Relationship between hank williams jr and iii

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

1st off The real name on My Birth certificate is Shelton Hank Williams III, Since I have nothing to gain or loose, All that money is for Hank Jr and Jett Williams. Hank Williams, Jr., when you hear the name you may automatically think 3) Hank has a half-sister from his mother Audrey's previous Hank Sr. had a brief relationship between marriages with a woman named Bobbie Jett. Williams is grinning as he paces the floor at the Nashville home of his The youngest Hank — his father is country star Hank Williams Jr.

As far as other things go, on ticket prices and sales, I make sure I put on the longest show for the cheapest ticket price.

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

Most artists on the road throw out a price and hope it sticks. You on the other hand, break down the physical costs of going on the road, then scale your tickets to cover costs. I think over the years people have respected me for playing to the working man, and taking care of the working man.

After all my shows, I shake every hand and thank everyone for coming out.

Hank Williams III

In reality, people just want to see the artist. Yeah, those big shows are nice and all that, but keeping it simple and keeping it real is what we do.

Talking to you right now, you seem quite energized, maybe more energized as a musician than you have been in the last ten years. Is it my imagination, or am I hearing a sense of energy in your voice? My guard is still up every day. I just happen to go, go, go! I am always ready to get back on the road and do what we do. I have always been a workaholic.

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

Literally, you are a chameleon who can change his style of music at the drop of a hat. I make sure the first 90 minutes of my show I respect my country fans. I always make sure I do that. The rest of the show, however, I change it up.

So being different and outside of the box, marching to my own drum, has given me a unique identity. Les Paul or Eric Clapton for instance, they could play rock, country and the blues. Even my grandfather played rock and roll back in the day before it was even coined rock and roll. Did you know going into the deal you would have to compromise who you are? I was 12 years old. Since he worked with my dad for so long, I thought he was going to be way cooler to work with than he turned out to be.

At the time, I figured if he worked with Hank Jr. For instance, look at Tim McGraw. They are sued him, raking his name through the coals in a big lawsuit.

Hank Williams jr - Family tradition

That says it all. Come on, are you really going to be that greedy?

Hank Williams' grandson is the spitting image of the late legend - AOL Entertainment

Mike Curb was a better politician than he ever was a musician. Do you think you were initially signed to Curb because they thought they were getting a hybrid of your dad and grandfather?

Here is the main reason I went to Curb. I had a manager at the time named Jack McFadden. Jack had Johnny Paycheck for 20 years, Buck Owens for almost This woman had waited three years to tell me I had a son.

Hank Williams III - Wikipedia

On stage, I was served paternity papers and they took me to court. Talk about putting a loaded gun to your head. I had no choice but to sign with Curb Records. So yes, I got into bed with Curb for the money aspect of it.

I figured I could later on do rock and mix it up again. The first two to four years of my career, I was strictly doing family shows, fairs, casinos, all these safe shows, until I got the majority of the back child support paid off. I will show you what kind of a real job it can be. I wanted to rock out at first, then do my country and grow old with my country fans. But I had that reversed on me, and it actually worked out for the best.

It helped me forge a unique career, helped me carve my hillbilly sound and it made it a little more special. Getting back to the point however, the reason I signed with Curb was to take care of my son, and get the monies straightened out with the mother.

How has that worked out over the years with your son? We have a great relationship. Congratulations on doing what you had to do. Then I started being a rebel. The thing is, those kinds of issues are always there. Your family history — have you ever felt it was an albatross around your neck? Obviously I never met my grandfather.

Hank Williams' grandson is the spitting image of the late legend

I only know him like any other Hank Williams fan knows him, through his music. As for Hank Jr. I just was never that close to him. I was raised more by my mama and her father up in Missouri. I am proud of where I come from. You seemed to have handled the burden of the family name quite well.

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

There is a guy named Don Kelly who has been playing lower Broadway for over 28 years here in Nashville. He told me recently that I was the same guy he met when I was 15 years old playing around town. Little things like that give you the confidence to keep going.

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

I have had my heroes jerk me around, snub me, and I never wanted to be like that to my fans, or my friends. I feel fortunate to still be in a line of work I truly love doing. I am sure that scenario is a double whammy when you carry the weight of two historic names on your shoulders.

He expressed dissatisfaction with his debut, and reportedly the label was unwilling to release his appropriately named This Ain't Country LP, nor to allow him to issue it on another record label. In response, Williams began making T-shirts stating "Fuck Curb.

relationship between hank williams jr and iii

Williams and label executive Mike Curb would be in and out of court for the next year before a judge ruled in favor of Williams in the spring ofdemanding that Curb release the album. Battles with Wal-Mart delayed the appearance of this album, which was released on February 28, as a two-disc set in two formats: His next album, Rebel Withinwas released in May Williams' former label Curb Records released This Ain't Country under the title Hillbilly Joker on May 17, without the consent or input from Williams after his contract with the label had been terminated.

It said to expect country, doom-rock, and speed metal with cattle callin' on the releases. On March 4,On Williams's web site, it was announced that he is working on two new albums.

It has been confirmed that there are at least 25 new songs. On January 1, it was announced that Williams was working on a new side project as well as the release of two new videos; one for Brothers of the 4x4, the other for A Fiendish Threat. The albums were released in the Fall of The album contains previously unreleased material that Williams recorded while on their label.