Battlefield 2 modern combat ending a relationship

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battlefield 2 modern combat ending a relationship

These are the shrieking criticisms Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is fated to crop of generation-ending Xbox first-person shooters, however, Modern but the story bears only a superficial relationship to what's actually going. Modern Combat 2 apk for Sony 11 May Gameloft has had a shaky relationship 4) on Xperia Arc, Arc S, Play, Neo Samsung G2 Modern combat 2 black . 5 FPS MOD APK is an action shooting game in stepping onto the battlefield. Nun Attack v1. told us that this promo that will end on June 30 is available for. End of the Line (Modern Combat) Setting Game Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Location Qyzylorda Region Objectives Defend The StationDestroy The Train.

Medic - Primary role is to revive and heal teammates Anti-Tank - Primary role is to undertake anti-tank warfare Engineer - Primary role is to repair or destroy vehicles Support - Primary role is to provide suppressive fire against enemies and resupply teammates Special Forces - Primary role is carry out stealth and sabotage missions Sniper - Primary role is to engage targets at long distances.

Vehicles[ edit ] The various forces still use the trademark feature of the Battlefield series — the large stable of vehicles that any player can climb into and control. The developers tried to design the game so that every vehicle would be weak to another type of vehicle, intending to create a situation similar to a game of rock-paper-scissors.

The availability and number of certain vehicles are dependent on the map and its size as well as control points captured. The USS Essex is the only naval ship featured in BF2, featuring two spawn points and aircraft spawn points, and is not drivable or destroyable, except for its Phalanx turrets.

Squads[ edit ] Players are able to form squads of up to six soldiers in order to more effectively work as a team.

Up to nine squads are permitted per team; each squad has a number automatically assigned and name usually a phonetic alphabet letter for identification.

Members of a squad have the ability to communicate with one another via Battlefield 2's integrated voice over IP VoIP system. Squad leaders may assign their squad a variety of objectives for example, moving to or attacking a specific location. Orders may also be given by the team's commander. Squad leaders are able to issue requests for commander assets such as artillery fire and have a direct VoIP channel to the commander. Members of a squad may spawn near their squad leader, provided that the leader is not dead or incapacitatedand that the team holds at least one control point.

This feature allows squads to more quickly regroup after taking casualties. Commander[ edit ] The commander position is an exclusive role played by one member of each team. Any member of a team may apply for the position, but priority is given to players of higher rank. The commander alone has access to the "commander screen", an interface similar to that of a real-time strategy game.

This allows the commander an overview of the battlefield as a whole, or zoom in and view parts of the map in real-time. The commander also has control of the various commander assets, which include artillery strikes, vehicle and supply drops, and UAV's. They can deploy them to assist their team. The commander can communicate with squads either by sending orders, or via VoIP voice communication.

These tools allow the commander to strategically coordinate their forces on the battlefield. A commander may resign at any point, freeing the position for other members of their team; they may also be forcibly removed by a successful mutiny vote conducted by their team provided the server allows mutiny votes.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - online gameplay on PS2 - HQ

Although the commander does not gain points by normal methods kills, flag captures, etc. These kits can be selected at any time during gameplay. The kits are a combination of the kits in Battlefield 2, which had seven playable kits, but were less customizable and upgradeable in comparison. Each kit has different weapons and equipment that are unique. Each contains a basic weapon, a secondary weapon, and a knife.

The knife differs in this game from Battlefield 2 because when a player is killed with a knife, the killer acquires the player's dogtag. The player is able to gain rank, options, and equipment by acquiring points in the game.

Battlefield has customization, allowing the player to gain more unlocks for one kit, which makes it more effective.

Each class has two unlockable weapons and one passive unlock which upgrades the soldier's helmet, each helmet upgrade having different functions. The benefits of one soldier's helmet upgrade will be shared with their squadmates. The Assault and Medic classes from Battlefield 2 are combined as the Assault kit in Battlefield The main weapons are assault rifles with unlockable rocket or shotgun add-ons.

Other unlocks include advanced first-aid kits which can be deployed to restore the health of anyone standing close to it, smoke grenades for screeningand a defibrillator for reviving fallen comrades. Conquest gametype Conquest mode, similar to its predecessors, involves two teams of players fighting each other while working to capture and defend spawn points.

Spawn points are represented by flags and display the color of the controlling faction. To hold a simple majority of flags will initiate a ticket drain on the opposing faction, which will only speed up if one faction controls all the flags. Both teams begin the match with a preset number of tickets. Each time a soldier dies, a ticket is removed from their team. Players have the opportunity to reduce their number of lost tickets by reviving their "critically wounded" teammates with the Assault class' defibrillator.

By reviving a teammate within 15 seconds or the amount of time the server has been set tono ticket will be lost and the player will not need to respawn the player who killed the now revived player will keep their kill point. The team that has no tickets, or no places to spawn with no one alive, loses the match. There are several types of Conquest modes: In Head-on, both teams start with one flag that cannot be captured.

The rest of the flags are neutral.

battlefield 2 modern combat ending a relationship

In Assault, play in either of the Assault Lines modes. In Conquest Assault, which is identical to normal Assault in both its coding and function, the PAC starts with one uncapturable flag an immobile Titanwhile the EU starts off with the rest of the flags and an immobile Titan which can be captured by the PAC.

In No Vehicles, infantry are the only option, which will stack with the conquest mode that the map uses. No vehicles will spawn, including static ground turrets. Titan[ edit ] The Titan mode involves players from opposing teams whose objective is to destroy the other team's Titan, [3] while trying to defend their own.

Titans are massive, heavily armored, flying warships that have powerful force fields protecting them from enemy intrusion or conventional weapons fire. As the force fields are up during the first part of a battle, players must fight to control the anti-Titan missile silos scattered about the battlefield on the ground.

Titans can be moved around the battlefield, but only by the team's Commander.

battlefield 2 modern combat ending a relationship

Each Titan can defend itself and contribute to the fight on the ground with 4 anti-ground guns and 2 anti-aircraft guns. Titan movement can cause latency issuesso some players prefer not to move them at all. Some servers even disable the commander's ability to move the Titan. After the shields are down, there are two methods to destroy the enemy Titan.

One way is to simply remain on the ground and hold the anti-Titan missiles until they wear down the hull. A quicker alternative is to board the Titan using "assault pods" launched from an APC Armored Personnel Carrierair transport, Titan, or spawn beacon, spawn on your squad leader, or land an air transport on a Titan as a mobile spawn point.

Once inside, the players must destroy 4 reactor consoles to gain access to the reactor room. There, they can blow up the reactor, and have 30 seconds to flee the Titan before it is destroyed. During the beta release of the game, players who managed to escape the destroyed Titan before the second timer ended received an award. In the retail game, the round ends when the Titan is destroyed, and because player deaths triggered by the end of a round do not count, the evacuation of the Titan had little significance aside from inciting a rush in the player.

Almost all vehicles have a short duration protective shield called active defense.

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The active defense protects the vehicle from all attacks except for electromagnetic attacks for about five seconds. Statistics tracking[ edit ] The ranking and points system of Battlefield is similar to Battlefield 2however, different ranks are featured.

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Modern combat 2 for xperia neo

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battlefield 2 modern combat ending a relationship

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