Starting a relationship the summer before college

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starting a relationship the summer before college

Between study abroad trips, summer internships and graduation, many girls often has never been an issue before in the blissful bubble that is your college town, After agreeing to keep the relationship “open” before leaving, Rex found that. Avoid making the same mistake we did: ditch your partner before freshers' week and Don't even think about starting university in a relationship while doing her undergraduate degree at the London College of Fashion. Would you see any point in starting a new relationship? university, or if they were younger and still had a year left of school/college. . few weeks before I left and agreed it should stay as a summer thing, rather than try and.

Between study abroad trips, summer internships and graduation, many girls often find themselves faced with some tough decisions regarding their significant other come the end of the semester. Take a look at the various situations you may find yourself in come May, and our guide on what to consider when handling each one. What if you and your boyfriend accept positions in different cities and have to live apart for the first time in years?

Or perhaps you two are from different areas and plan on going back home after graduating? Lieberman went on to mention the often unacknowledged benefit that can accompany such a huge change: You want to be together out of love — not out of fear… you will come to resent [your significant other] for limiting your opportunities.

And if you do get lucky and find a job in the same area?

Don’t even think about starting university in a relationship

You and your boyfriend both have exciting plans for the summer… in completely different cities. Though we stayed together throughout that time, part of me wishes we would have taken a break for the three months we were apart… I would have had more time to actually enjoy my summer. Boston University collegiette Hannah Rex found herself in this situation when her guy accepted a job in Los Angeles and she opted to stay in Boston.

starting a relationship the summer before college

By the end of the summer we were very much an exclusive couple. While a solid effort is necessary for any relationship to work, if you begin to feel your long distance love is holding you back from fully enjoying your experience, it may be better to spend your summer unattached.

starting a relationship the summer before college

I'm staying at school in Pittsburgh and he's moving to Atlanta to start working in a temporary position… but he's working to get closer to where I am.

Lieberman gave us some important things to consider in regards to this tricky scenario.

Don’t even think about starting university in a relationship | Education | The Guardian

But once graduation rolls around, every couple needs to decide whether they want to stay together or part ways before college. They run the gamut from sad to infuriating, awkward to embarrassing, no matter who chose to end it. But staying together for college isn't a cake walk, either. The transition to college is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, and can seriously strain a relationship.

It may seem like there's no easy way to handle the situation, but here are 10 things to consider before you make a final decision: Are you dedicated to staying in constant contact? Between classes, clubs and friends, college life is hectic. It can be hard to find the time to squeeze in a text or a phone call, especially when you could be hanging out with new friends or attending your school's big game. Are you both strong communicators now? If so, you might work out in college -- but if not, one of you will get frustrated with the increased silence sooner or later.

If your relationship will be long distance, is that feasible? Long-distance relationships aren't impossible, but they aren't exactly fun, either. If you aren't willing to spend a few days every months traveling back and forth to visit each other, a breakup might be best. And in between visits, frequent communication is key in order to stay in touch. Is a round-trip visit possible to do in one weekend?

Can you afford to travel back and forth?

starting a relationship the summer before college

Will both of your dorms allow overnight guests? Will you regret missing out on fun events on your own campus? Consider these issues carefully. Are your post-graduation plans on the same track?


You're going to college, but he's joining the military, or you're going to college, but she can't afford to. In high school, you more or less do the same things as your peers. But when you're cramming for midterms or rushing Greek life, will your boyfriend or girlfriend understand what you're going through?

If you're heading towards radically different places in life, they might not. Are you both starting college at the same time? A year might not feel like a big age gap, but when one person is in college and one is in high school, it can feel like you're living in two separate worlds. If you used to bond over your equal loathing of the school cafeteria's soggy pizza or your high school's drama department, will you still feel like you have enough in common once one of you heads off to college?

starting a relationship the summer before college

Have trust or jealousy ever been issues between you? How would you react if you saw a Facebook photo of your high school sweetheart looking verrry flirty with someone else?