The color purple relationship between celie and shug

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the color purple relationship between celie and shug

In the Exposition of The Color Purple, the relationship between Celie and Shug begins purely from a picture. With this picture, Celie for the first. In the book "The Color Purple" the relationship between Shug and Celie is more detailed. It is undeniable that they were in a love/sexual. Alice Walker's “The Color Purple” is an extraordinary novel that's full of surprises. When we discover, as readers that the relationship of Celie and Shug Avery is more would anticipate that the relationship among the two was just a lesbian.

God might hear you. Let im hear me, I say. If he ever listened to poor colored women the world would be a different place, I can tell you. Then, in the end, Celie directed her letters to all the living creatures and find peace to her soul in God.

Then she reacts to Albert for the first time during a quarrel at a dinner, when she decides to leave him and live with Shug.

the color purple relationship between celie and shug

He look over at me. I thought you was finally happy, he say. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need. All round the table folkses mouths be dropping open. You took my sister Nettie away from me, I say, And she was the only person love me in the world.

Oh, hold on hell, I say. You made my life a hell on earth. I jab my case knife in his hand p. Once Shug was the only person Celie loved besides Nettie, she became affectively dependent on her. However, Shug had to leave Celie and then she had to learn to take care of herself and become independent.

Celie is now conscious that she has to take control of her life: I love you, I say. When Shug returns after a certain time, Celie has a business, making pants. It means that she conquered respect, freedom and now she took control of her own life. Now she is a mature person and free. Her growth is complete because she possess a house her step-father left her, after deadshe controls her life and she comes together with her sister and her children who come from Africa to know stay with her.

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He asks Celie to come back marry him. That means Albert has no power over her and she is really a completely free and mature woman. And at the same time Celie is certainly the most important for Shug. The effect of Shug has an strong impact on Celie, so much so that she can actually get over the fact that Shug might not come back, even though she holds Shug so dear to her heart. By the end of the narrative, Celie is her own self-advocate, happy, and an active individual who is able to do something with her own life.

She begins to make comfortable pants that not only make her happy because she enjoys to make them and it is a source of profit, but because she makes them for the ones she loves.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Shug

Celie no longer relies on others to pursue her destiny, she goes out and makes her own. Before the two meet, Celie is passive and will not stand up for herself because of internal and external factors, such as believing she can not be strong and religion which tells her she should not.

the color purple relationship between celie and shug

Shug then transforms Celie as she shows affection and makes her rethink her perspective on life and religion. This transformation finally allows Celie to live her life and experience the world the way she intends.

Through the relationship, Walker illustrates the contrast in success between a person who appreciates themselves, like Shug and by the end Celie, and those who do not, like Celie towards the beginning of the novel. This caused Celie to see herself as worthless, powerless and internalise the animus, believing her life was normal and the fright she felt for work forces was natural and portion of life. Early on in the book Celie is sexually abused by her male parent and bears two kids to him, which he takes off from Celie.

This is where we learn why Celie writes her letters to God.

the color purple relationship between celie and shug

She besides does non subscribe her letters which indicates her deficiency in demoing her individuality. She is made to experience unattractive and stupid by her Pa. Celie hence decides the lone manner she can last is if she makes herself about unseeable. It is clear that Celie does non bask her life and she waits merely for Heaven. They defend themselves against work forces and do non let work forces to take their life style for them.

Sewing besides symbolises the power adult females get from imparting their originative energy. When Sofia and Celie argue about the advice which Celie had given to Harpo, Sofia suggests they make a comforter as a manner of cease-fire.

Sewing a quilt symbolises the coming together and bonding of friends and household. When Celie foremost lays eyes on Shug Avery, it is through a exposure of her.