Relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

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relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

An ecosystem includes the living organisms (all the populations) in an area and The biosphere includes most of Earth, including part of the oceans and the What is the relationship between an individual and a community?. – 4 + 7 Ecology, Ecosystem, Biosphere, Habitat & Niche. 2. Need to know. Define the term: Relationships in the biosphere. Biosphere Communities are made up of populations of different species of organisms. Learning check. These include individuals, populations, community, ecosystems, biomes and such as hair/eye/skin colour and size between themselves and other populations. A biosphere is the sum of all the ecosystems established on planet Earth. Copyright © eSchooltoday in association with

Or we can talk about the population of palm trees on just one island in the Indian Ocean, or on all of the islands that make up the Republic of Seychelles, or all of the islands in the Indian Ocean.

5.1.1 Define species, habitat, population, community, ecosystem and ecology

The person studying or writing about the population gets to decide what scale to use, what is most appropriate for what they want to study or explain. Species are made up of populations. It depends on how widespread the species is and how small or large the geographic area is. Some species have very limited ranges or distributions, being restricted, for example, to a single island or the top of a single mountain in the whole world.

The single population on the island or mountaintop makes up the entire species.

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From a conservation perspective, such populations are extremely vulnerable — if anything happens to that one population, the entire species will be lost; the species will go extinct. But many species are more widespread. If you want to know how many moose there are on Earth, you have to know the sizes of all the different populations in all the different locations.

relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

Communities are made up of all the populations of different species in a given area. We might be talking about the community of all the organisms living in the very top or canopy of a single rainforest tree or of all the trees in the forest.

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Each of the populations is made up of individuals of a particular species, and the individuals interact with each other — with members of their own species e. Community ecologists study the populations in a given area and their interactions.

relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

That leaves us with the ecosystem level. For example, temperature and rainfall patterns influence where different terrestrial species of plants and animals live; some can survive dry desert conditions, others need the high rainfall found in rainforests.

relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

But the forests themselves also influence temperature and rainfall patterns. Have you ever noticed on a hot summer day how much cooler and moist it is in the shade of a forest than out in the open? And worms change the structure and composition of soil as they churn through it.

What size is an ecosystem?

Population community ecosystem biosphere

Guess what — it depends on how big or small the scientist or author wants to define it to be. These are different terms used to organize life on our planet. An organism describes an individual. You are an organism. I am an organism.

relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

The mosquito that flies by your window is an organism. An organism is a single, living thing and can be an animal, a plant, or a fungus. Organisms grow and respond to their environment.

relationship between biosphere ecosystem community and population

A population is the term we use to describe multiple individuals or organisms of a single species that live within a particular geographic area.

For example, there may be one population of painted turtles in one state and another population of painted turtles miles away in another state.

What is the difference between organism, population, community, ecosystem, biome and biosphere?

A community is the term used to describe two or more populations of different species that occupy the same space at the same time. For example you could talk about the community of Yellowstone National Park that is made up of numerous animals such as elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, porcupines, different species of frogs, and fish and insects and so forth.

An ecosystem is the term used to describe both the biotic living and abiotic nonliving factors in a system.