Relationship between director and cinematographer

The Art of Collaboration: The Importance of the Director/Cinematographer Relationship

relationship between director and cinematographer

The gravitational pull that exists between great directors and great cinematographers is natural. Many of the best pairings throughout film. Who decides what on a film set, and why do cinematographers and directors fight all the time? Here's your answer!. I'm a newbie and was reading "From Reel to Deal" and from the way it's described it sounds like the cinematographer plays a very important.

relationship between director and cinematographer

A director has to deal with several challenges, not least of which include a tanking economy that makes it difficult to even get a film made, and the new technologies that are changing the rules in everything from the first shot to distribution. Establishing a good working partnership with your cinematographer can go a long way in making sure the shooting experience is successful.

Director's Vision, Cinematographer's Execution

So how do you make it all work? This is no small task for experienced filmmakers, let alone novices.

relationship between director and cinematographer

There are so many variables when it comes to hiring and working with a good cinematographer. Things will change during principle photography—that is a given.

relationship between director and cinematographer

But everybody should understand their role on a film set—and movie history is littered with bloated epics and curiously shot, personal films that suffered because egos got in the way. I always bring in suggestions — I like to talk about our options and come up with the best way to tell the story. So there are many things that the director and the cinematographer have to consider before collaborating on a film.

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First of all, will it be a good fit for both? You have to work with this person for months at a time. Can you both serve the story? As a director, are you willing to take suggestions, even if you think your vision is set in stone? Cinematographer The chief camera operator of a film crew, who is responsible for camera placement, lighting, etc.

relationship between director and cinematographer

Camera operators film motion pictures, videos, television shows, and commercials. They are needed for documentary, industrial, educational, and feature productions. Camera operators who work on major feature films usually work with a crew.

relationship between director and cinematographer

The director of photography, or cinematographer, heads the crew and is in charge of photography. Camera operators do the actual shooting according to the cinematographer's instructions.

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Assistant camera operators thread the camera and set the focus. They also clean the camera, handle the "clapboard," load film magazines, and fill out camera report sheets. There may also be a still photographer on hand to take promotional pictures. Other assistants called "grips" move cameras and other camera equipment such as dollies, which are mobile camera platforms. Not all camera operators work with big crews on expensive productions.

Many work on small-budget industrial, educational, and documentary films.