Relationship between sound and moving image

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relationship between sound and moving image

Thoma, A () Discussing the Relationship between Sound and Image: The Scope of . highlight the scope of sound as a means to inform the moving image. Sound effects - added sounds related to the action or to add to the general atmosphere, music which can be used to express mood in a scene or to indicate . There are six different types of moving image this includes film, television, animation, web, hand-held devices and video. Each use the same.

The actors in a recording booth would have recorded the screaming, shouting and speech that is included within the scene.

relationship between sound and moving image

The blinds sound would probably have been made by something that makes a similar sound to blinds being pulled and falling off the window. However this again is a type of sound that could possibly be recreated realistically using the actual items needed to create the sound.

More sounds that could be created using the actual actions that create the sound in the first place, are the window opening and closing, the window being banged on, and the running footsteps. The remaining noises left in the scene that are more likely to be recreated through not repeating the real action is the tiles on the window, the person hitting the ground, the water splashing, the motor boat ripcord and the engine, the steps on the boat, falling off the boat and the wind moving the water along at the end of the scene.

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For instance, when the person hits the ground, someone could have created the sound by handling gravel, or possibly laying some gravel on the ground and then having someone jump onto the gravel. This could have recreated the sound of someone falling and hitting the ground. The splashing sound in the water could have been recorded in a swimming pool or someone could have filled a large tub up with water.

Then they could have splashed around in the tub or thrown things into it to create the splashing noises found in this scene.

relationship between sound and moving image

The non-diegetic sound in this scene is the external music. The external music helps build the mood within the scene. It can also change the emotional response from the audience.

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In this scene the music builds up as the tension increases. It makes the audience feel quite tense and on the edge as they are wondering what is going to happen to the characters in the scene. The height of this piece of music included in this scene is when the character is running through the field away from the zombies.

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It is almost as if the music is building the tension and making the audience will the man to get away. They are made to wonder if he will actually be able to get away from the zombies or not. The climax of the song really is when they are on the motorboat and the zombies are trying to grab them. As the music raises so does the audiences feelings and emotions.

They feel empathy for the man and are scared for what may happen to him. When the man gets away the music stops completely as he looks back to find he has escaped. His first feeling is relief and this is how the silence can help show this emotion. It immediately gets the class thinking about how the different elements of a film work together, and separately, to tell the story, to convey meaning and intensify emotion.

relationship between sound and moving image

Viewing activities Watch the music and opening titles. Discuss the type of film the pupils expect based on the opening music.

relationship between sound and moving image

Discuss the music during the film - for instance it may be creating an atmosphere or conveying a characters feeling. The music may change in speed or style - discuss the effect this creates Sometimes music may hint at what is to come. Remember silence can play an important role too! Follow on activities Cover screens and listen to the soundtrack only - can you tell what is happening?

Draw any objects you think you can hear. Discuss the general atmosphere of the film.

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Now watch the film with the sound turned down. Does the atmosphere remain? Take a previous description of a setting you have written - can adding sound descriptions improve that description.