Relationship between forearm and foot length

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relationship between forearm and foot length

The length of the foot is defined as the distance between the calcaneus and the tip of There is a positive relationship between the length of the forearm and the . between foot length and height of an individual. A good find out correlation between foot length and body between total height and forearm bones. Patel. The forearm just happens to be about the same length as the foot. I just checked, and mine is off by a few centimeters (my forearm is about Human Body: Is there any proven correlation between foot size and forearm?.

Relationship Between The Length Of The Forearm and Foot

There is thus a positive, moderate, and significant association between right forearm and foot. This might be because of their proportion to their height or other genetic factors. The graph for the males also tend to have a higher but narrower range of values as compared to the females graph.

This is due to the fact that the males tend to be bigger in size and thus their forearm and feet are bigger too.

relationship between length of left forearm and left foot

Our group decided to see whether the distinctions still exist if we plot it on a scatter plot with markers. From the scatter plots, it shows a positive linear trend regardless of gender, thus there is still a linear relationship between the length of the forearm and foot. It is to be taken into consideration that our group only took a random sample of 30, thus a more accurate measurement to prove our hypothesis should include more.

Even though there is a positive relationship with the two variables, it does not show that forearm length is of equal length with the foot length, thus only can be served as a good gauge when it comes to measurements of shoe sizes and prosthetics for patients.

However, due to limitations in time and resourceswe were not able maximise the potential of our research findings. Areas of improvement includes: A larger sample group for a better representation of data Substituting standardised electronic measuring instruments in place of subjective manual measuring instruments.

relationship between forearm and foot length

Further research can be done in areas such as applying results of this statistical analysis to clinical practice. It is definitely very helpful to understand the SPSS programme which is an asset in statistical data analysis. This project has stimulated our creative thinking incorporating the knowledge we learned last year in research methodology to come up with appropriate methodology for our research.

The thinking process involved is definitely very fulfilling and will aid us in the future.

Relationship Between The Length Of The Forearm and Foot

I thought using a blog instead of a presentation was quite interesting. This project had certainly enriched me in ways by allowing me to explore statistics and apply what I have learnt in class. Working with classmates through the various processes was tedious but exciting.

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To accept the alternative hypotheses - there is a relationship between the length of left forearm and length of left foot. Based on Pearson's R. All observations must be independent of each other. The dependent variable should be normally distributed at each value of the indepedent variable. The dependent variable should have the same variability at each value of the independent variable. The relationship between the dependent and independent variables should be linear.

The diagram below is a scatter plot to check for linearity and homogenous variance in assumption 3 and 4.

relationship between forearm and foot length

The table below shows Pearson's correlation coefficient of 0. To collect the data, we gathered 30 people including our classmates and lecture mates as our subjects. During each interval of our lectures, we would go around the lecture hall and measure the length of their left forearm and left foot.

How did we gather the samples? We measured from the middle of the wrist to the middle of the arm. As for the feet, some people may be very sensitive when we place the measuring tape on the soul of their foot, therefore we decided to measure the foot via the floor.

So we placed the measuring tape by the side of their foot, measuring from the big toe to the heel. What did we use to measure? The instrument that we use was a measuring tape.

In the begining, we experimented using a ruler and the measuring tape. However, after testing on ourselves, we decide a measuring tape would be a better choice. As due to the different circumfrence along our arm, measuring with a stiff ruler may not provide us with a very accurate result.

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So we standardise all to use a measuring tape to take our measurements. How often- once or average of three? We faced less than a hand full of rejections.