Can you be too independent a relationship

can you be too independent a relationship

Dating is hard enough, but it's even harder as an independent woman. clingy because if someone was too clingy with YOU, it would just drive you away. But the point of being in a successful relationship is making these. Relationships take effort to maintain, and you won't always be happy too many people expect multiple orgasms or think that "a man can have. Image by: Anton Belovodchenko By Anabelle Lily. I am not going to imply that any woman needs a man to be happy or that ultimate happiness can only be.

You prefer to maintain your autonomy and not define yourself within the context of another person.

can you be too independent a relationship

There is a big difference between codependence and interdependence. Psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg suggests that, by setting boundaries, focusing on yourself, and creating connections with other people, you can avoid becoming involved in a codependent relationship. It is possible to find a healthy relationship that involves sharing your lives and giving and receiving support to one another without forgetting who you are.

For a lot of women, it is important to feel like you can make it on our own. Stop being so stubborn and let people help you.

4 Signs You Are Too Independent for a Relationship

There is a balance between being needy and being too independent to ask for help. But most men like to do things for you because it makes them feel like they add something to your life.

It makes them feel needed and appreciated. Some men might try to influence your decisions, others might try to control you, outright.

Apparently, I'm Too Independent To Keep A Man Happy - Role Reboot

But you prefer to make your own decisions and live your life your way, without someone else trying to control it. Still, she remained incredulous. She may not have needed a man to support her financially or emotionally, but only because she works hard and has a strong support system of girlfriends.

Women who are happy being single, who see relationships as icing on cakes and not the whole damn gateau, seem to be intimidating to some men. They think we are somehow too complete and self-satisfied to appreciate a relationship. Now, this is contrary to what most men I know tell me they want in a relationship.

How Being Too Independent Has Kept You Single

Obviously this does not apply to all men please save me the angry tweetsbut I can assure you they are out there. Even though they frustrate and confound me, I do actually understand and empathize with these men. And men are rightfully confused, caught in a tug of war between expectation and desire, craving freedom but being sold commitment, wanting it all without knowing what it all is.

Men are no exception. Having written on the subject of childlessness a lot over the years, I have heard too many heartbreaking stories of men feeling the same pressure, sadness, and frustration as women when their lifestyles are perceived as less relevant, a failure in comparison to the traditional marriage-and-kids.

They confess that they too have a biological longing that can defy even their better sense, judgement, and aspirations.

can you be too independent a relationship

The perfect icing for your cake. Wendy Squires has been a journalist for more than 20 years.