Christian christianity interpersonal life relationship

What Does the Bible Say About Interpersonal Relations?

christian christianity interpersonal life relationship

We all need to develop and upgrade our skills in interpersonal relationships if we are to effectively win, disciple, and train laborers for Christ. When he was asked to sum up the God-centered life, he said that it .. After his miraculous conversion, the Christians refused to be convinced. Christians in general understand the commandment as applying to love of God and of self-love - if accepted as being of importance for living a Christian life - that . ); and their interpersonal relationships lack in commitment and caring .

In this address, Peter asked the elders to take care of their church members.

christian christianity interpersonal life relationship

He said they should not do it as if someone is forcing them but rather they must do it willingly. He also said the elders should not do the work of care-giving merely for the profit that comes with the office but rather do it eagerly.

In addition, Peter taught that the elders should not lord themselves over the followers but that they should be an example to them.

christian christianity interpersonal life relationship

In other words they should serve as role models to the flock. Now Peter turned to the younger members of the group. He told them to subject themselves to the elders. Apart from that, they should humble themselves to one another because God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

In fact, Peter advised all Christians to humble themselves before God so that at the right time, He God would exalt them. They should put all their problems on God's shoulders because He cares about everything concerning them.

Jesus Teaches on Interpersonal Relationships

Peter told the Christians to be sober and watchful because the devil is roaming around, seeking whom he may devour. According to Peter, they should resist the devil, firmly, in their faith because every Christian throughout the world faces the same problem. He promised them that in the end God himself will give restoration, establishment and strength. Bribery and corruption in the church. In our lives we often lie and deceive for the sake of our own benefit. We are neither willing to open up our minds, nor willing to show our own ugly faces to the brothers and sisters, even though sometimes we obviously know that we are lying.

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In this way we just get along with brothers and sisters on the surface, instead of being an honest person to speak our minds to each other. Therefore, they cannot see through our hearts and then gradually stay away from us; meanwhile, we are unable to get real trust of them.

Over time it makes our interpersonal relationships quite embarrassing. When the brothers and sisters see our hearts and our true faces, we are to be able to confide and trust in each other. In this way, gradually, our interpersonal relationships will thus achieve normality. We should treat others correctly—neither thinking too highly of others nor disparaging others, but being able to treat them both fairly and impartially. In our contact with others, we are always unable to treat others fairly and impartially, but are either tilted in this one or that one.

This is a practical issue existing in each of us. If we treat others in this way, we will never interact normally with others. You cannot be close to this one, but not that one; you cannot form cliques or collude with others; you cannot bully someone because you have taken a dislike to them, and fawn on those who are strong—this is what is meant by this principle. You must be principled in the way you deal with other people; you must treat them all fairly. No matter they are of a high or a low caliber, foolish or wise, poor or rich, we should treat them fairly, neither overestimating nor underestimating any of them.

Seeing that we have revealed quite a few corrupt dispositions, we have the resolution to repent and change. Also, we should believe the brothers and sisters have such a resolution to achieve changes. In explaining this concept, the author provides us with a powerful visual image: Take a thread and see how much strength is needed to break it.

But take three strands of the same thread and twist them together; the task of snapping them becomes significantly more difficult. What is so simple with thread can be difficult in a leadership situation.

The leader has to relate with his or her followers in a way that encourages the intertwining of ideas, commitments and values. Three separate individuals are as vulnerable as one individual alone. Better work, less vulnerability.

The two extremes to be avoided are codependence and independence. The balance to strive for is interdependence. The truth is you must not base your identity upon another person. Neither should you think you can go through the toils and snares of life alone. No man is an island. In fact, most men drown when attached to the ocean floor. Rather, we are called to enter into covenant relationships, walking together with others in peace and truth and mutual support.

The Transformational Power of Relationships Barnabas is a biblical example of a man who worked at relationships. Two men in the New Testament, both better known than Barnabas, owe their success at least in part to the mentoring relationship they had with him.

Mentoring is an essential leadership function. Men and women who are discerning enough to spot young people with potential and confident enough to assist them with visibility and exposure are fulfilling a key leadership role. Barnabas was one of those leaders. Several episodes in the book of Acts describe how he earned this name and this reputation. First, Barnabas sponsored Paul at a time when everyone else suspected and rejected him. This is one of the great mentoring stories of all time.

Before his own conversion, Paul had done his best to destroy the church Acts 9: After his miraculous conversion, the Christians refused to be convinced. They avoided Paul like the plague he had been. Later Barnabas moved to Antioch.

4 Principles for Christian to Build a Good Interpersonal Relationship

As the result of his contagious witness many people came to believe. And when the work became too much for one man, Barnabas brought Paul back to Antioch. We can only imagine the mutual growth that occurred as these two great leaders worked together.

Later, the believers chose this dynamic team to expand the church into new frontiers The missionary trip, though difficult, was phenomenally successful.

But a quiet event on that trip had a significant effect on the relationship between Barnabas and Paul: John Mark, one of the younger team members, deserted the effort and returned home.

CCFC - Jesus Teaches on Interpersonal Relationships

As Paul and Barnabas organized their second journey, John Mark signed back on. But Paul refused to take Mark with them, so Barnabas had a decision to make: For Barnabas the choice was simple — his career was marked by a refusal to abandon good people who needed sponsorship, encouragement and development. Luke, who traveled with Paul, recorded his story. Did Barnabas pick another champion in Mark?

Did his investment pay a dividend? Most importantly, however, God thought so. He or she sometimes turns losers into winners. God always needs leaders with the vision and commitment to do this. His father had recently died, and as a new believer Paul needed encouragement.

As we drove to the airport he asked me a question: Is there life beyond what we can see and feel and taste and touch? Should I really bank on this? I can remember everything about that moment — where he was standing, what he was wearing. He is doing well financially, spiritually, relationally. But he is struggling with his direction, struggling with what God is calling him to in the future. Everyone falls, and usually we have enough inner strength to pick ourselves back up again.

But the time comes for all of us when we fall and find that we cannot go on. It is in those times that we discover our true need for others. Berkeley Books,p. Edmund Hill New York: New City Press,p. Grimm and Helmut T. Muhlenberg Press,p. Zondervan,p.

christian christianity interpersonal life relationship

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