKenzie transferred to a new school, meaning she'll never have to put up with her dramatic torture ever again. She also discovers how she stole Brandon's letter and sabotaged their chances to make up. Not only that, but Chloe wasn't in school today or yesterday for some reason.

Nikki plans to figure out what's going on. Friday, April 25 Nikki and Zoey try to contact Chloe, but she's not responding. When she finally returns to school, they try to get her attention, but she just ignores them.

They don't know why she is acting like this, but they want to find out what's wrong with her and save their friendship. They decide to play charades and hope that Chloe will give them the answer through this.

She doesn't want to play and just storms off after giving Nikki a cold stare. This really worries Zoey and Nikki, making them think Chloe despises them now.

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Sunday, April 27 During lunch, Nikki accidentally tosses her discarded lunch remains onto Brandon. This gives her a chance to figure out just what was going on with him.

She cleans him ask and wants to clear everything that happened. She didn't mean to hurt his feelings and say all those nasty things. She thought MacKenzie came by to annoy her some more that day and didn't know she said those words to him.

She even tells him that she ruined his apology and meeting at the CupCakery. However, Brandon doesn't believe her and walks off, thinking she doesn't know him. As the lunch bell rings, it's time to go to bio next.

Nikki thinks she could talk to him on the way there to get things straight, but it's too late. She has emailed three students already: Brandon, Jessica, and presumably Marcy. Nikki apologizes for the response to her question and how much it hurt her feelings.

Dork Diaries Book 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star

But Marcy doesn't know what she's talking about and says she'll be getting her braces removed in three months. So, Blue in Braces wasn't Marcy after all. Meanwhile, Chloe is still not speaking to Zoey and Nikki, so they leave her a note and ask her to meet up with them in the janitor's closet.

While it seems like she wasn't gonna show up at first, she eventually does and is ready to talk. She has some bad news to tell them. She points to her lips and they don't know what it is. She shows her teeth and reveals she got braces.

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That's why she wasn't at school the past couple of days. Even with her new braces, Zoey and Nikki are happy nonetheless and assure her that she's fine the way she is.

dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

They're just relieved their friendship was saved She told Nikki that she wanted her to tell her how she felt about it by sending a Miss Know-It-All letter as Blue in Braces, and when she got the response, she felt hurt and figured Zoey and Nikki would stop being her friends. Nikki tries to explain that she wasn't the one who sent the response. She decides to explain how she found her diary and MacKenzie was reading and writing in it.

dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

And she can't prove a thing unless she shows Mr. Zimmerman and Principal Winston the diary entries she wrote in there, but Nikki is reluctant to do that as she has written much of their adventures and antics in her diary. So, that would possibly get them expelled.

dork diaries 7 ending a relationship

After what MacKenzie did, she changed the password so she can't hack into her account anymore. But she forgot to check the auto-publish file and realizes that MacKenzie scheduled her letters to auto-publish at the same time as Nikki's. That was the surprise she told her about. They only have five minutes to get online to the website and remove MacKenzie's letters from the file before it's too late.

Tuesday, April 29 Continuing where she left off, Nikki and her friends log onto the website and hurry to stop MacKenzie's letters from publishing. Chloe and Zoey read details and Nikki searches for them and deletes them. Time is running out with just seconds left and only a couple of letters remaining. Soon enough, time is up and the letters are submitted.

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Thankfully, only Nikki's letters are submitted as she managed to delete all of MacKenzie's just in time. As they celebrate their success, Brandon comes in with a bit of a surprise.

He has copies of MacKenzie's old 6th grade photo, revealing that she used to wear braces back then. So, she only made Chloe feel insecure about her braces because she wanted her to suffer like she did. After a good laugh at MacKenzie's photo, Brandon wants to talk to Nikki. They patch up everything that had been going on between them and nearly splitting them up. So, after that, Brandon tells Nikki that he wants to ask a girl to hang out with him on Wednesday, and that girl happens to be her.

She accepts his invite and their friendship is back to normal. And with MacKenzie gone, things are sure to be looking up. Wednesday, April 30 Nikki philosophically talks about how she felt when she lost her diary and wishes she could tell MacKenzie to get her own, as it can help one out when they can't do or say something in public.

And she gives MacKenzie one last little taunt about how she's proud to be a dork. Brandon and Nikki are having a nice time at the CupCakery with Chloe and Zoey watching from the table next to theirs. However, MacKenzie is also watching Nikki and Brandon from afar. Trivia Near the end of the book, Chloe gets braces. This makes her the second character to be displayed as having braces, after Marcy. Nikki and Brandon argue, thanks to MacKenzie's scheme.

MacKenzie steals Nikki's Diary and writes in it for twelve days. Near the end, she transfers to another school.

Brandon writes an apology letter, but it was stolen by Mackenzie. However, Nikki gets the letter back three days later, but she doesn't know that it was too late This is the first time anyone other than Nikki writes in their perspective, and the first time a different font is used.