Relationship between god and devotee guide

relationship between god and devotee guide

Divine Distraction: A Guide to the Guru-Devotee Relationship, the Supreme Means of God-Realization, As Fully Revealed for the First Time by the Divi [ James. The true relationship between the guru and devotee is like Krishna and The Bhagavad Gita, meaning Song of God, is a relatively short piece of divine friend and counselor to Arjuna on the battlefield, so the guru guides us. When a devotee prays intensely to God to know truth, God sends him a true guru to guide him. This divine grace comes to the devotee when he demonstrates.

The Highest Relationship Between the Devotee and God

There was nothing here, just a meadow with trees and animals and pine cones and rain and mud in winter. But the director insisted on putting in that line to modify the impact on people who were used to a much higher level of plush. Because everything is in your point of view. And he wanted us to paint a vivid picture for them, so that they would be attracted to the real Ananda, which was the spiritual power of the place, and which was very different from the physical infrastructure.

So we were caught in the middle, because of our lack of vision. And what I wanted to talk about is how very different our vision must become as we grow on the spiritual path.

relationship between god and devotee guide

Years after the controversy over the brochures, I was talking to Swamiji and trying to understand what had happened. Because I had lived through every one of the stories that Swamiji told in his version, and I knew that they were true. Also, I was conflicted by my own distorted belief that it was somehow presumptuous to expect that God was taking care of us, and that it would be presumptuous to tell others that He would take care of them, too, if they would turn to Him.

I was committed to the idea that my role was to suffer — to slave and suffer and martyr myself and make endless effort. Now, I love the story of Jesus, where the people were crowding around and jostling up against him, because they had heard that he could heal them. So everyone who was ill or had a sick child or an ailing parent was rushing to see him, because nothing else had availed, and here was this miracle worker, and he was walking down their street.

Just imagine the scene — how Jesus is walking among them, and he has omniscient consciousness. And then he says the most interesting thing. And the reason she was able to receive, where others could not, is that she understood the right attitude, which was a calm acceptance of what God had given her, which in her case was twelve years of unrelenting bleeding, and she understood that she belonged to Jesus.

She belonged to Jesus, because she knew that he was her father. He was her friend, and it was her duty and privilege and the spontaneous reaction of her heart to bring herself to him. Jesus heals the bleeding woman; 4th century image from the catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter, Rome.

Was she praying for a healing, or was she coming close to him because she loved him?

Guru-Disciple Relationship

But what does it mean, to be pure in our hearts? In our relationship with God, we need to be as simple as a little child.

And you see these adorable little children in such an intense relationship to their parents, because the parents are holding them in the water. And you get to see before your eyes the absolute trust that a child gives to its parent.

They open their arms and expect to be lifted and fed and comforted. And they are not disappointed.

relationship between god and devotee guide

This has been my experience. Now, Master said something very interesting about our relationship with God. God is our father, He is our mother, He is our friend, and He is our Beloved. And romantic love can be a divine relationship with God, too.

Out of all the possible relationships that we can have with God, Master said that the relationship of friend is the most elevated and refined, and the highest ideal, because friendship is a relationship without compulsion.

But we choose our friend of our free will, out of the pure, sincere love of our heart. And there is an equality in that relationship, and a mutual respect. But a friend shares the burden. And this is clearly the kind of friendship that the woman brought to Jesus when she touched his robe. He is my friend. I can come to him as I am. And what is the power that he is always trying to give to us?

It is a vibration that is at once personal and deeply impersonal. So follow the guru, and he will take you through safely.

The Highest Relationship Between the Devotee and God -

The Divine Romance To be faithful to the principles of the divinely ordained guru-disciple relationship is the sure way to reach God. Whereas the unguided devotee wanders into spiritual difficulties and disillusionment, the disciple who gives loyalty and obedience to one who has found God makes the spiritual path simple and straightforward.

His devotion and faith establish constant inner attunement, so that regardless of any assaults of Satan, he can rely on the hidden and open aid of his Christ-like master to keep him safe and steady in his progress toward freedom. But there will be many, I say unto you, who will seek to enter the kingdom of God by themselves, after ignoring the God-given guru sent to them. They will not succeed because they did not heed God's divine messenger. In these present verses, both meanings are again intended in the context of the guidance and blessing of the guru who not only leads the disciple through the strait gate of the path of virtue, but also ultimately opens the inner astral door of ascension to God.

I know for a fact that he is giving to you the discipline and spiritual training you need each day of your lives. Years ago he told me: And he did not say this only for me, but for all his disciples who would come after his passing. The soul knows that it has found at last a true friend, counselor, and guide. The disciple strives therefore to reciprocate the guru's unconditional love, especially when tested, even as the faith and loyalty of Jesus' disciples were often tried with nonunderstanding.

Many were with Jesus at the feasts and sermons, but how few at the cross! He indicated that Philip should tune his instinct guided reason and will power with the higher wisdom-guided reason and will of Jesus, the way by which Philip could free himself from mortal delusion and overcome the common compelling temptations and attachments of the flesh.

My guru Sri Yukteswar said to me, when he accepted me for training: If you tune in your will with mine, you will find freedom. He is not a guru who levels his followers into blind subjugation.

relationship between god and devotee guide

Teachers who slavishly control their students after a dogmatic pattern destroy in them the power of free will. Such teachers want the student to see only as the teacher sees. Obedience to a true guru, however, does not produce any such spiritual blindness in the disciple.

On the contrary, the guru wants the disciple to keep his eyes of reason open, and in addition he helps to develop in the disciple another eye: A guru disciplines the disciple only until the latter can guide himself through his own unfolding soul wisdom.

The God-sent guru has no selfish interest, only the highest interest of the disciple. Everyone needs a psychological mirror in order to see the blemishes that have become an accustomed and favored part of the acquired personality of one's second nature.

relationship between god and devotee guide

The guru serves as this mirror. He holds up to the devotee a reflection of his perfect soul-image over which is superimposed the flaws of the ego that yet mar perfection.

In ways both open and subtle the guru brings to the fore in the disciple lessons to be learned that perhaps for incarnations have lain shelved in the dusty corners of the consciousness.

In an inevitable sooner-or-later choice the devotee accepts and learns or balks and avoids these admonitions. Wiser for the learning, he moves nearer to freedom; obstinate in ego comfort, delusion continues to hold him tightly. Initiated into Kriya Yoga by his father and by his guru Sri Yukteswar. We must work hard and be the messengers of light, spreading divine love and brotherhood around the world.

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It is our task as the children of God to strive to preach and to live brotherhood and to spread that spirit of love. I am not here on earth just to say a few words and then leave.