Relationship between education and society ppt

relationship between education and society ppt

ROLE OF SCHOOL IN A SOCIETY “EDUCATION IS THE MOST majorly affects our understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Society refers to a fairly large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent of people outside it and participate in a. Read this article to learn about relationship between education and society! Society may be viewed as a system of interrelated mutually dependent parts which.

Society is a group of individuals who share common culture and territory. Society is a relatively self-sufficient and self-sustaining group of people who are united by social relationships and who live in a particular society.

Society is a group of people who interact within a limited territory guided by their culture. Society is a group of people living in a specific geographical territory who share a culture which forms the basis for the rules that guide their behavior.

Society refers to a fairly large group of individuals who have common objectives of life and who co-operate one another for the realization of these objectives. Society means a group of people who depend on one another for the fulfillment of their needs.

Define society and What is the relationship between education and society

Society refers to a group of people who live a specific territory, independent of external pressures, for the realization of common interest. The relationship between education and society can be described in the following lines: Education is a social process which strives for the fulfillment of the desires of society.

Education determines its destination in the light of social objectives. The desires of society are the ultimate aims of education. Education formulates such programs which pave the way to the fulfillment of social aspirations. Education is the representative of social desires. Education is nothing but a reflection of the needs of society. Society provides a line of action to education: Education cannot decide its objectives by itself.

This is the competency of the society to determine the objectives of education. The needs and desires. For the realization of these aims of education, a comprehensive educative process is carried out. If the society does not exist, there would be no concept of aims of education.

relationship between education and society ppt

This is the Society which determines the ultimate aim of. For the realization of the objectives of education, the educational institutions are established in the society.

Education teaches social role: Every society intends to teach the values and traditions of the society so that the, individuals may turn into useful citizens. Education is held responsible to make the individuals understand the social values so that they may play their social role.

Those with ability and talent achieve their just rewards regardless of their social characteristics.

relationship between education and society ppt

Behaviors are regulated - compulsory attendance - where to be and when to be there Hierarchy in the school - teachers exercise authority over the students Students have no control over - the process as a whole - content of education - the teaching and learning process - students compete for grades 12 Marxism Correspondence Principle — the organization of schools closely corresponds to the organization and demands of the workplace.

For Marxists, meritocracy is a myth - private schools, tutoring, etc. Work-experience programs young people — government subsidizes employers pay salaries to take employees and train them in vocational positions. Long-term unemployed - must take unpaid work - employees lose government benefits if they leave the job - fair?

The relationship between education and other social institutions - ppt download

But this is not helping women into well-paid jobs. Give Examples - Where is there no correspondence between school and the workplace? IQ — used at age 11 to determine who is set on grammar school track or vocational track. Critics argue that intelligence is too complex to be reduced to simple forms of testing.

These tests are all context dependent.

Relationship between society and education Essay

IQ tests justify social and academic segregation IQ tests provide support for middle and upper classes families to have a privileged status. Education as a social phenomenon is also concerned with the preparation of the child for his future occupation in life.

This is one of the main economic functions of education and this is in the interest of both the nation and the individual. Through education an individual knows the structure of the society and the different types of relationships that exist among those structures in the society.

The child is taught how to perform different roles within the social structure in the society.

  • The relationship between education and other social institutions

These roles are inter-related. For example, the role of a father is a relational role; a father could be a son to another person. So education allows the child to perform his role adequately within the social structure in the society. In addition, the child is able to understand the network of inter-relationships among the different social institutions that make up the society.

Also of importance are the different functions that are performed by each social institution in the society. Like an individual, each institution has definite functions to perform in the society and the functions of each institution differ from one to another even though they are complimentary.

relationship between education and society ppt

Another aspect of the relationship between education and society is in the area of social interaction. Social interaction may be defined as any relation between people and groups, which changes the behaviour of the people in the group.

relationship between education and society ppt

There is a need for social interaction by the child before he could acquire the culture of his society. One important point here is that the child has been taking part in group interaction long before he starts to attend school and the most common among these group interactions are within the family and the peer group.

These groups in which the child interact, gives him the opportunity to learn from the wider circles in the society. From his social contacts, he learns his roles in different groups and this influences his personality development. Conclusion Many sociologists have appreciated the relationship between education and society and have concluded that the two are so interrelated.

Education and Social Change

That one cannot draw any line of demarcation between them. It has been observed that the educational system of any nation must be based on the needs and demands of the society, and that any educational system that fails to meet the needs, aspirations and ambitions of the society is not relevant and is bound to fail.