Relationship between reddington and keen

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relationship between reddington and keen

On the Season 5 finale of "The Blacklist," the identity of the duffel bag bones is And Reddington didn't kil Tom Keen, Ian Garvey did. so is there a connection between Fred, Dominick and the real Red Reddington (R3?). Like a lot of people, I watched the first season of The Blacklist and stuck with it the entire year because of James Spader's brilliant depiction of. On Wednesday's finale of The Blacklist, Liz Keen (Megan Boone) So, who is the man with whom Liz has had a roller-coaster relationship In season one, Liz flat out asked Reddington over the payphone, "Are you my father.

That bag of bones represents a much larger story that is the ultimate hook of the show. All I can really say is, it is a piece of a much larger puzzle.

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Tom has the suitcase. That suitcase is packed full of nothing but problems for Reddington. That seems like a logical explanation. That could also be a good theory.

relationship between reddington and keen

I love the way you look at this. Look, they could be anyone, right? These bones are a key to unlocking everything, and Red is not ready for that yet. Can these DNA results actually be trusted given where they came from? So yes, I think we should trust that. How does knowing that these bones are out there affect Red? Kaplan was his most trusted confidante, knew deep truths.

Even now, her death presents a catastrophic problem.

relationship between reddington and keen

How will this change Liz going into next season now knowing who Red is to her? So I would expect her to explore that darker side that is in her blood.

How will the team react to this news? Remember, Julian Gale is still out there with his investigation of the task force. Is this still a possibility considering the twist that you have in store for us? That makes me smile. There is a big camp that [believes the] Raymond Reddington imposter theory, that Red is not who he says he is. This season, we have really motored ahead.

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Some episodes were heavy in that mythology than others. Kaplan episode was certainly an episode that had a lot of big moves in it. This last episode has some big moves.

Will Dom play a bigger role next season? He definitely is part of the landscape and occupies an important space. You see that play out on screen. He is somebody who obviously does not like Reddington. They have a fraught relationship. And can you talk about the reason why she went over the bridge? Even with her dead, her plan is marching forward. That was the most compelling thing, that she was willing to die to carry out the promise that she had made all these years ago to keep Liz safe.

And so is she really dead? It would be hard to bring her back, but with that said, I love Susan Blommaert so much. We blew up Alan Alda, who is a TV legend.

‘The Blacklist’ Boss on Latest Reddington Reveal, The Return of a Big Bad and Liz’s Dark Descent

This new character that we meet as Lilly is a key that is going to unlock a pretty cool door into the mythology of the show. Is there a potential for her to return to the show past these two episodes?

But it is an interesting new dynamic and a new character that has potentially a lot of answers in the history of her relationship — or lack of relationship — with this man who is her father. It opens some really interesting storytelling for us. Certainly all season and really at the end of last season we had talked about him.

So yes, he has been part of the landscape of the show for some time.

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They ultimately turn out to be fairly small stories — intimate stories about people — about family and about their history. In terms of really building him out, Johnny Coyne is somebody we looked at even as early as the pilot. We almost cast him as the character named Ranko Zamani [Jamie Jackson]. Liz has obviously been on a mission to get this guy; how does learning about her half-sister alter that mission?

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Liz is in a really great place. Liz has stated very clearly that she is also in search of this duffel bag and has no intent of letting it go, and Reddington feels the same way. They may be working alongside each other but they have different goals. This is now somebody that Liz has come into contact with that nobody else on the show knows about, and that might be an interesting asset for Liz. He has been searching for Jennifer Reddington with no success.

What Liz does with that information and what information this character has remains to be seen. A few weeks ago we saw Liz bring in her therapist to kind of call upon for help in the future.

We have to anticipate that Liz might not be totally above-board in all the things she does in the coming episodes, just like Red. Could this reveal create a bigger wedge between Liz and Red? The blush that came off at the beginning of the season was this acceptance that this man is her father. He is a criminal and she is an FBI agent.

And I think that is what is becoming increasingly difficult for Liz. That is also insanely compacted by the fact that her husband was murdered in search of this truth.

relationship between reddington and keen

That was the early turning point. The moment Tom died everything changed for Liz.