5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

In a recent post, I shared “9 Obstacles For Building Long-Term Customer Relationships” from a recent presentation I made to a group of MBA. 5 Ways to Build Hot Customer Relationships – The Fire-Building Process that Sparks Profits and Long-Term Value. May 23, by Anastasia. 0. 1. May 5 Key Ways to Build Customer Relationships How do customer relationships drive your business? Networking is a long-term investment.

Find influencers related to those keywords and activities. Find potential customers using those keywords and participating in those activities. Name a shared value you and your customers might have. Engage in company-appropriate conversation with people that share those values. Create a channel on YouTube. Provide your customers with knowledge or entertainment, or both. Tweet something funny on a trending Twitter hashtag.

Post unique images on Instagram.

5 Steps for Building Customer Trust

Add a traditional hashtag and a unique hashtag. Interact and promote community events. Create intriguing Pinterest boards and comment on customer pins. Answer questions on Quora and Reddit. But always maintain your brand during customer engagement. Does your customer management relationship program integrate with your social media management programs?

Customers are not bits and bytes of data. They are complex and unique human beings. Employees are empowered to be customer advocates, and upsell a choice of financial services to qualified customers, based on individual customer preferences.

Are you using microsegmentation in your marketing strategies? General Motors worked with a website to offer a tool to help customers figure out which car is best for them.

The tool simply asks questions, then provides the customer with eight suggestions.

5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

How do you help customers determine their needs? What tools can you create to help your customer? When you help your customers get what they need when they need it, you are advocating for the customers.

Help customers explore during the journey Hold the customers hand and let them explore.

5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

Take a look at your pipelines and funnels. Does everything go in one direction? This is how I presell to customers: Can your customers explore without getting lost in a maze of webpages? Will your customer explore just products, or will they also see emotions and knowledge? Can your customers always find their way home?

Maybe they came in for a salad, but they left with a salad and extra calories. Unfortunately, regret may lead to abandonment. Will they remember it? Customers need air Lay off the commitments.

Customers are decisions makers, and decision makers ask questions. They will evaluate the cost of making the wrong choice. Give customers time to think and time to test before they commit. Amazon and Netflix have won with no-commitment strategies. Countless software companies offer free trials.

5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

Warby Parker sells eyeglasses with a day exchange policy. Ikea and REI have one-year return policies. Car sales professionals offer free test drives. What confidence do you offer your customers? Do you make it easy for customers to delete an item from their shopping cart? Can they save an item in their shopping cart for later? Do you have an easy no-stress return policy?

Do you offer a free Trial? Lay off the intrusive pop-ups. Do you think that will be appreciated? Give your customers room to breathe in everything your magnificent website has to offer. How many times do you interrupt the customer? Harvard Business Review reported the results of an interview and survey mix involving 7, consumers. The study found the most important factor in decision making is simplicity.

5 Ways to Build Hot Customer Relationships - The Fire-Building Process

The business magazine gave an example of two websites selling cameras. Serious camera buffs were directed one way, newcomers just browsing or looking for gifts were guided in another direction, and then further segmented into hobby categories.

5 stages in building long term relationship with customers

On the way, guests were shown reviews and given explanations in non-technical terms. Never make promises you cannot fulfill or claims you cannot live up to. If the customer needs something you cannot provide, discuss possible options or alternatives or refer them to someone who can take care of their needs.

Never make false claims even if you do have good intentions. Show Respect — This goes without saying, no matter how difficult the customer or situation.

There are customers that can certainly try our patience, but you must never lose your temper with a customer. Talk to them calmly and let them know you will do what you can to take care of the problem. Show them that you can work through their crisis and take care of the problem. Your calmness and confidence will help calm them down and reassure them that all will be well again. Customer Appreciation — Offer your customers discounts, incentives, prizes or rewards any time you can to show them you appreciate them.

There are companies that have incentives for new customers but nothing for existing customers. This is definitely not right.

5 Steps for Building Customer Trust

You need to show your existing customers you appreciate them as well. Send coupons, free gifts, etc. Doing so could mean a lot to your customer and your business. Connect with Your Customer — Make the effort to actually connect with your customer as a person, not just to make a sale.

Gone are the old school ways of making sales with pushy sales pitches, intimidation, scare tactics, etc. Building trust is also a valuable way to inspire customers to become true advocates. If a customer gives an overall low score on a survey, contacting the customer by phone is a good way to better understand their customer service needs as a call can rebuild trust where it may have been lost. Show them your appreciation. Loyalty programs are great incentives for customers to keep coming back, such as offering vouchers and coupons.

But in tricky situations that involve frustrated customers, it may be important to make goodwill gestures to rebuild trust. For example, if a customer experiences a delayed delivery or a technical issue that is taking too long to resolve, offering a statement credit or voucher is a proactive and professional way to please the customer while showing the customer that your brand holds a high standard for excellent service. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for delivering excellent customer service.