Cheating in a relationship dream

This Is What That Cheating Dream You Keep Having Actually Means

cheating in a relationship dream

Because of this, a dream about cheating might not mean the same thing for But , when you're in a relationship, those sexy dreams can turn. It often leaves you questioning your relationship. Often dreams about infidelity are rarely about cheating, but rather more about your own feelings of insecurity. Sometimes, things happen in our dreams that completely shock us. you feel about cheating or even about your relationship, but it still can be.

It's exactly like that. The thoughts that are strongest in our minds will be replayed by the subconscious. Sometimes, dreams about cheating have nothing to do with our love lives, but could rather be a representation of some other area in our life, for example, maybe you've cheated in a test at school, or have not really put in that many hours at work.

So the emotion that is strongest in your mind is replayed by the subconscious through some other channel.


Repressed memories of the hurt and anguish will find their way back from your subconscious to your conscious whenever it finds a trigger. For example, maybe you've had a tiff with your partner and the negativity in the relationship has been reigning high, this negativity will somehow get connected with all those repressed feelings and make way through this dream.

Cheating (infidelity) - Dream meaning and symbolism

So, you having a tiff with your partner reminds you of a time and hurt that being cheated on brought with itself and you fear that the same thing will repeat itself. If there has ever been a time where you've faced abandonment from an important figure in your life, where they have not been there for you when you needed them, then dreaming about a spouse or a partner cheating also translates to the same.

You fear that your partner will not be a part of your future and that they will abandon you, it might not be by cheating on you with someone else, but cheating on you by leaving you alone. The fear of being replaced is therefore reigning prime and causing dreams about being cheated on. It could be as simple as the relationship entering a rut, financial issues and ensuing fights thereon, or trust issues that are brought on by indiscretions of the past. Hence, cheating is not directly related to the physical act of cheating, but more as an indication that you're not in a place where you're feeling as connected to your partner.

cheating in a relationship dream

So, sometimes, just sometimes, dreams about a boyfriend cheating, or a girlfriend cheating could very well be a warning sign of the same. Our conscious mind is faced with several impulses that come and go, and we do not register their significance, or maybe we fail to recognize them because it is too painful for us to acknowledge. However, our subconscious mulls over it and brings to us clues that we may have missed.

Before panicking that your partner is cheating on you, check for any other accompanying signs as well. When You're the Cheater Just as a dream about being cheated on can lead to a lot of distress, dreaming about cheating on someone is not a very fun prospect either, and could send people off into a tizzy of nervousness, especially because they love their partner and have never even thought of cheating.

Cheating (infidelity) - Dream meaning and symbolism

So what do dreams about cheating on someone mean? Why are these coming about? Let us understand the same in the following section. This guilt of not spending enough time with your partner will manifest in the manner that you're 'cheating' and not giving your partner the time that would have otherwise had their name written all over it.

The dream usually has several possible meanings and you have to carefully decide what is the proper one for your current situation: Dream meaning 1 The mirror The dream works as a mirror and gives you the honest picture of your deep fears and desires.

You see your life as a movie in the cinema or, yet better, as a very impressive theatre play.

This Is What That Cheating Dream You Keep Having Actually Means

In this case cheating in your dream may be symbolic for the genuine but suppressed fear being cheated on or the genuine desire to cheat on somebody. The fear of being cheated on is often understandable, but why to have such strange desire?

Simply, because you could have a good reason for the breakup — maybe you are not satisfied in your relationship and you are looking for the good reason to make the definitive end, but at the same time, you do not want to be the "bad" one and your dream about cheating leaves the burden to the other. If your rational and well behaved "self" dominates the life during the day, than in the night your deep instincts are willing to show what they are up to.

Frankly, there is no better time to give a free hand to your instincts than in your dreams even though it may be shocking. To see cheating in "live stream" while you are dreaming may be very reliving and pleasing for one side of your personality, but outrageous and unacceptable for the other. Therefore you wake up usually with mixed feelings. To explain this more: And similarly to have nice and stable relationship, but to have sex with whoever you consider as attractive at the same time.

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Would you like to try drugs, rob a bank, be unfaithful or murder someone? It is no problem at all!

cheating in a relationship dream

Your cheating will not harm anyone accept maybe your ego after you wake up. You can see and try different scenarios: Please note, that dreams always seem to be absolutely real unless you wake up. Without the moment of awakening, they would remain real forever. A typical dream description: I cannot see it anymore, your husband has an official mistress and everyone knows about it.

You should do something! He invited her to a party. And he treated her as a real girlfriend. Your husband is cheating on you! When my boyfriend gets out of the car, she begins taking his clothes off and starts seducing him shamelessly. I gaze at them and after a while I shout: