Aaron paul bryan cranston relationship counseling

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aaron paul bryan cranston relationship counseling

Aaron Paul has revealed the dating advice that his co-star and close Close friends: Aaron and Bryan formed a close bond while starring on. 'Breaking Bad': Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reveal The Walt and “He's kind of hiding behind his glass of water watching this marriage. Bryan Cranston says he has seen a couple of Indian films and that they were really entertaining Might be good advice. How has your relationship been with Aaron Paul and the other cast members since the show ended?.

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I think a large part of the equation is Bryan himself and the humanity and the empathize-ability that he brought. He exuded it from every pore of his body. He brought that to the character and added so much likability to the character that the writing itself could never have attained on its own. So you justify your approval of what Walter White is doing. And by doing so, what Vince Gilligan was actually doing to the audience was baiting the hook.

And in the pilot, the audience swallowed that bait. They felt compassion, concern for Walt, and rooted for him. Throughout all the danger and his decision making and his indecision and his doubt and his insecurities, we rooted for him, and that was by design. Just the hook, and at a certain point, the audience witnessing the evil deeds that Walter White was now doing.

And it was beyond need now. So Vince, in all of his wisdom, would allow the audience to take the line out. Out it goes, out it goes, out it goes. At a certain point — and it was different for everyone — where did your allegiance for Walt turn? Some say it was early on. Some say it was when he let Jane die.

Some say it was when he killed so-and-so or killed Mike. But whenever that was for any particular audience member and they wanted to spit the hook, it got caught, as we knew it would. We thought we were feeling compassion and sorrow for a man, and what we were actually doing is buying a ticket for his trip to hell. Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman: All I knew was within those 60 pages of that script, and the backstory I could kind of come up with.

I wanted to give him some layers. The original plan was to kind of use Jesse Pinkman as a tool to bring Walter White into this world, and then he was gonna meet his demise toward the end of the first season, and then Walt would go out and have some sort of revenge. But, I had no idea that was the original plan.

Breaking Bad Interview with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan

So these characters and these stories just kept evolving. Each time I received a new script, more layers of the onion were revealed to me.

They wind up at the end, they love each other.

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The one guy invites the other over for Christmas dinner after the end of the two-hour thing. I think Walt should never like or respect Jesse. I think he should hate this guy just as much at the end as he does at the start, and vice versa. But I respected what Bryan was saying.


To be completely transparent, I was just so happy to be getting these scripts week to week, and there was really nothing I could say to make this show any better. The waters were definitely a little muddy between those two throughout the series, which was, I think, very smart. Brandt also auditioned for the role of Skyler and a woman named Linda, who was cut from the storyline before she landed the role of Marie Schrader.

Brandt was motivated by one word Gilligan said to her for creating her character. I just wanted to know everything that he thought about Marie. She needles her sister. And I thought it would be just a fun ride to take. The roots of these people and the relationships to one another are, I just think, evident right out of the gate. And I always loved that about the show.

aaron paul bryan cranston relationship counseling

Netflix Walter White, Jr. RJ Mitte at breakfast. It really made the characters what they are. That was so crucial to the show. I think people gravitated towards [breakfast as a meme] because it was the only time in the series where there was no chaos. They were a normal family that sits down and eats with each other and talks, and those were big moments of happiness. That evolution of doing what was right and doing what we want is something that we all struggle with.

What do I need and what do I want, and what weighs more, my needs or my wants? For the most part, you were still [hoping] that Walt would come back to his family, that he would make all this money and find a cure for himself. But they did eat a lot of fake bacon while filming the pilot, right? The scene in the clothing store, when Walt stands up to some bullies who are making cruel remarks about Walt Jr. I think that was an awakening scene when we were trying jeans on in a store and some bullies were picking on my son.

And before the cancer diagnosis, Walt would have handled it completely different.

"Breaking Bad" Bryan Cranston got new tattoo to shock wife

He would have backed down and just gotten his wife to leave the store, or try to tell the security guard to have these boys stop picking on us, or something of that nature. And the new Walt felt empowered by his decision-making that no one else knew about except him.

And that struck me as very honest, that it infuses you with a new energy whenever you make bold choices. To me that scene was very impactful because, one, it was one of my very first days being on set.

I had real [lines of] dialogue, [was] working and improving. I also think that was that moment when you first saw [the] Heisenberg [persona], and that was so impactful in the story. It definitely helped toward the bond [between Bryan and me].

I can go and call anyone [in the cast] and have a chat. The funny part about it was that we did our first take, and the dog started biting on the dummy. As soon as we cut, the dog was literally exhausted. And so the dog trainer came over and grabbed this supposedly vicious Rottweiler, and took him over to get some water. He was panting like he was out of shape. So, is the dog ready?

That was one of the cool memories about that experience there. You could go up and pet him. He was such a sweet dog. He was a good actor, right? I remember loving that dog. The dog was great. I think he just was very happy to bark for some treats. I had written the tighty-whities stuff right from the get-go, before I even had an actor in mind. I had an image of a guy in tighty-whities, in the desert, with the gas mask and all that stuff.

I brought it to his attention because it was in the script. Why was that image in his head when he wrote that? He just thought the image was funny.

aaron paul bryan cranston relationship counseling

And so I was convinced that I was not going to do that. And with Walt, it was depression. A lot of what Walt was doing was out of depression, not out of emotion, because his emotional core was calloused over by years of indifference and disappointment. And I thought, this is kind of indicative of a halting maturity. Walt gave up at some point 20 years ago, when he became a teacher. And so, that then informed a lot of decisions. That created the mustache that was so transparent that it looked silly.

We took any color highlights out of my hair and deadened the color. We chose clothes that were the colors of walls: He blended [in], he became invisible to society and to himself. When I looked at Hal, it was funny in that context that he was just the biggest boy of the family. Whereas in this context, it was even more depressing. Kathleen Detoro costume designer: They came from JCPenney, because they did not have a logo on them. If there is a logo, I would take it off.

And I had to figure out a way for him to be able to stick a gun in his underwear. It would usually go in the back of the waistband of their pants. So we figured out a way to do that so the gun would be OK.

And he came out, and he took a bow in his underwear in front of everyone. We would just acknowledge the underwear scene, and he could focus on it. And that scene is so amazing. The whole thing is brilliant. And it was a billboard. I think it was on Sunset Boulevard. When I saw it, I just laughed so much, because I think it was of him in his underwear in the green shirt on the road in the desert.

Who would have thought, back when I had that meeting about the [underwear], that this would be above the Chateau Marmont?